Wednesday, October 27, 2010

aksi memalukan diri 1

i have this weird thing where i like to give other ppl nicknames

dont get me wrong, its not meant to insult anybody or anything, its just how i remember names

not everybody has a nickname in my head though
i dont know why, but i tend to give nicknames for my lecturers/teachers
but i've NEVER called these nicknames to their faces.
cause that'd be suicide and i'm not the suicidal type.

at school, for instance, my friends and i had a nickname for all our teachers
our biology teacher, Puan Salmah Yamin, we call her "Kak Sally"
our english teacher, Puan Syafini, we call her "Kak Fini"
History teacher, Puan Zamrah - "Kak Z"

lecturers at miat are not immune to my nicknames
my lecturer in electrical systems, Mr. Faizal Shariff, i call him "Tahir". short for faizal tahir, of course
physics lecturer, Mohd Razak Mohd Noor, i call him "Razak Baginda" [Read: Altantuya]

now just 30 minutes ago, my friends and i were looking for our physics lecturer to submit our physics lab report. we didn't know where his office was, so we went in one of the lecturers' office.
the office was pretty much empty except for 3 lecturers grouped together in conversation.

Being the brave, bold and courageous one, i stepped in front of my fellow friends and popped a question to the group of lecturers. "Umm sir, do u know where Mr. Razak Baginda's office is?"


Realization kicked in.

the lecturers were already laughing. so were my friends behind me. crap.

well, they say that "if u cant beat them, JOIN THEM"
so i joined in on the laugh

and one of the lecturers answered that Mr. Razak's office is at the Admin building.
and another lecturer added, "tp Razak Baginda still kat UK"

hahahaha. kwangajo nye lecturer. melawan kau. kantoi ko follow blog dia!

and now i'm praying that my physics lecturer, Mr. Razak MOHD NOOR HEARS NOTHING OF THIS! hahahahah

tahniah, maliq!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

baby carrots

2 days ago i had oily greasy cheesy pasta for supper. mind u, i have my supper at 2am
i had trouble sleeping afterward cuz i dont think my stomach agrees with the oilinessssss at such late hour

so considering what happened that day, yesterday, i tried to do my stomach a favor - by skipping oily greasy cheesy yummy fatty food
and instead, having healthy vitamin-riched vegi goodness - you guessed it! baby carrots

and what do i get in return?


i had to go to the toilet every 20 minutes, then spend another 10 minutes inside the bathroom
oh happy happy joy joy!
crap - pun intended.

i'm not a 100% sure its the baby carrots but no other member of the family has it, so it cant be our dinner. so for now, i'm blaming the carrots!

the carrots looked alright to me, though i'm not sure if there were any fungus or anything foreign on the carrots
i'm not really particular about the appearance of the food. i eat with my mouth, not my eyes. and in the carrots' defence, it tasted ok to me!
and did i mention that the i bought the carrots more than a month ago? not sure if this is a factor...eeeeekkk

anywho, back to the toilet story. it seriously bugs the crap(again, pun intended) out of me that i have to go to the toilet, do my business, wash my business and 30 minutes later, do it all over again

at times like this i wish i had a tv in my toilet. at least it'd distract me from the awful smell! haha

i got so sleepy on the toilet bowl i swear i was tempted to bring my pillow with me during the next visit and just sleep on the toilet bowl and you know, "push" whenever i had to..zzzz

i went to the bathroom no less than 8 freaking times. which coincidentally was the number of baby carrots i ate!
its like the damn baby carrots were taking turns exiting my body!
why couldnt they just gather near the exit and get the hell out at the same time!
that'd be way convenient!

"bunny luv" my ass!


the breakfast club

 i cant believe i just watched a movie that was released 25 years ago. 5 years before i was even born!

a brilliant movie about 5 kids from different cliques - a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal.

though society may dictate that these 5 people can never be friends, but on one fine saturday, they proved everybody wrong.

comparing a princess with a criminal is like comparing the sky and the seas. they're so far apart and totally different, they're not even in the same category. they're kinda incomparable. and that goes with the other cliques as well. though the athlete and the princess do sort of belong together. and the criminal and the basket case are similar in terms of being outsiders. but that's about it.

the premise of the movie is that even though they are so different, deep deep down, they're more or less the same.
they discover that they've all been through the same shit as everybody else have.
same daddy issues
they've all been ignored
been objectified
money problems
peer pressure? u bet.

so let us not be so quick to judge one another. we're pretty much the same, folks.
we're all screwed one way or another.
its just a matter of how good we are at hiding it.

guess which one's the brain, the athlete, the princess, the basket case and the criminal.

so where do i fit in with these 5 groups?
i'm definitely not an athlete.
not so much of a criminal.
sure as hell not a princess.
a basket case? well..maybe a little bit
a brain? most definitely. if i do say so myself. =P

how about u?