Friday, December 31, 2010

the best advice.

the best advice i can give to u is:

Ingat. Mati.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

RIP Bonnie.

you were born,
you live your life,
and you return to meet your maker.

though the time span may differ, every living being will go through this process

today, i witnessed life being pulled away from a loved one.
a cat.
my cat.
my Bonnie.

you were always a member of the family. you were loved by all. and will be remembered by all.
a loyal cat. the fattest cat i've ever owned.

RIP Bonnie
2001 - 30 Dec 2010
my big fat orange cat.

i am blessed.

i am blessed, really.
syukur alhamdulillah.

i am a very blessed person

i am thankful for everything i have,
my family
my friends
my health
my cats
my car
my imperfections
my country winning the AFF Suzuki cup. =D


too many that i dont think being thankful alone is enough.
i think i need to do more.
i need to start improving. in all aspects
i need to figure out what to do in my life
i need to be a better person.
a better human being.
a better muslim.
just to show how thankful i am.
to show how much i'm blessed

Friday, December 24, 2010


for i am a jolly good fellow,
for i am a jolly good fellow
for i am going to singaporreeeeeeeee
and nobody can deny!

merry xmas everyone and a happy new year!
pls wish me, my friends, my friend's sister and her friends a safe journey to and fro aite!

*tibe aku rasa lame gile post ni. oh well
i'm going to singapore. and ur not
muahahahahahah =P

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

aksi memalukan diri 1

i have this weird thing where i like to give other ppl nicknames

dont get me wrong, its not meant to insult anybody or anything, its just how i remember names

not everybody has a nickname in my head though
i dont know why, but i tend to give nicknames for my lecturers/teachers
but i've NEVER called these nicknames to their faces.
cause that'd be suicide and i'm not the suicidal type.

at school, for instance, my friends and i had a nickname for all our teachers
our biology teacher, Puan Salmah Yamin, we call her "Kak Sally"
our english teacher, Puan Syafini, we call her "Kak Fini"
History teacher, Puan Zamrah - "Kak Z"

lecturers at miat are not immune to my nicknames
my lecturer in electrical systems, Mr. Faizal Shariff, i call him "Tahir". short for faizal tahir, of course
physics lecturer, Mohd Razak Mohd Noor, i call him "Razak Baginda" [Read: Altantuya]

now just 30 minutes ago, my friends and i were looking for our physics lecturer to submit our physics lab report. we didn't know where his office was, so we went in one of the lecturers' office.
the office was pretty much empty except for 3 lecturers grouped together in conversation.

Being the brave, bold and courageous one, i stepped in front of my fellow friends and popped a question to the group of lecturers. "Umm sir, do u know where Mr. Razak Baginda's office is?"


Realization kicked in.

the lecturers were already laughing. so were my friends behind me. crap.

well, they say that "if u cant beat them, JOIN THEM"
so i joined in on the laugh

and one of the lecturers answered that Mr. Razak's office is at the Admin building.
and another lecturer added, "tp Razak Baginda still kat UK"

hahahaha. kwangajo nye lecturer. melawan kau. kantoi ko follow blog dia!

and now i'm praying that my physics lecturer, Mr. Razak MOHD NOOR HEARS NOTHING OF THIS! hahahahah

tahniah, maliq!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

baby carrots

2 days ago i had oily greasy cheesy pasta for supper. mind u, i have my supper at 2am
i had trouble sleeping afterward cuz i dont think my stomach agrees with the oilinessssss at such late hour

so considering what happened that day, yesterday, i tried to do my stomach a favor - by skipping oily greasy cheesy yummy fatty food
and instead, having healthy vitamin-riched vegi goodness - you guessed it! baby carrots

and what do i get in return?


i had to go to the toilet every 20 minutes, then spend another 10 minutes inside the bathroom
oh happy happy joy joy!
crap - pun intended.

i'm not a 100% sure its the baby carrots but no other member of the family has it, so it cant be our dinner. so for now, i'm blaming the carrots!

the carrots looked alright to me, though i'm not sure if there were any fungus or anything foreign on the carrots
i'm not really particular about the appearance of the food. i eat with my mouth, not my eyes. and in the carrots' defence, it tasted ok to me!
and did i mention that the i bought the carrots more than a month ago? not sure if this is a factor...eeeeekkk

anywho, back to the toilet story. it seriously bugs the crap(again, pun intended) out of me that i have to go to the toilet, do my business, wash my business and 30 minutes later, do it all over again

at times like this i wish i had a tv in my toilet. at least it'd distract me from the awful smell! haha

i got so sleepy on the toilet bowl i swear i was tempted to bring my pillow with me during the next visit and just sleep on the toilet bowl and you know, "push" whenever i had to..zzzz

i went to the bathroom no less than 8 freaking times. which coincidentally was the number of baby carrots i ate!
its like the damn baby carrots were taking turns exiting my body!
why couldnt they just gather near the exit and get the hell out at the same time!
that'd be way convenient!

