Wednesday, December 21, 2011


"Good friends are really hard to find
They gotta be there for you, even when you're wrong.
But at the same time, they cant just tell you what you wanna hear.
They've also gotta be willing to tell you what you need to hear."

Here I have the quote from a newfound favorite tv show of mine - Happy Endings
Really hilarious tv show! Just like the timeless Friends. =D

I just wanna say that I appreciate having u all in my life. and that I miss u guys dearly
weii kenapa aku emosional ni!?!? XD

By the way,
I seriously think we should get another guy in our group. biar balance sket. Asik aku and sudu je.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


If you want to do good
Do it

do it sincerely
do it silently
do it wholeheartedly

and God willing, you will be rewarded
in leaps and bounds
beyond what you can imagine

Saturday, December 3, 2011

like whoa

You look at me and call me oppressed, 
Simply because of the way I'm dressed, 

You know me not for what's inside, 
You judge the clothing I wear with pride, 

My body is not for your eyes to hold, 
You must speak to my mind, not my feminine mould, 

I'm an individual, I'm no mans slave, 
It's Allah's pleasure that I only crave, 

I have a voice so I will be heard, 
For in my heart I carry His word, 

"O ye women, wrap close your cloak, so you won't be bothered by ignorant folk", 

Man doesn't tell me to dress this way, 
It's a law from God that I obey, 

Oppressed is something I'm truly NOT, 
For liberation is what I've got, 

It was given to me many years ago, 
With the right to prosper, the right to grow, 

I can climb mountains or cross the seas, 
Expand my mind in all degrees, 

For God Himself gave us LIB-ER-TY, 
When He sent Isl√£m, 
To You and Me!

i read this in a youtube video's description and thought that I had to share it.
even though it's mostly about women wearing the hijab and covering theirselves
its a pretty powerful piece, in my opinion.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Mask

the face that you see is a mask
a million and each with a task
a question that u need not ever ask
is when will you see me unmask

Monday, August 15, 2011

Music of the Week

Certain songs have an effect over me.
and i think this pretty much applies to everyone else
I've just discovered and re-discovered a few songs that I believe are truly madly deeply awesome!
these songs' music and lyrics just creep to the core of me
like chicken soup for the soul

here are the songs that are currently stuck in my playlist. prepare to be shocked! =P

1. Down by Jason Walker

2. Illuminated by Hurts

3. Plug In Baby by Muse

4. Run by Leona Lewis (though Snow Patrol's version is undoubtedly better)

and the 2 shocker songs areeeeeee

5. Wanna be where you are by M2M

6. I Will Come To You by Hanson! XD

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dugaan Solat Terawih

Salam and good                  (insert morning/afternoon/evening/night here)

mari bercerita.

tadi aku gi solat terawih kat our brand new neighborhood surau. this surau is literally a stone's throw away. so kalau x pegi, mmg nampak sgt laa syaitong(yg x kena ikat). make aku pon pegi dgn semangat nye

sampai2 surau je, ngantok. hantu betol

anyway, lawan laa the urge to sleep. dah solat terawih sampai rakaat ke 8, mate jd segar sket. ALHAMDULILLAH! make ingat nk sambung laa sampai 20. gigih aku ke saf depan skali, aku dok jarak 3 manusia dr org belakang imam.

Takbiratul ikhram.

(bukan aku laa sengal. org sebelah)

ok xpe, tahan nafas. BURRRPP lagi
kau biar betol..?
dan sambung orchestra burp. ada die sendawa dlm 5-6 kali 1 rakaat.
kalau sendawa keluar angin je xpe makk aihhh
aku tau laa kau dah puas makan gulai lemak masak cili api dgn sambal udang td, tp x perlu laa kau nk bg semua org(lagi2 aku) tau dgn bau nye yg setelah masok perut kau dan keluar balik bau mcm harem!

yg best nye bile die burp, pastu aku tahan nafas. pastu bile dah out of breath, terpaksa tarik nafas byk2. AMEKKAU! die reload! mmg full blast aku kena. pening kepala terus di situ. pastu aku rasa aku hypoxia sket sbb tahan nafas byk sgt

and tambah lagi, die byk gile bergerak dlm solat! die  asik dok pegang ketiak die, pastu pegang ketayap die, pastu pegang leher die. every 5 seconds die bwat benda sama!!!! mcm tgh make sure ketiak die x basah lg, or ketayap die x kena curi lagi ke ape!

