Sunday, September 28, 2008

music of the week; part 2

so here goes my current obsession, the tunes that i've been listening to over and over again
if u haven't heard of it, do download. they're AWESOME

- Jason Mraz - Plane
- Lady Gaga - Just Dance
- Gary Jules - Mad World
- Secondhand Serenade - Fall For You

and since this post is done like 2 days before the 1st of Syawal, how bout some Raya songs to put us in the mood for Raya =D. these are my favorite lagu2 raya. i think they're the best lagu raya ever - hands down! and no new dumb supposedly-up-to-date raya song is gonna beat it - period.

- Anuar & Elina - Suasana Hari Raya
- M Nasir - Suatu Hari di Hari Raya
- Faridah Joned - Selamat Hari Raya
- P Ramlee - Dendang Perantau
- Saloma - Selamat Hari Raya
- Sanisah Huri - Aidilfitri

Monday, September 22, 2008

raya mode!!

with less than 10 days before the 1st of Syawal

i'm already in full-force raya mode!

i can already feel/smell/taste/hear/see it all, the tearing sounds of the raya packets, the teardrops that flood the floor when we're asking for forgiveness from one another, the rush to the surau to perform the aidilfitri prayers, the hot smell of new baju rayas being ironed, the flashes of cameras when taking pictures, the freakingly cold aidilfitri shower, the sound of raya songs being played in the background, the 1st breakfast in 30 days, the smile on everyone's faces when receiving their 'duit raya', the waiting line for the 3 toilets for 50+ people at the kampung, the nervous and excited wait on the aidilfitri eve, the chaos and confusion of the raya morning, the smell of rendang daging being cooked in the massive woks, the folding of leaves to make a ketupat, the shaking of hands and the sharing of hugs. owhh and let's not forget the the smell of fresh cash hot off the bank oven! =D

how can u not love raya?

last year's raya - HALF of the family

Saturday, September 20, 2008

words of wisdom; part 1

owhh quotes!
everybody loves them
how mere words can change minds, influence decisions and eventually change history itself

u can find them anywhere - books, movies, taglines, speeches
my personal fav are from movies!

and the quote of the day is...
(*drum roll)

"'s not about what you got, it's what you make of what you got"
- from the movie Step Up 2

need i say more?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

owhh the convoy

a friend of mine, mamat(short for muhammad..) ajak-ed me to teman him membeli barang2 raya di mid valley. me, being a good friend(lalala) said "sure" n then ajak-ed another friend of ours - Amberg(real name - Hafiz. dont ask me why we all call him amberg) to join us.

n so in the wee hours of morning (exactly - 8AM!!) on the 17th of sept, the 3 of us headed to putrajaya on motorcycles. it was frigging cool! at putrajaya, the plan was to switch the motorcycles for my car - BAMbee ku the satria~ huhu

the 'knight' in a not-so-shining armor - my BAMbee

on the way to mid valley via kl-seremban highway, we had to make a quick pit-stop cuz mamat needed a toilet break - a heavy one! hahaha sengal punye penyu(penyu = mamat; because he's from 'Ganu kite)

after mamat finished his "business", we continued the perjalanan to mid valley.
chet, it only took us 40mins from Putrajaya-Mid Valley (minus 10 mins waiting for the Ganu)

as we arrived at mid valley at about 9 sumthing, most of the shops still havent fully opened yet, again, mamat was to blame for wanting to go to mid valley waaaaaaaaaaayyyy too early. again, sengal punye mamat. and so we jalan-jalan'ed aimlessly around the mall, entering any shops that were opened and that looked cool enough worthy for us to enter(ahahah KONON)

mamat aka penyu aka ganu, maliQ (driver of the day), amberg

mamat bought a pair of jeans and a t-shirt
i found a pair of shoes that looked cool but didnt but it cuz was cash-less. huhu
n amberg was disappointed that the pants he liked was way too expensive

after covering all the gorund at mid valley, at 1 pm, we got bored. is this all there is to it here at mid valley??!??!!
sumpah B.O.S.A.N~

n so we left mid valley for Subang Parade (thought of going to Pyramid, but skipped it cuz the parking would be super-duper-gile-babi-susah-nak-dapat)

at Parade, we jalan-jalan'ed some more and amberg found himself a t-shirt he liked!cool
after shopping, we headed to the surau to perform our duties as muslims(ececehh~ riak2, habis pahala puasa ku XD)

then, at 350pm, we headed to kapar via shah alam to join the convoy to break fast at a friend's house at kuala selangor!! got lost for like 5 minutes. at about 4.40pm, we reached the rendezvous point at a mobil station at Kapar. while the rest of the convoy waited for us to arrive, they camwhored away~ ahahaha.