"bunny luv" my ass!


the breakfast club

 i cant believe i just watched a movie that was released 25 years ago. 5 years before i was even born!

a brilliant movie about 5 kids from different cliques - a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal.

though society may dictate that these 5 people can never be friends, but on one fine saturday, they proved everybody wrong.

comparing a princess with a criminal is like comparing the sky and the seas. they're so far apart and totally different, they're not even in the same category. they're kinda incomparable. and that goes with the other cliques as well. though the athlete and the princess do sort of belong together. and the criminal and the basket case are similar in terms of being outsiders. but that's about it.

the premise of the movie is that even though they are so different, deep deep down, they're more or less the same.
they discover that they've all been through the same shit as everybody else have.
same daddy issues
they've all been ignored
been objectified
money problems
peer pressure? u bet.

so let us not be so quick to judge one another. we're pretty much the same, folks.
we're all screwed one way or another.
its just a matter of how good we are at hiding it.

guess which one's the brain, the athlete, the princess, the basket case and the criminal.

so where do i fit in with these 5 groups?
i'm definitely not an athlete.
not so much of a criminal.
sure as hell not a princess.
a basket case? well..maybe a little bit
a brain? most definitely. if i do say so myself. =P

how about u?

Monday, September 20, 2010


sometimes, when u want something so bad, u know deep deep down that u're not gonna get it
cuz u've seen other ppl want that same thing just as bad as u do
but they didnt get it
so u dont dare get ur hopes up
but u wish quietly in ur head and in ur heart that u do get it

and so u pray
for that one thing that u want

and guess what?


though at times u may feel that u dont deserve it
fret not
God is generous (Tuhan Maha Pemurah)
it's all part of His brilliant plan

and so i am very thankful that i got it
and i'll do my very best to  make sure that i stay true to my intentions
and not to fall to temptations.

oh yea, what is "it", u might ask?
ask me personally, and maybe..maybe, i'll tell u =P

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Aidilfitri 2010

another raya has come and gone...

kepala hotak kau! RAYA SEBULAN KOT!

but still, the BESTERESTEST part of raya has passed. 
if u dont know what im talking bout:
malam sebelum raya and pagi raya di kampung. =D

bertakbir di malam raya, bermaaf-maafan dan bersalam-salaman di pagi raya

these 2 things are what makes raya "RAYA". what sets raya apart from other holidays
i've said it before and i'll say it again,
"even the worst of Rayas is still the best of days"

now lets talk about RAYA 2010!

as usual, i had a freaking-blast-chaotic-out-of-my-freaking-mind-helluva time! to say the least. hahah XD
not ur typical raya, cuz, well, we're not ur typical family
and thats the way we like it! =D

and now, aku nak cito dlm bm plak. sbb nak mencarut cito sonang. hahahah

tahun ni, raya kurang meriah sket.
sbb x byk family yg raya 1st day kat sini..n pakngah plak telah kembali ke rahmatullah awal tahun ni..pastu ucu still keje kat tgh2 pelantar minyak kat tgh laut kat entah mane. kesian nenek aku, sedih die.  =/

tp kite kene pikir positive! and look at the bright side!
tahun ni kitorg beraya di rumah yg baru

*side note - rumah kampung aku dah renovate. kampung kau, bile lg? =P serious lawa. kalah rumah aku dowh. damn

andddd tahun ni ade benda alah baru kat living room tgh.


natang karoke ini ditaja oleh Pensonic.

bughuk gile perangai org2 umah ni..sepatotnye malam raya bertakbir tidak, sume dok melekat depan tv melalak lagu2 siti, jamal and uji rashid (3 cd ni je yg ada...x pening kepala hotak ko 3 hari pusing2 dgr lagu same je..dah laa suara masing2 mcm harem..adoyai)

masa kitorg sembahyang raya kat surau, kecoh kot org kampung dgr kitorg karoke..haha mencapup x mencapup puak hajah Alimah ni.? lol XD

since x ramai family yg balik kampung 1st day tahun ni, so makanan pon xde ahh segampang banyak mcm tahun lepas..hahaha tp makanan2 wajib seperti ketupat, palas, lepat, rendang ayam dan daging ada! yeayyy =DDDDD

tuuu dia org kuat di dapur!
si kenit2 pon nak tolong gak. tolong menyemak. hahah
n tahun ni kitorg bwat dodol!

dan aku telahpon sudah menjadi seorg PMD (Pakar Membuat Dodol)!!

