Sunday, May 31, 2009


we are who we choose to be
the sky's the limit and the world's the stage
curtain's up, people
it's showtime

this is my pep talk to myself
in preparation for the final exams
which starts today (its 2am, Monday right exam starts at 9am)

wait a minute, there is no preparation
i'm going in the exam hall blindfolded
oh shoot me, shoot me now

Saturday, May 30, 2009


yesterday, i watched a movie - Marley & Me
you'd think that with a star-studded cast with the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, they were going to steal the show and have the spotlight on them the whole time..
but nooooo, the real star of the movie had four legs - a dog.
to be precise, a labrador, named Marley.

heart-warming, gut-wrenching and tear-jerking,
this movie is a definite must-watch for animal lovers, especially pet owners

the human relationships are great too!
i like cheeky funny people in love
they're genuine

i cant remember the last time i cried while watching a movie
but yeap, i have to admit that a tear or two did escape me

there was this whole excerpt from the movie that really got to me

"a dog has no use for fancy cars or big homes or designer clothes. a waterlogged stick would do just fine. a dog doesnt care if you're rich or poor, clever or dull, smart or dumb. give him your heart and he'll give you his. how many people can you say that about? how many people can make you feel rare and pure and special? how many people can make you feel... extraordinary?"

i think this is one of my weaknesses - my Achillies' heel, you might say
animal themed movies...
seriously if i see an animal die, my eyes would well up and overflow and there goes the waterworks
but if i hear news about a death of a fellow human being, sure, i'd be all sad and sympathetic and all
but you certainly wont see me crying a river about it

and another thing.. watching "Marley & Me" really reminded me of how much i miss my cats at home.
and i've only been here at sepang for 4 hours...

i love you Bonnie, JR, Nemo and Baby
you are my 4 favourite four-legged freaks
i wouldnt trade any of you for an iPhone 3G

bonnie doing what he does best. he actually dropped the pillows himself




Thursday, May 28, 2009

old and new

today, i will go to sleep smiling
(and praying that i dont die in my sleep)

cuz today's outing has been a successful one!
thanx largely to al mimi batch n kwn2 batch - shahrilen and farid and kamal(jgn lupe! haha last, i met my old friends - al batch mimi
and at the same time, i get to meet new ppl..
crazy out-of-their minds sakai funny ppl xD

so here goes a short summary of what i did today

chapter 1

11am - al dtg rumah. maliq bg mkn cekodok. maliq bwk vios. al bitau score match manu vs barca. ahahaha. manu kalah! =D. gi umah fatin kat bangi. jumpe kedai old town white coffee. sampai umah fatin. al amik beg. fatin x bg chipsmore. maliq kecewe. bergerak pulang ke putra. jumpe old town white coffee. al mengidam nak mkn satay kajang. otw balik putra tersesat. jumpe old town white coffee lg skali. *ini adelah petanda* . bergerak ke kajang. parking kereta tempat free =D . waiter indon dtg mintak order. al nak order TIGA PULUH (30) btg satay ayam. maliq menegur al. in the end order satay (ayam - 20, ikan - 3, rusa - 3). al x habis mkn. maliq comes to the rescue dan menghabiskan satay. al BELANJA! maliq dan mimi gembira! bergerak ke subang. x sesat. di subang, call basirah. berjaya menipu basirah dgn mengatakan bahawa kami seronok berkaroke serharian. sesi mengutuk basirah dlm kereta. hantar maliq di subang parade. al dan mimi meneruskan perjalanan ntah ke mana. insyaAllah mereka hidup lg.

