Thursday, December 31, 2009


happy new year!

when the clock strikes midnight,
say bye2 now to 2009
and hello 2010!

but really, are you that happy in welcoming a whole new year?

well, i'm not so happy about this coming new year
wanna know y?
first, allow me to be stupid and shallow(or more stupider and shallower - if its even possible)

i'm not looking forward to entering the year 2010
because this means that i'm going to be a year older
which means that i'm going to be 20
which means that i'm going to be leaving my teen years behind
which means i'm going to be an adult(ok, not so much)
which means i'm going to have to be responsible for a whole lot of things
which means that i have to keep track of my finances
which means that i have to take a car and house loan
which means that i have anak bini to look after
which means that i have my parents to look after
which means that i cant goof around and act dumb as much
which means that i'm gonna be pretty darn busy forever

dang. i think i've put a lil bit too much thought in this. lol wtf?!

and i know, my bday's in july
and thats 7 months from now
but still, when ppl ask u how old u are
u say how old u are based on that year! not that month or week or watever

so face, i'm TWENTY (20)!!!!!

another reason y i hate new year's is that u have to write 2010 when writing the date
no more 2009
it takes me a whole year to get used to writing "2009"...
but now i have to start remembering to write "2010"...
masalah besar, i know
dang it!



Wednesday, December 30, 2009

goodbyes - part 2

last week, i not only lost(bukan mati) 1 of my best friends, but 2

hazleza zulkafli left subang to further her studies at uitm arau
arau yakni kedah?ntah, aku malas nk google...haha XD

its been agessssssssss since we last hung out
i think the last time was when i 1st got my jet
and we've still have yet to celebrate ur bday... =/
ur one of the few ppl's bday i remember..mostly because u kept reminding me about it..hehe

i'm gonna miss lepaking wit u n azzy
gonna miss all ur DIRTY JOKES!!
manusia paling lucah pernah aku jumpe
lol XD

tp disebalik segala kegilaan dan ke-horny-an kau,
u have the biggest n kindest heart. :)

i owe u too much
and i dont know if i can ever return the favor
but i'm not going to stop trying

i'll miss you much hazleza zulkafli
aka jaja mantapz
ahahahaha sengal

nasib baik ko akan balik every weekend!! =DDDD

goodbyes - part 1

this post is long overdue
but as they say, "better late than never", right?

i'm not good at saying goodbye
and i'd usually would like to avoid saying such things
but there are things you just cant avoid

goodbye Batch!! i'm gonna miss you loads dowhh
already missing u laa
kalo x jumpe pon, ko akan kacau aku di alam maya
most of the time, ko sgt annoying
kadang2 aku logout dr fb or ym saje je nak lari drpd ko (haha ok tipu je. aku malas nk logout sbb nanti kene login kalo aku rajin, mmg aku sanggup bwat camtu.hahahah)

sry kalo slalu ter-emo dgn ko
aku xtau kenapa, tp ko sorg je yg slalu kena ke-emo-an aku
ahahahaha mungkin sbb ko sorg je yg rajin jd planner..haha
weii, xde org lg nak jd planner dowhh utk lepak2 kat subang!

subang will never have a replacement for u
someone who is so freaking lazy to walk and asik demand park dekat2
someone who can tolerate my emo-ness
someone who is always free for a lepak, regardless of where and when
someone who stalks other ppl and shares the information
someone who asik mintak jln jauh2 tp xnk bg duit minyak n tol
someone who i can talk to about anything and is always there to lend an ear
but most importantly, someone who is as a great fren to me as u. =/

ur a great friend dowh. n walaopon ko akan balik kuantan, tp still ketiadaan mu di subang adelah terasa.haha

make, cepat laa dapatkan internet
bodo gile jb xde internet
malu weii!
ahahahah =P

p/s, ko tau x aku amik nombor hotlink baru ni semate2 utk kau??!?!?
(ok again, tipu je. aku malas topup

rindu kau laa minah yg sentiasa free! ahahahahaah

Saturday, December 19, 2009


in the absence of my 5 fav tv shows - which are Greys anatomy, heroes, gossip girl, 90210, melrose place (damn, i watch alot of tv!!) - i got bored.