..ok tipu je, xde ahh tau ahh gak camne nak bwat
..ok tipu lg, x gheti pon nk bwat, xtau ape benda alah ingredients die pon, tp aku dok gaul benda alah tu sehari suntuk kot!
..again, tipu je..aku gaul benda alah tu due tiga kali pastu bosan gi tgk org karoke...
ok ni x tipu, aku bwat2 tolong kacau dodol tu semate2 nak amek gamba supaya bole bitau org yg aku pernah bwat dodol. agagagagagagagga XD

ni dia hasil "pertolongan" ku..hahahah

tp yg penting, dodol yg dibwat tu SEDAP! hasil tangan ku SEORG! ngeeeeeeeeeeee

lepas "penat" kacau dodol, aku pon join melalak pastu membutaaaa
dan bangun agak awal utk mandi sunat(yess aku ingat utk mandi sunat tahun ni! tahun lepas terlupa daa) n solat subuh..
pakai baju baru (baru pada tahun 2008) dan bergerak ke surau utk solat sunat aidilfitri..upacara bermaaf-maafan dipindahkan ke selepas solat aidilifitri supaya kaum2 camwhores dpt lebih masa utk bwat keje x senonoh mereka.

selesai sudah kaum hawa pasang mekap 2 inci tebal, maka bermulalah upacara bermaaf-maafan di living room baru! hahaha XD

 ko reti ckp ke x reti ckp, ko still kene mintak maaf! haha

lepas tu dpt duit rayaaaa! yesss aku dpt duit raya! siap dpt bonus drpd nenek lg sbb tlg cat umah dulu! wohoooo XD
 berkojar nak amik duit ghaya! haha =D

yg tuo pon samo yoooo.hahaha

lepas tu, ape lg, camwhore laa segala anak, menantu, cucu Hajah Alimah
first amek gambar ramai2, then amek gamba company masing, pastu turn cucu2..bermula dgn saiz XS (baru lahir sampai darjah 3), pastu saiz S(darjah 3 sampai menengah rendah), pastu saiz M(menengah atas), saiz L (cucu yg dah abis sekolah)..yesss 1st time aku tergolong dlm saiz L, selama hidup aku, aku asik pakai saiz S...zzzz
pastu golongan saiz XL (yg dah kawen beranak pinak segala) punye turn plak nk bergambo..punye creative laa diorg nak amek gambo lebih tahun ni, diorg pecahkan lg category diorg jd geng adik beradik perempuan, kaum2 ibu, menantu2, anak2 kandung..hahahaha

 hahaha adegan sketsa sikettt
 joyah2 sekalian. XD ko tgk mak sape yg semangat bukan main tu! ahahah
lepas tu, aktiviti seterusnya x lain dan x bukan - karoke
ada baraan dtg ke ada tetamu dtg ke, ribut petir tsunami bagai ke sume x kesah. karoke tetap ON!
pantang btol org melayu tgk karoke. hahahaha
yg x tahan nye, sampai kul 2 pagi karoke, tp golongan XL plak yg melalak n conquer karoke..ahahah

aku ni yg masih kepenatan sbb bwat dodol semlm pon tido awal dgn amannye di hall yg sebelah sambil "didodoikan" oleh lagu2 siti, jamal dan uji

and thats my Raya story. =D
cant wait for next year!!!



Saturday, August 21, 2010

drastic times calls for drastic measures. 
its gonna be hard, and its gonna hurt. 

but bear in mind, 
its for the best.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


they say that change is good
they say that nothing stays the same
everything. changes.

it seems like everything around me is changing
yet, here i am. still standing here.
never moving.

same ol same ol.
someone change the damn channel already!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


yes, this post is long overdue
and i have a million other things to say
but screw it!!
all i want to say, scream and shout at the top of my lungs is how happy i am that GERMANY WON OVER ENGLAND!!!

dont get me wrong, i'm a hugeee england fan
i love terry, lampard and everyone from chelsea

but when it comes to national team tournaments


a lot of new faces in the german side
heck, theyre the youngest team in the whole tournament!
what they lack in experience, they make up for in pure talent and heart!

minor hiccup when they lost to serbia

but they completely redeemed themselves by thrashing England!

kesian england fans..dah la panas.. kalah plak tu =P

hoping, wishing n praying that GERMANY can go all the way and win the world cup!

