Friday, December 24, 2010


for i am a jolly good fellow,
for i am a jolly good fellow
for i am going to singaporreeeeeeeee
and nobody can deny!

merry xmas everyone and a happy new year!
pls wish me, my friends, my friend's sister and her friends a safe journey to and fro aite!

*tibe aku rasa lame gile post ni. oh well
i'm going to singapore. and ur not
muahahahahahah =P


Annis Natalia Abdul Hamed Shah said...

i was going to be a bitch and spoil ur excitement. but nahhh... take it back! have a wonderful xmas! i want something nice and purple and butterfly pls. thank you.

maliQ said...

lol no wonder ur being nice, its cuz u want something! hahaha thanx annis!
i'll make sure i forget what u want
hahahahahaha =P