like really2 bored

every weekend, i'd leave my laptop on so that i can continue downloading new episodes from all 5 tv shows. but since all 5 shows are on a break (holiday break, i think) till mid-january, i couldnt just NOT download anything, that'd be a waste! wont it?

and i am opposed to such a waste! =P

i love watching tv series'...its one of the main reasons i'm ok at english. u watch, u learn, u copy. XD
plusssss, their lives are alot more interesting compared to ours. heck, i wish we're living in a tv show.
but PLEASE NOT ur typical stereotype of malay tv show. u know, the one with the datuk kaya, tan sri kaya, anak jahat yg kemudian jd baik selepas jumpe awek cantik yg miskin, datin yg bitchy amat..get what i mean?

another reason y i love watching tv shows is u get to see pretty ppl. and u wont stop seeing them after the credits roll. cuz there'll be the next episode to the rescue! XD

exhibit A: Jessica Stroup from 90210.. cairrrrrrrr

anyway, being a movie freak, i checked out the list of the nominees for the golden globe awards
stumbled across the show "Glee"
youtube-d it.
didnt really watch the vid

but downloaded the pilot episode anyway.

after watching it, i have to say it's pretty damn awesome!

the show's about a bunch of kids who join the GLEE club. a student's club for singing.

now ppl, i know what ur thinking.. "Great, another version of High School Musical. just what we need in this world"..but, its not really a musical, ppl dont just run around suddenly singing, serenading a love song to one another and being all very the gay and whatnot. its actually a show about a group of students who aren't ur usual crop of performers.

i've just downloaded about 8 episodes. but i've already watched 5 episodes in less than 24 hours. and i'm only stopping myself from watching the rest cuz i'm saving it till i get really bored and internet-less..hehe

i highly recommend watching this show!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

sheila mambo

this post is gonna be pretty pointless, u have been warned! XD

sometimes, when i'm on my bed
eyes shut and trying to sleep
my brain goes on overdrive
suddenly being active for no apparent reason
the imagination goes crazy, but NOT PG-13 or 18SX

so last night, it happened
the brain starts thinking of stupid ridiculous things...
and a name came to mind - SHEILA MAMBO

LOL. do not ask me y this happens, it just does. XD

anywhoo, last night, i still wasnt familiar wit who this mambo person is

i've heard the name before, but cant really put a face to the name..
so i googled "sheila mambo"
and i remembered who she is!

ni diaaa sheila mambo, pelakon drama2 melayu yg aku x tgk..haha

another pic of akak mambo..pfttt XD

sumpah name die cool

then a thought came to mind
why stop there at "mambo"?
why not add names of dances to our normal names?
soooooo,i brainstormed(yes, i actually did use some effort) for names of dances and my fav kampong names

so here's what i could think of at 3 in the morning...
siti salsa
jenab shuffle
and my fav, timah tecktonik

and if ur unsure about what types of dances "shuffle" and "tecktonik" are,
go search at youtube, you'd be amazed at what u see
orrrrr, u'd laugh ur ass of, cuz its freaking hilarious till the point where ur embarassed for them ,to some extent..hahahaha XD

Thursday, November 26, 2009



enough. already

Sunday, November 22, 2009

get it over with

i cant wait to get this semester over with
sooooooooooooo freaking packed with assignments, quizzes, reports, mid terms, RE-mid terms

and not to mention FYP (final year project)
which is to be submitted latest this coming thurs
and my progress is about 20%

i'm doomed. literally

and then i'm having my study leave

my finals starts on the 7th of december
till the 16th

here's my finals' schedule
again, i did not write this
i asked my friend to write this and took a pic of it

which will mark the beginning of my semester break!!!