but first, a major hurdle awaits
in the likes of - ARGENTINA

other teams i'm supporting are spain, nederlands and also (argentina.damn)
but still, germany ftw! =D

Sunday, June 6, 2010

YOUTH '10!

the dates 28 to 30th May will forever be embedded in my memory.

who knew that in those 3 days,
i would have so much fun
laughed so loud
met such wonderful people
made such great friends
and did sooooo many things for the very first time!

i dont know whats gotten into me lately
but i have a sudden need to do something different in my life
just a few weeks ago, i joined the Glee KL Flash Mob
and last week i was part of the 400+ youths volunteering at the annual YouthSay Youth Festival!
and in a couple of weeks, i might be volunteering for the KL Urbanscapes Event thing. haha XD

yea yeaa..people might say stuff like "gile takde keje kau ni" and bla bla blaa
and in response, I would say something like "screw you. thank you very much" or something politer. depends on the current mood n all. =D


about Youth '10, i'll just tell you the highlights from the 3 days and skip all the minor details.

remember how i mentioned earlier that i did ALOT of things for the 1st time?
well, you wont believe it, but i danced in front of a crowd.
yes, you heard(read) me right.
hahahahahahahah XD
i was part of this flash mob thing to promote Wrigleys.
the flash mob was called Silent Disco
so what we had to do was to dance without music and then pull people onto the dance floor. lol
then the wrigleys people(my group) had like a dance battle with the public
and so the crowd made a circle around the stage and whoever wanted to dance to taunt the other team would go to the middle of the circle.

 something like this la.haha

then one malay girl from our team was pushed to center of the circle and didnt know what to do
she just stood there moving from side to side for like 10 seconds
then suddenly somebody pushed ME to the center!
impulsively, i did what Beyonce' would do! XD

check out this vid(link). what i did on the dance floor looked something like this
from the 18th to 20th second! ahahahah

i did that for like 2 seconds next to the malay girl then ran back to join the crowd! hahaha
i know...2 seconds je. but still! BIGGGG moment for me!! haha
i heard the crowd cheer while i was so called "dancing". so that must've been a good sign! ahahahaha XD

the next day
i had to do some public speaking in front of the camera for 5 minutes!
my topic was "traffic offenders are killers - yes or no"
easy topic right? but when the camera was rolling and i was holding the mic in my hands, i could only speak properly for ONE (1) minute.
then the mind went blank and i mumbled something incoherent for another minute before i remembered to stop myself and say "thank you. thats all from me"
i'm not a really good public speaker. actually i suck at it.
but still, i try to talk in front of a crowd. and fail miserably of course.
clearly, Journalism is not for me.

during the 3 days, I was in the clients team. and our objective was to make sure the clients(exhibitors and sponsors) were happy by being the middle man between them and the organizers. we had to make sure that there were ppl visiting their booths and inform the visitors of their products/competitions and stuff. basically, we were promoters laa.

 promoting the Extra Chewing Gum Photography Competition

but on saturday, i had a task of handling Adibah Noor! =D
she and Yuna are Libresse(brand pad pempuan) are the brand ambassadors. so they came to sing and have a meet-the-fans session at the Libresse booth.
i was in charged of escorting Adibah Noor from the hotel to the stage. make sure the music equipment is ready. from the stage to the booth. control the crowd. from the booth to the hotel.
like a stage manager la. sounds easy ayy?
not with hundreds of people around you at any one time!!!
it was hectic, it was stressful. but because i did it with a team of great friends.
it was FUN! =D

 serious peramah gile makcik ni! 

we did such a good job, we were told to do it again the next day - with Yuna! huhu

 hodoh gile aku dlm gamba ni..haha

btw, Adibah Noor is a very good performer and an even better human being!
she may not have as many fans as Yuna, but DAMN! she can sing! huhu

Sunday night. the last event before the curtain closes was a rave party!!
DJ lapsap was in the house and he brought his infectious music along with him!
i found myself dancing with my friends in the middle of the crowd
but that lasted for like 5 minutes until i didnt know what i was doing and sat at the outskirts and hung out with the rest of the non-partiers. hahah

but of course, not everything was sunshine and daisies...
one major side-effect of working(volunteering) at this event was that my feet is so permanently damaged, it may never be the same again. balik rumah je, terus mintak my mom tolong urutkan! seriously, my feet were hurting like hell. ye ahh, worked for 14 grueling hours kot! (8.30am - 10.30pm)

and of course that minor incident on saturday night where i almost got mugged  and stabbed and whatnot. hahahaha. (read post below for full story)

