Wednesday, October 27, 2010

aksi memalukan diri 1

i have this weird thing where i like to give other ppl nicknames

dont get me wrong, its not meant to insult anybody or anything, its just how i remember names

not everybody has a nickname in my head though
i dont know why, but i tend to give nicknames for my lecturers/teachers
but i've NEVER called these nicknames to their faces.
cause that'd be suicide and i'm not the suicidal type.

at school, for instance, my friends and i had a nickname for all our teachers
our biology teacher, Puan Salmah Yamin, we call her "Kak Sally"
our english teacher, Puan Syafini, we call her "Kak Fini"
History teacher, Puan Zamrah - "Kak Z"

lecturers at miat are not immune to my nicknames
my lecturer in electrical systems, Mr. Faizal Shariff, i call him "Tahir". short for faizal tahir, of course
physics lecturer, Mohd Razak Mohd Noor, i call him "Razak Baginda" [Read: Altantuya]

now just 30 minutes ago, my friends and i were looking for our physics lecturer to submit our physics lab report. we didn't know where his office was, so we went in one of the lecturers' office.
the office was pretty much empty except for 3 lecturers grouped together in conversation.

Being the brave, bold and courageous one, i stepped in front of my fellow friends and popped a question to the group of lecturers. "Umm sir, do u know where Mr. Razak Baginda's office is?"


Realization kicked in.

the lecturers were already laughing. so were my friends behind me. crap.

well, they say that "if u cant beat them, JOIN THEM"
so i joined in on the laugh

and one of the lecturers answered that Mr. Razak's office is at the Admin building.
and another lecturer added, "tp Razak Baginda still kat UK"

hahahaha. kwangajo nye lecturer. melawan kau. kantoi ko follow blog dia!

and now i'm praying that my physics lecturer, Mr. Razak MOHD NOOR HEARS NOTHING OF THIS! hahahahah

tahniah, maliq!


Nina :) said...

malu gilaaaaaaaaaaa hahaha

maliQ said...

hahaha tau xpe..gile rase nk bunuh diri dowh aku kat ground floor so xleh bwat ape2..
so here i am now..still alive n very much embarassed.ahahahaha

batchiwa. said...

Hmm tak ar malu sgt. Mesti lecturer ko bahak2 sbb igt ko tershamsul padahal depa tak taw ko mmg bg name kat lectrs. Cehhh ;p

izyani_azahari said...

haha. kau mmg stylee!

Anonymous said...

whats my nickname?