...but only till mid jan

andddddddd, early jan, i have to go back to miat to present on my FYP

ohh shiyt

and then its practical, means there'll be more shiytt

ohh happy happy joy joy

miss the subang peeps
all of 'em
the good, the bad, the obnoxious

needs OXYGEN badly! XD

Thursday, November 5, 2009

pee tee ass.

which stands for Penilaian Tahap Satu, i think
cant really remember
is an IQ test (now abolished) that u take in standard 3 that allows u to skip standard 4 and jump straight to standard 5 - should u pass

well i did (cue applause! =P)
and yes, ramai je org yg pass
boo kepada mereka yg tak pass


i guess there are many pros and cons for skipping standard 4

one of the advantages - as i often reminded my father everytime i wanted an increase in allowance
is that when i skipped standard 4, i saved my father a whole year's allowance!!!
fine, not a very noble thing to do.
but dammit, i have needs! (a 10-year old has needs?)
i dont know if it worked
or my father just manipulated me into thinking that it worked, when in actual fact
my allowance was the same as my brother's when he was my age
my dad the con-artist.

another advantage is i get to meet my awesome friends whom i am still very much close with till now
should i have stayed in standard 4 with the others born in 1990, i doubt i'd be as close as i am with them now
sure, i've lost my friends from standard 1 till 3
but not being friends with jaja, azzy, sudu, batch, aliah, shera, ANNIS!(=D) dll

but no, life isnt all sunshine and rainbows for us PTS students

when we jumped into standard 5, we were pretty much outcasts
divided into 2 classes
aliens among the 1989 peeps
disliked by teachers because we were still stupid and childish and didnt know a thing about science
(science was first introduced in standard 4)
i retreated to my classroom and confided in my classmates
never making contact with any outsiders

one of the many reasons i was such a nerdy nobody at primary school.

then, when i entered secondary school
the problem mentioned earlier evaporated
as we were all juniors
and we all started fresh

nobody knew each other
and if they did
so what, u make new friends

but then, hormones kicked in
which made life a heck lot more complicated

members of the opposite sex who once was labeled as icky and girllyyy and only played with boring dolls
were now causing weird unexplainable chemical reactions within the body

everyone sibuk nak bercouple!!!!

so i had a crush on this 1 gal. hehe
(aku tau korg sume tau cerite ni. diam! hahahaha)
but i was shit scared to confess my interest in her
duhhh. nerdgilebabi kot
and she was pretty
wayyyy out of my league
and so 1 day i confessed to her
thru sms, i think. cant really remember if i even had a phone at that time
anywho, pengecut gile babi x?
i spilled my heart out (echehh)
and asked her if she would be mine (LOL)
and she answered...NO

heartbroken, but still in "control" mode,
i asked her why
and i dont know if she was telling me the truth, or just being polite
"because i was younger than her"
babi kau pts!!! XD

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

serial curser

i curse alot
like, very often
like, 24/7
like, i'm famous for it
like, the name Maliq is synonymous with cursing
like, it's true!

i think it's because i'm a quarter Malaccan
lol blame it on genetics..haha XD

you know how Malaccan people curse more than they normally talk?
well, I, for one, find it HILLARIOUS!

they curse when they're angry
e.g. - Pukimak lancau lahabau mana curik bantal busuk aku?!?!? (sampai keluar steam kat hidung dan telinga mcm bull)

they curse when they're sad
e.g. - Pukimak lancau lahabau btol, x sangke die btol2 dah meninggalkan kite selama2nye......

they curse when they're happy
e.g. - Pukimak lancau lahabau!! lame gile x jumpe ko dowhh! (sambil senyum pjg lebar dan bersalam salaman mesra)

*for full effect, imagine a Malaccan friend of yours saying these with the right intonation and facial expressions. =D

they curse so freaking much that you cant help but laugh out loud
laugh with them or at them, whatever works.