I think our team - the CLIENTS team - was the best team among the various volunteer teams (security, registration, welcoming, discovery, music, sports).
during those 3 days, we actually bonded and gotten to know each other and laughed the whole time.
*today, there was actually a reunion for our team. but unfortunately, i couldnt come cuz i had to go to a friend's sis' wedding.

dammit, we even had our very own cheer! which sounded like this

"who give susu?
we give susu!
from up and down
and all the way around!"

we have an obsession with susu(milk). dont ask me why. we just do.
we gave 5000 cartons of milk for free in less than 2 hours!

till next year dear volunteers!
hope to meet you guys again next year! =D

Saturday, May 29, 2010

a traumatic experience

people who are familiar with me should know that i am not one easily frightened or spooked or shocked

i dont go running kicking n screaming everytime i see a cockroach
certain things that ppl find scary, i find it amusing

so, to say that I was somewhat "traumatized" is seriously saying something dowhh

this is gonna be a pretty(when i say pretty, i mean way-so-damn-freaking-gile) long.
You Have Been Warned!

so it all started like this...

9.30pm: just finished working/volunteering at YouthFest '10 at PWTC. i didnt have a ride home, so had to take public transportation (gahhh) the plan was to take the Ampang Line LRT from PWTC to Masjid Jamek. then walk from Masjid Jamek to Pasar Seni. its like a 700m walk. i couldve taken the Kelana Jaya Line LRT at Masjid Jamek to Pasar Seni, but that wouldve cost me RM1.20..hahaha u ppl should know what a cheapskate i am.. XD

so i decided to walk to pasar seni..but first, needed to get small change cuz all i have are rm50 and rm10 notes..and sometimes bus drivers give u hard time if u dont pay with small bills....zzzz

so i went to the 7eleven store as soon as i got out of the masjid jamek station. took a piece of bread(bun) yg harga 60cents tu and asked the 7eleven guy out loud whether they had change or not.

now thats where it all (almost) went wrong...

as i opened my wallet to check my money, i noticed the guy queuing in front of me looking at me n checking the contents of my wallet and the 2 bags that i was carrying.

*side note: i was carrying a sling bag and a free woven bag full of free stuff. both bags were quite full.

i was like "wtf?!?! why are you looking at me like that"(i didnt say this out loud laa). but of course i didnt wanna offend him. maybe he was just curious about where i came from n how i got all those stuff (i was wearing the free youthsay volunteer tshirts). so i just ignored him and paid for my 60cent bun with my rm10 note.

i got out of the shop and wanted to go right. but then i noticed that that guy(queuing in front of me) was there and was like hanging around there. i felt even more suspicious. the walkway was kinda dark and there werent alot of ppl around. a perfect setting for a horror/thriller movie.

against my better judgement and ignoring my instincts, i turned right cuz it was the faster way to go to pasar seni).

he saw me, and stopped me 5meters from the 7eleven shop. and the dialog went something like this;

org gila: wei nak mintak tlg pinjam telefon boleh x? aku nak pinjam msg kejap
me: sry dowhh..fon saya xde battery..dah kong dah
org gila: *says something to ask me to show him my hp to make sure its really kong*
maliq: *stupidly-dumbily-brainlessly pulled out his hp (nokia, which really is kong.not expensive Jet)
org gila: *takes the fon from my hands and starts examining the fon, trying to switch it on
maliq: *trying to convince him that the fon really is dead and asking him to return it
org gila: aku ade battery mcm ni. tukar battery ni jap
*insists on replacing my battery with his fon's battery.
KAU ADE PON TELEFON, KIMAKKKK! (well obviously the "i-want-to-borrow-your-fon-cuz-my-fon-is-missing story" is pure and utter crap, which i, unfortunately fell for.
maliq: *had to convince the guy that not all nokia phones use the same battery. wtf dah mcm org jual hp dah. kimak btol

then org gila guy stopped playing dumb and said "wei kalo aku nak samun ko, aku dah amik dah wallet ko, beg ko sume. ko ingat aku x bwk pisau? ko ingat aku xleh pukul ko kat sini?"

maliq: then abang nak ape? nak duit?

org gila: kalau ya, brape byk ko nk bg aku? rm50 bole?

mcm sial. nak negotiate plak. wtf!?!

then i said that i was a student laa, also didnt have money

dont remember what happened then. but i remember how it ended.

my fist connecting with his face!

kidding! duhh..

if we'd fought, i'd definitely lose

and hence, the multiple bruises on my face and body...

again, KIDDING! hahaha

this is how it really ended

i took my phone back from his hands. just like grabbed it and started walking away to the other side of the 7eleven.
while walking, i said "k bang, assalamualaikum". then he started talking again but didnt move yet.
then I said "ASSALAMUALAIKUM" loudly and with a tone of finality that ended our "conversation" and never looked back.

bile ingat balik how it ended, rase mcm Islamic gile cara2 mengelakkan diri anda daripada disamun. hahahah

i went inside a taxi 5meters away and said "pasar seni". the cab driver suggested i just walk there.
but i just went inside the cab explained to the cab driver what happened and locked the door.

heart racing, voice croaking, trembling, 70% to tearing. XD

had to use every ounce of control i had to keep calm

now, the problem with driving from masjid jamek to pasar seni is that you have to take the long way.
in other words, that "long way" cost me RM5!