chapter 2

2.30pm - masok kereta Gen2 sbb nmpk basirah di tingkap. bertemu shahrilen . ooooh. ekekekeke. ehh pjg lak cito ek. mode pemalu - ON. gi ktm subang utk tunggu seseorg. byk percakapan/jeritan/gelak tawa berlaku antare 2 minah(batch dan lynn). sumpah blur. batch ditangkap melihat "barang" leen. org yg ditunggu berada di kl sentral. maliq mencadangkan kite tunggu di lrt kelana jaya. bergerak ke lrt kelana jaya. tunggu bbrp minit. farid tiba. bertemu farid. beliau org barcelona. wakakakaka manu. XD . bergerak ke the curve. hampir langgar kenderaan lain. salah batch. park kereta kat parking the curve. farid membuang sampah di bwh kereta lain. sengal mamat ni. haha. beliau angkat sampah tu balik. baling lg dan buang 1 tin ke dlm tong sampah. again, sengal. hahaha. bergerak ke kenny rodgers(ke rogers..?ntah) masing2 segan nk order sbb masing2 x bwk duit sbb masing2 ingatkan makanan dibelanja oleh mr manager. ada yg ingin lari ke warong penyet. tp akhirnya pasrah dan meng-order quarter meal. masing2 memikirkan plan utk melarikan diri drpd membayar. aktiviti "people watching" amat seronok. makin berat bahu kiri terasa. antare makhluk2 yg terkenal yg berjaya dijumpai adelah rudy dan imuda pi mai pi mai tangtu. batch sekali lg ditangkap melihat "barang" leen. batch melihat "barang" leen dr atas pula. sesi mengutuk batch. bila tiba waktu hendak pulang, masing2 segan sbb takot nk byr. tibe2 mr manager ckp xyah byr. wahhh gembira! batch siap mintak 6 bijik muffin utk dibungkus. sumpah x malu. kami meninggalkan kenny rogers(ke rodgers..ntah) dlm keadaan berlari2 anak. lynn mendpt panggilan drpd adik nya. batch mendpt watak baru. sampai di lrt kelana jaya. maliq naik bas, farid naik lrt.


*batch..sorry sbb kutuk kau! x sengaja....

thanx again to al and batch and makhluk2 lainn!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the end is near

hold ur horses, crackheads
i'm just playing wit ya

i'm not talking about the end of the world
on the contrary, i'm talking about the end of my 4th semester
well, it's not over yet
but all classes are done
and the final exams await

it's funny how time seems to fly so fast every time you're near the end of something

i've gotta say,
that this semester hasnt been my greatest or most fav sem
for a number of reasons, of course
but all in all
it is what you make of, and excuses are merely that.. excuses

i think i've grown complacent
achieving something you've always wanted is great and all
but maintaining that standard, keeping consistent...
now that's a bitch

the semester aint over yet
its down to me to change it all

i may have lost the battle, but i'll be damned if i lose the war

bak kate Kristen Dunst dlm cite Bring It On,

"Bring It On!"

i bet you didn't see that one coming, did yah?

Friday, May 8, 2009


referring to the post below,

i have to admit that i kinda overreacted a teeny tiny bit

risau bukan main aku
tp alhamdulillah everything dah settle
and back to normal..
i think

kejap kejap gembira
and then a split second later, bengang gila babi kat diri sendiri
bapak xnak agak mood swing aku ni..haha

well, u gotta admit, my life is nowhere near boring right now

Thursday, May 7, 2009


until about 10mins ago
i was really happy about my current state of life
truly happy
everything just seem to fall into place perfectly
like a jigsaw puzzle

i've really screwed it up
big time.
the jigsaw puzzle has been stepped on, sat on, crushed, bulldozed, disintegrated and vaporized
why couldn't i just keep my damn mouth shut

the thing has a mind of its own...

i am a total ass
not worthy of anyone's trust
you probably wont forgive me
and you have every right not to
but i'm still hoping against hope that you do

i hate you oh awkward silence.

kerana mulut, badan binasa

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

kerja gile paling seronok!!!!!