for me, personally, i think cursing is flat-out funny
of course, this is only applicable to friends whom we know dont mind the constant flow of profanities - and not unknown strangers or superiors at work or lecturers or the elderly.

just because a person curses as much as he breathes, doesnt mean he's a dumb insensitive rude asshole
in actual fact, he's a funny dumb insensitive rude asshole
and i should know~~
hahahahah XD

really, if any of you have a problem with cursing
you should spend a weekend with my relatives at Kuala Selangor!
we might just convert you into a serial curser

Sumpah kat sane kecoh habis mcm pasar mlm jual sayur di pagi hari

and the highlight of any day at kampung is actually when its midnight, when all the makciks are done with all the cooking and stuff
all the aunts (especially my mom, mak andak and acik) will gather in the living room with a cup of nescafe (or KEPE as we like to call it) in hand and talk about everything under the sun - regarding the family..hehe
if they're angry, its funny. if they're happy, its funnier. if they're sad, shut the hell up! hahaha

while the adults are deep in discussion, the lanun2 (my litle cousins) will be running around the house leaving a path of destruction and chaos (ok hiperbola gila..hahaha)

dalam tgh serious berckp psl isu2 terkini, kalo ade mane2 anak org yg terjatuh ke ape, mesti ade sorg makcik akan melatah benda yg bukan2
e.g. - budak jatuh. "ehh pant*t ko goyang!".

then the whole room will fall silent for a short second, before booming with laughter..ahahahaha XD

janji kene ade my mom, mak andak and acik (yakni the 3 org kuat of the family!), confirm seronok balik kampung! hehe

well, this is entirely my own personal opinion. and i'm talking about my own experiences
your view on cursing might totally differ from mine
but really, i honestly find cursing funny. and i suck at "menyindir" org lain
sooooo, cursing is my specialty. so to speak. hahaha XD

at least aku mencarut je byk
x kutuk org behind their backs

oh damn. tu pon aku bwat gak
ok bye! nk bertobat! XD

Friday, October 9, 2009

from ziana zain to korean chicks

i have a very peculiar taste in music

there is no specific genre of music that i prefer

if it sounds good to the ear, then its good!

(unless it's a song by MCR or kanye west. hate mcr cuz theyre too freaking emo. like wth?!?!? hate kanye west cuz he wore a fur coat in estelle's vid clip and he dissed my current flame - taylor swift. ok diam kau)

last week, i heard a song that i liked
it was a lagu raya
a song called "halaman asmara" sung by awie and ziana zain

best gaban dowh lagu ni!!!

then, i remembered another song by ziana zain - madah berhelah
again, ahahahahahahahahahhaahahahhahaha XD

and then i heard these 2 songs over and over again
for a whole week actually

creepy, YES.

a friend of mine was totally freaked out when i started singing out loud the lyrics from madah berhelah in class. so i reassured him by saying that i'll only be addicted to these weird songs for a week - MAX. then, i'll promptly move on to another set of songs.

and that i did. now, i am currently addicted to my new playlist!

BEP - meet me halfway
Lady GaGa - Paparazzi
The Fray - never say never
Pink - Please Dont Leave Me
Jay Sean - Down
Coldplay ft Jay-Z - Lost
Jay-Z ft rihanna - run this town
Thirteen Sense - Into the fire

and lastly, the favoritestest of them all (for this week)

Wonder Girls - Nobody
5 hot korean chicks
hahaha XD


go download the rest of the songs in the playlist

damn. tibe2 nak berkaroke

Slow dance

Have you ever
watched kids

On a merry-go-round?

Or listened to
the rain

Slapping on the ground?

Ever followed a
butterfly's erratic flight?

Or gazed at the sun into the fading

You better slow down.

Don't dance so

Time is short.

The music won't

Do you run through each day

On the

When you ask How are you?