*side note: i've never been in a taxicab since middle of last year cuz i think cabs overcharge like hell and i am, again, a cheapskate.cabs are for emergency purposes only. and i think this qualifies as an emergency*

just so u're clear. in wanting to save rm1.20 (LRT to pasar seni), i had to buy bread for rm0.60 (to get small change) and rm5 for taxi.

its ironic, isnt it? how a shiny slimy Predator with sharp metal claws and cool laser guns at his face dont scare me...

..but a half-stoned late-20s' malay guy does.


Monday, May 24, 2010

words are awesome

You cannot fathom the immensity of the fuck I do not give.

awesome-est quote ever!

Friday, April 30, 2010

too cool

i get it

ur a privileged child who comes from a well-off family and so can afford all the starbux coffee u want

and i am just a dirty little beggar who is unworthy of taking a stupid picture drinking a cup of coffee that a friend of mind treated me to

status isnt everything
money isnt everything

get a hold of urself and pop that gigantic bubblehead of urs
and get back down to earth

u need a big-ass slice of humble pie

loser or not i may be
i may just be a better person than u are

but u wouldnt know, would u?
u're too busy drinking all the expensive drinks and spending allll ur money on things i cant afford

but hey, whatever makes u sleep at night.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

cannot forgive

Born in grief
Raised in hate
Helpless to defy his fate
Let him run
Let him live
But do not forget
What we cannot forgive

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


im not talking about my battle with the common cold/flu
but my overall well-being and state of mind

took me quite a long time to get over my drone-like/anti-social phase
but i'm glad i made it through unscathed

the sun seems to shine a little brighter (metaphorically speaking of course, cuz if it'd gotten any hotter, i'd die)
and everyone seemed to stop breathing down my neck

ahhh the power of positive-thinking!
what would i do without you!

well at least i can take 1 good thing from the past month or so of being anti-social

now that i'm all rainbows and sunshine again
expect me to get poorer(financially) by the day!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

the mood

i'm not in a right state of mind, currently
everythings going haywire
everythings a blur

"going through a rough patch" would definitely be an understatement

i havent gone out of the house in like a month
much less my own freaking room

oh how i wish i have my own mini-fridge like in those fancy hotel rooms.
and room service too!

i'm annoyed most of the time
preferring to keep human contact to a minimum

hence the very dusty blog
(and i expect it to remain dusty for quite a while)

but quite unexpectedly, i find solace in working
a workaholic in the making? 

and oh yeah, just so you know
this is me being anti-social, btw

Monday, February 15, 2010

sleep disorder

since i've started my practical, my sleep pattern's been a bitch(cant find any other suitable word..haha)

as u know, i work in 2 shifts:

- the morning shift - 0830 - 1630
- evening shift - 2030 - 0430

and we change shifts every week
this week, morning
next week, evening
the week after that, morning again

last week, i had the evening shift
i had no problem getting used to working at night
mainly because i am very much a "kutu malam", staying up late either to hang out with friends or play computer games or chatting up on ym

 so after work, i'd reach home at about 5am
then i'll wait till masok subuh, and then i'll sleep like the log i am
during the wait, i'd probably play computer games or watch a movie on my laptop
and i'd wake up in the late afternoon - 2 to 3pm

now the big fuking problem is, i cant seem to change my sleep pattern back to normal
its been a couple of days now that i sleep after subuh and wake up because its too hot to sleep
and if i do sleep early - yesterday i slept at 10pm cuz i was too freaking tired - i'd wake up after midnight and then i wont be able to sleep till AFTER subuh..


its bad enough that ppl think i'm lazy as hell sleeping during the day all the time
now, its affecting my social life
i'm sorry i didnt wake up early today to hang out wit u
i just can seem to wake up before noon..