this is going to be a pretty long post. so bear with me guys, cuz its all worth it! as i'm writing this post, i've got a freaky smile on my face... cuz i'm so freaking happy! XD

so here it goes

it all started at about 10.20pm on the 5th of May, i was freaking starving cuz i havent eaten anything the whole day. and i was waiting for my friends to go have dinner. most of them (4 actually) have already eaten their dinner at bout 8pm. tu yg mkn lambat sket. n diorg pon actly nk kluar gi MINUM je.. so we played our fav game to pass the time, CHO TAI TEE of course!! =D

n btw, kitorg sgt addicted main chotaitee ni sampai kitorg bwat our own unofficial club... Club Tai Tee! and the members consist of myself, epul, acap, aimen, rasyid, zul, aidil and hafiz

and so at 10.30pm, 2 cars left the house, my BAMbee and zul's kancil dgn lapan2 member club taitee. kitorg plan nk mkn at our fav hangout spot - Restoran Fatoni! but dlm perjalanan ke fatoni, suatu bende pelik berlaku... panjang cito ekk, tp lebih kurang camni ahh.....

Maliq : wei aidil, brape ringgit ek ikan tiga rase yg ko mkn dulu tu? aku nk try dowh!

Aidil : alaaa, dlm lebih kurang rm4 je. sedap dowh

Hafiz : kalau kat tempat umah aku, ikan die sahaja dah rm9!!

Epul : umah ko kat mane?

Hafiz : umah aku kat KL ahh..

Epul : ye ahh, ade plak ikan kat tgh2 KL tu kan..

Hafiz : byk plak ikan kat tgh2 hutan ni

Aidil : kat sini dekat dgn bagan lalang ape

Hafiz : ahh ape lg, joma gi bagan lalang mkn seafood!!!!

Maliq : ko biar betol, gile!

Hafiz : btol ahh dowhh!

Maliq : aaa ko gi call diorg (dlm kete kancil) and ckp ape plan

and so we headed to Bagan Lalang.....

on the way to bagan lalang, kat simpang tiga. Belok kanan - Bagan Lalang. Belok kiri - Port Dickson.

Maliq : alaa.. ape brg gi bagan lalang, baik gi PD!!!

make dgn itu, kereta satria membelok kiri, dituruti kereta kancil. on the way to PD tu, everytime kitorg nampak signboard "Port Dickson", kitorg akan bersorak x tentu psl dlm kete..ahahaha

ada at 1 time tu on the way to PD, my car and zul's were right next to each other. and rasyid, aimen and acap tgh jerit kuat2 kat kitorg "Allahuakbar!" berkali2.. ehhh, apehal?? the reason is, because they actually thought that aku kene pukau or something.. cuz diorg ckp i was definitely not myself, bwk kete laju (tp bg aku xde laa laju sgt), potong red light (bukan potong, tp aku belok kiri then bwat u-turn ..hoho) and biasa aku kan penjimat/kedekut ya amat. so diorg mmg x expect aku akan agree nak gi PD secare tibe2 ni n membazirkan minyak aku... diorg dlm kete kancil tu sume ingatkan aku nk bwat practical joke on them, bwk merayau2 pastu patah balik..hahahhaa

Lawak gile time bdak2 dlm kete kancil tu jerit "Allahuakbar".. sumpah penuh feeling!!! aku bet diorg solat pon xde sepenuh hati camtu.. ahah.. aimen ckp rasyid siap bace ayat Qursi lg dlm kete..

ahahahahahahahahhaha XD

sampai di pd, kitorg gi cari mkn..which is the main purpose kitorg tinggalkan rumah in the 1st place. cari mkn xnak kat dlm area Port Dickson plak... kitorg gi kedai fav aimen, which is at Pasir Panjang, which is NOT in PD.. summmppppaahhhhhhh jauuuuhhhhhhh.. hahahaha

mulai dgn baju putih clockwise : aimen, aidil, epul, rasyid, zul, hafiz and acap.