Do you hear the

When the day is done

Do you lie in your

With the next hundred chores

Running through
your head?

You'd better slow down

Don't dance so

Time is short.

The music won't

Ever told your child,

We'll do it

And in your haste,

Not see his sorrow?

Ever lost touch,

Let a good
friendship die

Cause you never had time

To call and say,'Hi'

You'd better slow down.

Don't dance
so fast.

Time is short.

The music won't

When you run so fast to get somewhere

miss half the fun of getting there.

When you worry and hurry
through your day,

It is like an unopened gift...

Thrown away.

Life is not a

Do take it slower

Hear the

Before the song is over.

nope, i didnt write this poem
unfortunately, i dont have a poetic bone in my body
only crappy ultra-flexible freaky ones
i was lucky enough to understand this one
i usually dont get poems (note - sudu's poems)
hahaahaha =P

this poem was taken from a forwarded email i got from a friend
in the email, it "Says" that it was written by a terminally-ill teen
i have no idea whether its true or not

but i think its pretty meaningful, this poem

so dont rush in doing things
and take ur life 1 day at a time
and enjoy it while u can

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


i'm thinking about having an open hse this raya
and by this raya i mean this saturday
and by this saturday i mean the 3rd of october

was looking forward to it
but unfortunately, circumstances change

my big fat ginormous orange cat is sick

my mom and i brought him to the clinic 2 days ago (monday)
and he's been warded ever since
the doctor said he's been in pain for quite some time now, and we were all too busy, too blind to see...
he has gingivitis, a low platelet count, not to mention a problem with his kidney
all these can be associated with his ageing
he's 8 years old
he'll be 9 in february

at home, he hasnt been eating much
in fact, he lost 1.6 kg already since 2 months ago

the family's not in the happiest of mood
because we're all worried sick about him
especially my mom

so, i dont think its the best of times to host an open house
i dunno
we'll see

but even if the open hse does happen
we'll probably serve normal senang-masak-cepat-cepat-banyak-banyak-food
the usual mi-hun, kuew tiaw and apentah

dont expect too much
we're preoccupied

and old pic of the king of the house

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Raya 2009 =D

Raya was a blast
not the best raya i've experienced in my short 19 years of life
but still, raya is raya
and the worst of rayas is the best of days
so ill take what i can get
and run like the wind! hehe

anyways, this raya - 2009 - as usual(and i hope that this trend continues),
we balik-ed kampung to my mom's side
at batu 7 1/2, kampung asahan, kuala selangor!

sampai kampung kul 7.25
nasib baik dah prepare the necessary air and biskut2 utk berbuka dlm kete
pastu masing2 xtau frequency stesen radio ikim ke jakim ke apentah
soooo mcm bajet2 dah gelap tu, buke! ahaha

sampaaaaai je kampung, makan, mandi, smayang
jgn harap laaa nak lepak2 tgk astro(ye, kampung aku ade astro, sbb nenek aku suke tgk wrestling! woot woott)
terus gi bekerje

ok menyimpang sat,
every raya, nenek aku akan mengerahkan anak2 nye, cucu2 nye, tetapi bukan menantu2 nye
utk membuat kerja2 mengemas rumah, memasak, mengecat, mengangkat barang, membuang sampah, membaja kelapa sawit dan segala2 yg terpikir olehnya
last year, pada malam raya, saya mengecat umah kampung tu dr isyak saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaampaaaaaai laa kul 12.30AM
itupon sbb hujan
saya pasti, kalau tidak hujan, confirm akan sambung sampai ke pagi raya
tp sila jgn salah faham
nenek saya x kejam, cume mode "CANTIKKAN RUMAH" die tersgt amat bangat extreme
ahaha tp apepon, kami segala buruh2 beliau amat menyayangi beliau! =D

ok back to the future,
antara kerja2 yg dilakukan adelah spt membuat ketupat, palas, lepat, rendang ayam dan daging
tp 1 thing laa, kalau bwat kerja ramai2
sume menyemak dlm dapur
sumpah SERONOK!
lg2 kalau ade mulut2 banjar yg x mkn saman mcm acik, mak andak, alang, bondaku (mak long) dan wani
ntah sape2 laa yg diorg kutuk semlm
tp sumpah seronok mendgr! hahah
if u think i have a bad mouth, u havent met my aunts!!!