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


today was a really really REALLY tiring day for me
i've got blisters on my hands
my legs hurt
my forearms hurt
and i stink - bad

but i guess it was a good day
i learned alot today
did some stuff i've never done before

you see, before today
we havent done any actual work
we just observed what other ppl do
take a few notes
and walked around the HUGE hangar
staring at the runway infront of us
airplane after airplane landing and taking-off
it gets boring after an hour, trust me

so today, i assisted an LAE (licensed aircraft engineer - what i aspire to be) in performing a routine check of the humongous B747 engines - the Borescope Inspection

 this is what the LAE did the whole day. the bloody pervert! haha

this thing costs around RM15,000!!!

i thought of suggesting this(periscope) to him.u know, a cheaper alternative to rm1.5k rite?

and then use it like this. but i didnt, cuz x pasal2 kang kene baling dgn sepana...haha

i dont wanna go into detail bout what i did
cuz u all aint gonna understand any of it even if i told u
sooooo, in short
i did ALOT of work
and was sweating bullets the whole time

anddddd the LAE kept on quizzing me
couldnt answer all of his questions
so tomorrow, i have to come prepared!!
therefore, tonight, i have to study!!!


and oh yeah,
did i mention that yesterday, i slept at 9.00PM and woke up at 6.20AM ?!?!?!?
and usually i'd be amazed at myself if i could sleep at midnight. haha XD

Saturday, January 23, 2010


yessss, i am officially a "WORKING MAN"

hahaha ok fine. not really "working" per se'...
i am doing work and i am coming to the office early in the morning
however, the fact that i aint getting paid a cent doesnt make it count as working, does it?

anddd about calling myself a "man",
although i am qualified physically and "cukup syarat" (haha)
i have a maturity of a 12-year old. go figure


i've started my OJT (on-job training) last monday (18 jan 2010)
went to MAS complex A. left the house at 6.50AM!!!
and reached subang around 7.30AM!!
(because we were told we had to arrive there before 8)
HATE driving to Subang - especially during peak times
went to subang using the ELITE highway - cost me rm5.20 ONE-FREAKING WAY!!

so, the 1st day of my OJT, didnt do anything other than sat on a chair in the MAS training theatrette listening to an extremely dull and boring briefing on "SAFETY AND HAZARDS AND THEIR RESPECTIVE LAWS AND CRAP"!!!

naturally, i slept. but couldnt get a proper position on the chairs
so i had a headache the whole day..gahhh

same thing on the 2nd day. BRIEFING. headache. gahhh

3rd day. at MAS subang. BRIEFING. new topic. gahhh

4th day. at MAS KLIA YAWWWWW!!!

unfortunately, still.
but i really like it here at klia
no freaking jam.
no expensive food.
no TOLL!
newer hangar.
not crowded.
bigger space.
better environment.

at first, i was quite reluctant to leave MAS Subang
cuz i didnt know any of the ppl goin to klia
most of the ones i DO know (very few ppl) are staying at subang... =/
(thats wat u get for being a stuck-up unfriendly ass..ahaha)

however, i did manage to make a friend! a couple of friends, in fact!
(yesss, this is a very proud moment for me. tqvm!) =D
most of us are from the same batch. so we had like 5 semesters before this to know each other
but we didnt. haha

when we were told to divide ourselves into groups of 5,
my new-found friends and i even decided to group up.
unfortunately, when the OJT coordinator came, he gave us our new groups
and i got stuck with a guy whom i dont like very much(i have this thing where i hate ppl for no apparent/obvious reason. sorry in advance!)
but i'm willing to look past that and move on. haha

5th day.
but it was a short briefing. n then we were sent to report to our supervisors at the hangar
we met the senior technician at line 6 in hangar 6 where they maintain BOEING 747s!!! =D
my 1st impression of him - he looks like a cowboy!
hahaha serious dowhh. die jenis yg relax and selamba gile. wearing jeans when ur not ever supposed to wear jeans at MAS.

he gave us a tour outside, inside and under the aircraft!! =D
we went from the cargo decks to the cockpit of the aircraft
the business class seats were awesome! haha
after the tour, he let us go for our break early!

and after the friday prayers, we did something other than listen to boring briefings!!
mr zul, the senior tech told us to follow this technician into the aircraft
and the technician then told us to peel the masking tape off the cabin floor! hahahahah
yeap u read it right! my first ever assignment during my OJT is peeling tape off the floor
but it was ok, the other technicians were making jokes and i get to watch the movie RV(that JoJo was in) on the tv screens in the airplane. hoho
after that, we didnt do anything but walked around the hangar observing ppl doing their work and occasionally talking to the staff there. hoho

will update more when i'm free.
weekdays are hectic for me
u know, since aku dah start KEJE!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


my number flashed on the monitor
signaling me to go into the room

room 19 - dental

and so i went in the room,
all smiles and polite
siap bg salam before i went in

serious aku pakai mcm ni gi klinik

the nurse motioned me to get on the uber-scary yet comfortable dentist chair
modern, hygienic state-of-the-art torture chambers

the dentist then asked me what my problem was
i said i had a pain in the left side of my mouth
then she examined my mouth
after a while she said that the pain i had is caused by an ulcer
which is caused by my left wisdom tooth constantly rubbing my gums

she went away for awhile and when she returned

she got bitchy.