dah sampai kat tempat mkn di tepi jeti tu, sume org macam baru perasan yg masing2 pakai baju tidur lg kecuali si hafiz.. 2 org bwk rm5 je!! sbb masing2 confident kluar umah tu utk gi minum je.. ambik kau! hahahaha

anyway, kitorg order IKAN siakap masak TIGA RASA (pencetus idea gi PD), ikan pari bakar, tomyam and sayur kangkung..mknn mcm kureng sket harini.. tp sbb mkn ramai2...sumpah puas hati!! BILL nye pon puas hati gak! rm125 in total... so sorg byr rm16 ahh lebih kurang..

ni belum sampai lg ikan pari bakar dah nak roboh meja sbb kecoh sgt. haha

passenger kancil menunjukkan logo club taitee - simbol 8. haha

passenger satria ternyata lebih cool =P

lepas perot kenyang mkn, kene ahh exerciseeeee!!! so we went to the BEACH!!! ape gile tgh2 mlm bdak2 gi pantai main lompat jauh...hahaha... seronok ahh main pasir sket2, main air laut sket2..amik gamba byk2! lol.. tp PD mmg cantik ahh...pandai ADUN ko bela..hahahha....setting gila cantik. bulan penuh dan terang, pasir lembut dan sedap dipijak, pukulan ombak mendayu2, tiupan angin yg sejauk dan menyamankan... mmg setting terbaik bwat cite hindustan guling2 kat pasir tu.. hahaha

amik kau riang x riang main pasir. haha

kaki, bulu dan air.. haha gelimat

dah masing2 dah berpeluh n berpasir, kitorg gerak dr pantai kul 1.45am! n sampai desa vista kul 2.30am! only 45mins ! tp average speed lebih kurang 90 something ahh..oh yeaa, aku ikot jln kampong, bukan jln highway

bukti kitorg gi PD, ditangkap di stesen Petronas PD. haha

sampai je rumah, bwat ape lg? kitorg continue ahh main chotaitee mcm kitorg x tinggalkan umah ni pon 4 jam yg lepas.. haha

everything in this unexpected road trip was PERFECT except for one thing! xde music yg best! arghhhh... patotnye radio pasang laaa lagu2 yg bole jerit2 ramai2 melalak lalak dlm kete tu mcm lagu (aku malu nk mengaku aku suke, tp wth!) Bunkface, Meet Uncle Hussain dan band2 lagu jerit2 (kecuali Hujan. tqvm).. ni tidakkk... radio dok masang lagu2 Liyana Jasmay je memanjang... - "aku x percaya cintaaaaaaaa, aku x percaya cinnttaaaaa... C.I.N.T.A! abah kau

tp serious dowh, this is 1 of the best road trips i have ever been a paart of! yg bwat road trip ni teramat laa best is the fact that it wasnt planned or expected at all... xde sorg pon antare 8 org ni yg terfikir pon nk gi PD... ni sume keje spontaneous and impromptu gile! tibe2 terdetik plak nk ckp psl ikan tiga rasa, pastu ckp psl seafood, pastu ckp psl bagan lalang, pastu ckp psl PD, pastu ape lg, JOM POIE PD!! XD

kalau ade org ajak aku gi alamanda semate2 nk mkn, mmg aku akan reply "kau ni dah hilang akal ke ape nk carik mkn jauh2?"
tp kitorg plak gi carik mkn kat PORT DICKSON! iaitu di negeri yg lain dan di tepi pantai!
di mata org lain, confirm org akan ckp yg ape kitorg bwat tu gile x rasional and membazir duit MARA (dan ibu bapa) je
tp bg kitorg, ape yg kitorg bwat tu mmg sgt rasional dan gila berbaloi

in the spur of the moment, anything can happen
everything seems achievable, manageable, reachable

and the best part is, i have a midterm the VERY NEXT DAY! and i have studied absolutely nothing

memang kerja gila

and totally worth it

ape lagi, next week - SINGAPORE, baby!!