walaupon mulut kitorg bergerak dok ngutuk org
tgn2 kitorg pon bergerak gak melipat daun palas, membalut lepat, nyumbat pulut, menggaul rendang, melayukan daun pisang
and juz so u know, we made
220 ketupats
ntah brapa byk lepat dan palas
1 kawah rendang ayam
1 kawah rendang daging
because nenek punye mode "BAGI MAKAN KAT CUCU" pon extreme gak
she loves to feed us! ngeee =D

anddd we have a new addition to the family!
nur farisha airina bt ucu(ok x ingat name ucu, ingat pangkat je)
she just celebrated her 1st raya! =D
she's cucu number 35 or 34..ntah

adik dan abang

after all the hard work
bout 2am, cari parking! n tidoooooooooooooooo

dan bangun agak lambat
beratur utk gune toilet
ade 2 toilet, 6 families! u do the math! haha
rushing bukan main sampai terlupe mandi sunat aidilfitri
damn. xpe2, tahun depan bwat. pasang alarm awal2
had breakfast(NOT break fast)
ate rendang daging! SEDAPPPPP! lepat pon sedap
ketupat agak keras, palas terlalu padat
rendang ayam liat nak mati sbb pakai ayam pencen..hahahah

gi surau smayang sunat aidilfitri
x dgr sgt khutbah tahun ni
tahun lepas nye best, imam siap nangis2 lg
tahun ni isi kandungan khutbah kurang menarik perhatian
lol mati aku kalo jakim nmpk ape aku tulis ni! ahahah

lepas smayang, aktiviti kemuncak hari raya!
the HIGLIGHT of the year

our family tradition is we have nenek sitting first at the front,
then the pak and mak longs will ask forgiveness from nenek and from each other, then sit next to nenek
followed by the ngahs, udas, tehs, andaks, itams, anjangs, alangs, aciks, ucus, 1st cucu till the smallest cucu capable of walking
sume org beratur according to pangkat and age..huhu
sumpah i LOVE this tradition we've maintained
effect die perghhhh..makan dalam!..haha
during this asking-of-forgiveness session, u'll see bermcm2 emotion displayed
ppl crying asking for forgiveness, the cucus arguing and laughing because theyre stepping on other ppls' kains(we kneel while we ask for forgiveness) dll

immediately after that, mereka2 yg sudah bekerja akan distribute DUIT RAYA!!

then, we had the family photo session!
we took photos with all of us together
then company by company(ikut family)
tp this year lupe bwat tema "anak2", "menantu2!" dan "cucu2!"
time ni plak, mmg hiruk pikuk kecoh habis sampai 1 kampung bole dgr

6 families! 4 families missing

mengajar nenek aku the peace sign... peace yawww

lepas tu, kitorg cousin2 beramai2 gi JAMBATAN!!
kampung aku ade sungai! kampung ko, bile lg? =P
minah2 tu sume bercamwhore di sanun

antara gamba fav aku..comel gile adam pukul buntut wani..hahaha

haha comel je asha tengking adam

adam: "got MILK?" hahah XD

then balik dan MAKAN! lepas makan, majoriti tidurrrr!
dan majoriti itu of course akan termasok tuan hamba
tertido sampai kul 6
bangun2, cari makan lg
ahahaha XD
any free time dlm 2 mlm dok kat kampung adelah diisikan dgn aktiviti MAKAN!! =D

nak balik the next day, mmg berat bontot
syg gilebabidowhh kampung ku kuala sgor! =D
dan nenek ku Alimah, the Superwoman! =D
mak sedara dan bapak sedara segala!
cousin2 kecoh semua
dan suasana hari raya

byk lagi nak dicito ekk
tp dah terlanjut sudaa
will update more! =D
more pics on fb!