 yeap dentist tu siap pakai tiara. x tipu

she told me that all she can do today was examine my mouth
and she cant pull out the teeth cuz its already 11am
and she doesnt have any energy left

u have no idea how condescending her tone was
and as she talked to me while i was on the chair staring up at her
her eyes were "terkebil2", half open, half close, in the most annoying and condescending way
like i was a stupid infedil for hurting my gums

weiii minah! mane aku tau kalo x cabut wisdom tooth aku jd camni laa sialllll!!

but i just sat there quietly, didnt wanna retort and risk incurring her wrath
x pasal2 kang, i'd leave the room missing a few teeth and looking like this

well, at least he's happy!

then i asked her should i get all my other wisdom teeth removed seeing as how they're not used for anything

n then she replied in the most irritating manner "bwat ape nk buang benda yg x menyakitkan kita, tau x dlm surgery, ade kemungkinan terpotong saraf, urat dll bla di bla di bla bla blaaaaa"
and the lecture goes on......

i would have slept to, if only her voice wasnt so damn annoying!!!

n being the good patient that i am, i just said "owh, ok" through gritted-teeth yet still being polite as ever.

it'd still be okay if she just left it at that.

but noooooooooo, after that, she scolded me for coming in late
she said that i should come at 7.30am
"kalau makcik2 yg pakai wheelchair tu bole dtg kul 8.00, xkan awak x bole"

wei sial. aku dtg kul 9 kot. tu pon lambat sbb kene tunggu kakak aku hantarkan gi klinik. tunggu register je 1 jam setengah. tgk2 masok bilik kau dah pukul 11

yg x tahan tu, before aku balik, die bole bwat aku mcm budak tadika.
"nanti next time dtg pukul brape???"

 aku pon melompat2 nk jwb. aku yg pakai baju oren kat depan, btw

dgn muke seceria palsu mungkin, aku jwb "pukul 7.30!!!!!"
padehal dlm hati aku jwb "bile ko dah mati"

sikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit lagi aku nak amik the suction thing that dentists always use and suck her eyeballs right out of her sockets!

ok ingatkan nk letak gambar ganas2, tp x jd. horror sungguh

kalo laa takdir menentukan die naik kapal terbang aku
pastu die tye ape masalah kapal terbang aku,
mmg aku terajang die laju2

i regret brushing my teeth this morning
should have let her experience the full effect of my morning breath..
haihh, maybe next time

nasib baik when i went to the pharmacy to get my medicine, the makcik attending me was really nice. =D

sry nina, u lost this round.
i am currently in "HATE DENTISTS MODE"
pharmacists 1 - dentists ZIT/NIL/ZERO/BOOOO (0)
annis wins this round!!!

annis bila dah jd a successful and rich pharmacist yg suke belanja kwn2 =D

sudu, as the rep for physicians or doctor2 biasa ke apentah,
u'll be judged later, the next time aku jatuh sakit
so doakan laa aku jatuh sakit terok2(woi jangan laa, bodo)

haha XD

pick-me up

if ever ur feeling low or stressed out or down or sad or PMS-ISH or EMO!!!! , just go to youtube and find a couple of videos to cheer u up.

no, NOT porn. there are other videos on the internet that doesnt have anything to do with porn.
however, if u are horny, then u may go watch porn(at ur own risk. muahahahahha) XD
again, if ur stressed out or down or sad or PMS-ISH or EMO!!!!, watch a FUNNY video that'll put a smile on ur face.

i dont know bout u, but i'm a sucker for videos with cute little adorable tiny cats that make u wanna kick them around and tear them apart limb by limb!!!!

exhibit A: a vid of a cat riding a roomba(round vacuum cleaner that moves on its own).

i have no idea why i laughed so freaking hard everytime i see the cat jerk around on the roomba everytime the roomba turns. lol i am easily pleased..haha double meaning? XD

Exhibit B: another cat riding a roomba but this time, he's annoying the heck out of a dog.

hahaha. this cat is a total asshole! comel gilebabi everytime he jabs the dog..haha..again, the damn cat is so freaking tiny cute adorable that i wanna choke him to death and shave him bald.

haha psycho!