anywho, we continued the journey with syafiq(syafiq azahari - the tuan rumah of the day) leading the 3-car-convoy in his kancil. the other syafiq(syafiq othman aka ustad) drove his saga.

Syafiq Azahari - Kancil
Penumpang - Akmal, Cip, Amirul

Ustad - Saga BLM(ke BML.ntah)
Penumpang - Amri, Kak Long, Epul, Wan

MaliQ - Sang Satria~
Penumpang - Mat, Berg

there were times where we were racing with each other, haha. thank God nothing bad happened and we reached Syafiq's house safe and sound. huhu. salam2 dgn syafiq's mom, toured his house, goofed off at the taman and guess wat - camwhored.

top left to right : amberg, akmal, cip, amirul , epul , ustad
mid left to right : syafiq A. , mamat, kak long, me
bottom : amri(attempting to be sexy)

cameraman : wan

me n akmal on the swing. *note - belakang itu surau ahaha XD

syafiq gave us a quick tour of Kuala Selangor since it was still early before time buka puasa.
we went to the places where they shot the movie Mukhsin, a jetty, the bazaar ramadhan and the infamous Bukit Melawati, where we made some monkey-friends!

air pasang, sungai selangor

at the jetty

and they call me a camhwore

penat mendaki bukit melawati

the monyet and beroks at bukit melawati

when the clock struck 7.15pm - it was time to break fast(not breakfast)!
menu - udang, daging, ayam, sayur = SEDAP WEII

air bandung n dadih milo

lepas makan and solat, the camwhoring activity resumed - this time, there was PROPS!!
there were shades, glasses, masks of all shapes and sizes. you name it, he's got it. syafiq mmg suke collect natang2 sebegitu


alryte, masing2 dah kenyang n penat n mengantok, n ohh yea, there's a mid term exam the very next morning, n none of us studied 1 bit. lol XD so we headed back to putrajaya because mamat and amberg's motorbikes were still there.

at putrajaya, a lil bit racing occured between syafiq's Vios, my satria and amberg's RXZ.
mamat's Honda Wave got lost behind somewhere. not familiar wit the surroundings and dlm tgh2 malam, mamat got lostn panicked. hahaah kesian dowhh die . the rest of us were worried sick for him!! but thankfully, he found his way n met amberg.hahaha
sengal nye mamat menangis. LOL! XD

so, in conclusion, we went from
dengkil -> Putrajaya -> mid valley -> Subang parade -> Kapar -> Kuala Selangor -> Putrajaya -> Dengkil

which equals to penat gile babi but had a really great time!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

friend, rakan, peng you(in mandarin)

They say “it’s not the destination that counts, it’s the journey”

Well, I say “it’s the people you are with that matters most”

'Cuz if you're with people that ur not fond of, it doesn’t matter if ur going to Egypt or Antartica, it’s gonna suck – period!
So, I’m very very very thankful that I have my super duper wacky/gedik idiotic best friends around me!!

You see,
I don’t want a million friends
I don’t need a million friends on myspace, friendster or even facebook
I don’t wanna win the popularity contest(I Couldn’t win it even if my life depended on it anyway, actually)

If at the end of my life, I can say I have like 5 to 10 really really great awesome cool friends that understands my weird-ness and stood by me throughout my life, that‘ll mean the world to me

After all, it aint bout the quantity, it’s the quality

the fantastic foursome

at shera's sis' wedding

senyuman ikhlas

my best mate and my BGF(best gf)

bini no 1, 2, 3. muat sorg lg! XD

MIAT class Heli 3 July '07 - Future Engineers

We dont sound good, we look OK, but we still ROCK

Syafiq, me, Aimen - owh the good 'ol days

PD wit batch, al n sudu.
Had a blast!