and oh yea
have a great one aite

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


i'm supposed to be blogging bout RAYA
but i cant seem to upload my pics properly
so allow me to do something pointless


cant stop laughing at the 1st pic!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

sengal ubi bakar ali

lately, everytime i go online
there are 2 sites that i must visit
nooooo, not porn
(x elok tgk bende x snonoh di dlm bulan puasa. note: bulan puasa)
hahaha anyway, the 2 sites that i'm talking about are actually
yeap, theyre like auction and advertising sites for new or secondhand items
(refer: ebay =P)

and the 2 things i search online are the 2 things i desire most(for now)
a handphone
and a camera
ni tgh sangap gile kot sbb pakai fon yg xde memory card n nokia 3310

anywho, remember how i mentioned above that i've been visiting these sites too often
and that i may (MAY) be addicted to them

well, it seems that God has sent me a lil message about this

a discrete, yet very effective message

and let me tell u this, messages from God doesnt come cheap

here's the scoop
just 5 mins ago, as i was searching for a cheap yet OKlaaa camera,
i accidentally placed a bid on a camera that was out of my budget

amik kau.terus seram sejuk aku dok mikirkan nak bayar camne..

bidding for the camera ends 1 and a half hours from now
and i'm HOPING/PRAYING that i get outbid

pleaseeee God, message received!!!!
can u pleaaaaaaaaaaseeee press "CTRL Z"(Undo)

for people with money, can i be ur friend?
pretty pleaaaaaassseeee!


Sunday, September 6, 2009


in the past 30 days, i've had about 3 emotional breakdowns or meltdowns
and that's 3 too many

this semester is really taking its toll on me

it's bad enough that i have to carry my own weight
but now, i'm carrying other people's burden as well

i dont know if my fragile frame can take it
its getting harder to breathe

all i want to do when i get home is to sleep
sleep it allllllllllllll off
temporarily escape
away from all the mess

but no, that was not meant to be
there is no such thing as escape

i've got work to do
though a different kind of work
but work i did
its unbearable. but nonetheless necessary

in the past 48 hours, i have slept for only 4 hours
my head's spinning like a top
any time now, it'll explode into a million tiny pieces

eventually, u break

and when u break. u pick urself up

u glue ur broken shattered pieces back together

u look urself hard in the mirror
and u say "suck it up. deal with it"

u take a few mins to compose urself
breathe in. breathe out. breathe in. breathe out

u numb urself so that u can hardly feel anything
u put ur mask on so that people'll think ur okay

and u crack a fake smile

and u walk out that door as the same person that walked in

minus all the emotional mess


Monday, August 31, 2009


whooaaa..title patriotic sungguh

but, seriously

i may not be all patriotic
i may not hang the national flag on house/car
i may not immediately stand up straight every time i hear the national anthem
i may sleep during the whole national parade

but dammit, i do love this God-forsaken country of ours! =D

i do remember the 5 "rukun negara"
i do know who our current leaders are, as well as the past
i do give a damn about politics

and i utterly despise people who posts negative crap about our country come the date of our independence. malaysians who thinks that malaysia is NOT a harmonious peaceful multi-racial country should leave malaysia, and see how life is on the other side of the border

u think our politicians bicker and fight like 5-year olds. dude, look at taiwan or korea's parliamentary meetings

sure, the system is flawed.
bribery and graft is rife.
and racism still exists here.

but i personally think we're moving in the right direction.

you complain and you bitch about every single thing you see on the news, but you forget all the help the government has given you. your education, your home, your loans. think about that, for a change.

may you have more birthdays to come
and may we live in peace and harmony within your borders

"think not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country"

Thursday, August 27, 2009

out of my mind

remember how i said this semester's gonna be busy as hell in my previous post?

well, apparently... i wasnt kidding?!?!?!

dammit, i've got
loooaaaaads of reports to submit
damn final-year project to do

all group works end up being me doing 70% of the job
lecturers giving out pop quizzes and exams so often that my head hurts
andddddddd i've got assignments coming out of my ass

assignments annoy me out of my mind
when i'm annoyed, i get stressed out of my mind
when i'm stressed, i'm infuriated out of my mind
when i'm infuriated, other ppl get hurt out of their minds

hell hath no fury than a guy out of his freaking damn mind

Saturday, August 15, 2009

its not ur time yet

today, i went to hosp sg buloh
to visit a friend
not a very close friend
but as they say "a friend in need, is a friend indeed"
he is still, and will forever be, a friend
he is in a coma
after meeting in a car accident
seeing him on the bed
with tubes down his neck
sutures on his forehead
it really got to me
i was speechless
really, how do u react to that?

he's not gone yet
the fat lady has not yet sung
his life is in God's hands
and only He Himself can save him
all we can do is pray
and pray some more

its not ur time yet, Azwan Arif
so wake up
ur friends are waiting for u
ur family is waiting for u
ur mom is waiting for u
dont let her down

it makes u think
it makes u feel so vulnerable

so fragile

this life is definitely not our own
this life belongs solely to God himself

we are merely borrowing it for awhile

we are forever in His debt

and that is why we must do the things He commands us to do

and refrain ourselves from doing the things he forbids

this life on earth is short
the life hereafter is forever
*a reminder to us all

*1 more thing, acap is doing sort of a book/album for azwan
so if u have anything to say or any pics of him
do give them to acap!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

think about it

if you always do

what you've always done

you'll always get

what you've always got.

Friday, July 24, 2009

back to school

hello semester 5~

juz got back from my rented house at sepang(yes, i will call that area sepang, instead of dengkil.sounds less

1st week of semester 5 is over!

same classmates
same car
same shoes
new subjects
new lecturers
new schedule
new routine
new books
new notes
new classes
new jeans =P

new mission
same goal

seriously, i cant believe i'm already in semester 5.. yeah yeahh i'm still juz taking a ruddy ol' diploma..but heck, i'm kinda proud of taking an out-of-the-ordinary course with an even weirder specialty..2 more semesters then i'm outta here..but i dont know what i'll do or where i'll go..i guess i'll just go with the i always do..huhu =D

got my results for semester 4
trust me, nobody is as surprised and shocked and as dumbstrucked over it as i am
cuz i know how much i studied -or didnt study - for last sem's final exams..
i guess luck was definitely on my side. ALHAMDULILLAH!!! =D

taking 6 subjects for this final sem at miat (next sem will be having my On Job Training outside miat)..not loving the subjects..too much focus on electrical and electronic crap...grrr
there's this 1 subject which takes about 6 hours per week! and theyre cramming it all in 1 day! x pecah kepala kau nyumbat segala haram psl turbine engine???? grr..

and i have a variety of great, good and god-awful lecturers this sem..
one's an experienced licensed aircraft engineer who's funny witty yet disciplined and strict
one's an inspired energetic and enthusiastic entreprenuer
one's a by-the-book confident english teacher
one's an intelligent engineer but not the most communicative person
one's less entertaining than watching a tree grow
one's weird enough to give us the whole final exam questions pertaining his subject on the very 1st day of class


at least i have a day off every week! MONDAYS! wheeee XD

andddd i get to play badminton again every day!! this almost takes the pain away out of not having internet anymore at my rented house! hahaha

and i guess i've been meeting more new ppl and making more new friends
weird, huh?

gonna be busy as hell this semester with all the practical shit, FYP, LWTR classes, OJT plans, extensive assignments and reports

will definitely need an attitude adjustment

more of this

and less of this