Monday, September 8, 2008

music of the week

contrary to the title of the post, the list of tunes below is NOT my fav song of the week, its more like my current obsession for the past 3 weeks. lol

U see, I change my list of favorite songs as frequent as I change clothes
I listen to a song, I fall in love with it, I love it wayyyyyyyyyyy too much, I listen to it over and over and over again, I suddenly get bored with it, I move on.

So here goes the songs that are currently being played in my head time and time again!

• Fatal flaw - South Jordan
• Anyone else but you – Michael Cera and Ellen Page (from the Juno Soundtrack)
• Lengkap semula - butterfingers (im just as shocked as u are, so zip it)
• Teringin – Shima (again, SHOCKING!)
• The remedy - Jason Mraz
• You and I both - Jason Mraz

tell me what you think aite! =D

Thursday, September 4, 2008

ulcer di bawah bibir



Dah laa baru start bulan puasa.

Kacau kacau.

I guess I’ll have to skip eating spicy food.


kak! Tambah sambal!!



*menangis kesakitan sambil makan nasi lemak

Monday, September 1, 2008

meet Maliq Fariz Mutalib

***please note that throughout this blog, maliq will be talking about himself in the 3rd person. saje test. huhu

Human beings are complex organic life forms with emotions and virtues and ethics with needs and desires that makes us even more complicating and harder to understand and predict

Each one of us is different in our own way - the way we look, the way we dress, the way we eat, the way we speak.

1 word best describe us all

Spell it with me now - U.N.I.Q.U.E

haha :)

Then, meet Maliq Fariz bin Mutalib – the odd, skinny, nerdy, freak-of-nature , with even-weirder-looking-fingers who curses 24/7

Boy, I can tell you 1 thing, he sure is different

Here' some stuff that you probably don't know bout him, but you should

(But if you took the time to observe him, you'd know what I'm gonna say anyway)

  • Born in KL, raised in Subang Jaya, and moved to Putrajaya but a real Subang-Jaya-an at heart
  • He eats a lot, like really really really a lot
  • He is kinda kedekut, but believe you me, if he has rezeki lebih, he will repay his friends kindness
  • He is also kinda cheap, and again, If he has rezeki lebih, he doesn't mind
  • He aint the smartest bulb in the bunch, so that's why he STUDIES – hence the term – nerd
  • He loves his family and friends, but he doesn't show it (segan/pemalu)
  • He forgives easily, but never forgets (but that depends on his current state of memory, which leads us to *read below)
  • He is forgetful as hell! but he'll try his best to remember your names. i repeat - TRY
  • He secretly loves to watch romantic comedies and romantic movies.*note – a walk to remember (well now it aint much of a secret now, is it?pfftttt)
  • He is a lazy-ass. (you can tell by looking at his room)
  • He is emotionless at times, and at other times, he's an emotional-wreck.
  • He has a man-crush on John Terry. And no, he aint gay
  • He has a real crush on Emma Watson. Well, he loves them Brits (British peeps)\
  • His heroes are his mom (Norsiah binti Ahmad) and his super-nenek (Alimah). love them to death!
  • He gets bored easily, hence the current favorite song that changes every week or 2
  • He aint super religious, but he can tell whats right and wrong.
  • He has long super-bendable fingers that his friends call him "cacat" becuz of it. but he doesnt mind.
  • He loves his pet cats and all other cats deeply. meet Bonnie aka gemok

  • He is the male version of a camwhore
  • He is a moody lil freak, he has his usual mood swings – but he aint PMS-ing
  • To him, music is a drug. *note – paracetamol, anesthetic
  • Last but not least, he curses like no other. 80% of sentences that comes out of his mouth will be accompanied by a curse/swear word. But don't you get upset if you're at the receiving end of a swearing session, he really doesn't mean it, from the bottom of his hot and hollow heart

maliq is a flawed creation.
well, arent we all?

so, Judge him all you want, hell, you aint perfect either.

Bitch about him all you want, you're only donating pahala to him.

*world peace =)