ada at 1 point tu, aku dok kira brape kali die bwat 1 movement tu. nasib baik aku berjaya snap out of it, and focus balik kat solat aku sendiri! haha

aku ni dah laa payah nak khusyuk dgn tahap iman yg x bbrp nak ada di hati ni. pastu tambah lg dgn bom2 sendawa beliau, pastu dgn pergerakan taichee jiran sebelah ni..pastu tambah lagi aku dok tahan kentut sejak habis solat isyak...penat kau tau x nak kemut memanjang! zzzz

anywayyy, lepas 4 rakaat bersebelahan dgn beliau, aku decide nk melarikan diri. gi saf belakang, pastu bile solat, naik depan balik. tp ada 3 org between aku dgn org tu kot.

at last! bole solat dgn aman sampai habis witir! tp aku still dgr bunyi org sendawa dr belah kanan aku. hahaha

gamba ni lawak. hahaha xde kene ngene pon dgn kisah di atas
anggap laa ni sbg pesanan dr penaja! =D


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Update on my obsessions

I forgot to mention that I am a huge gigantic superfan of John Terry.

and my favorite number is 7

and I love anything that has anything to do with these 2 things.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Guide To Gift-Giving!

sorry for misleading u guys

this post has nothing to do with fatty father xmas.

and the title is incomplete..
the actual title for this post is "the guide to giving gifts to Maliq Fariz"


anywho, my birthday has come and gone
and i'm still patiently waiting for my presents
i know u guys are having a hard time trying to figure out what i want for christmas my birthday, so, being the helpful friend I am, I've decided to tell u what to give me give u clues as to what i EXPECT this year. =D

here goes, what I GENERALLY LIKE: food, money, clothes(shirts size S, Jeans size 28/29), shoes size UK9.

OBSESSIONS: Emma Watson, Chelsea FC, Star Wars, Harry Potter, travelling!

also accepts but greatly discouraged: watches(original only), books(it better be good), clothes(pick the right size, people!), gadgets(ask me first whether I'll like it or not)

Stuff I wish to get from Oprah: Audi Q7, Alienware laptop, Data Plan for my phone, lifetime supply of ice cream.

Secret Wish List: 1 day with all my family members without arguing, anak buah(abang, sile cepat kawen), 1 day with all my friends all over the globe karoeke-ing(ni dah clue baikk punyaaa!). =D

anndddddd I seriously want this - a Darth Vader bobblehead

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Like Me!

hahaha. title bermasalah gile
dan desperate.
dan horny? (siket)

I've just launched(ecehhh) an offiicial Facebook Page for my online business, The Phone For You!


so if u're a friend of mine, or u're a stalker of mine, do "LIKE" the page mentioned above aite!

support our local music industry!


Thank Youssss!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The World is Cruel.

the other day, I went to Giant Puchong for business(echehh)

went to the food court upstairs to wait for someone(echehh)

there I was, sitting alone at an empty table, waiting...(echehh)

Sitting at a food court waiting for someone usually makes u buy some food just to pass the time..not for me though, cuz i wasnt hungry(echehh padehal kedekut/jimat =P )

To pass the time, i played around with my phone, surfed the web, walked around the mall a few times, but still. bored as hell. Naturally, i did some people-watching!

and what I saw opened my eyes.

I saw and old woman, probably in her late 50's or early 60's. She wore a green Giant Cleaner tshirt, moving from table to table, picking up all the dirty dishes, clearing all the unfinished food and wiping the tables clean.

What saddened me the most is when she would push the cleaning trolley from table to table, limping as she walked. Each step looked as painful and as uncomfortable as the last...

She did her work quietly but determinedly. U could feel her sincerity in doing her work, despite her age and her health condition..

I could only look at her with sympathy and smile when she looked at me and pray that she leads a better life tomorrow.

And then I had a stray thought.
What if my Mother was the one in her shoes.
Limping from table to table, picking up other people's dirty dishes...

Dont get me wrong, I am in no way looking down at people in that line of work

I just believe that no aged woman/mother should be doing it

I know my mother wont
Because she has her 2 sons and daughter that she can depend on

The World is Cruel....But Thank God I have My Mother Here With Me.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Despicable Me.

This post has nothing to do with an aspiring villain nor will i talk about small bald little yellow aliens.

far from it, in fact.

this will be my darkest post yet. u have been warned.

*the text is intentionally hidden. highlight the text below to read

have u ever had a thought?

a very dark thought

one that involves someone dropping dead on the spot just ceasing to exist.

out of your hair, forever.

never bothering you again.



well, i have. and i am not at all proud to say it.

though i may have my reasons for thinking about it, it is still inexcusable and unforgivable that i am having such thoughts.

i am disappointed in myself

and clearly, i am disappointed in you...

no murderous intent within me, neither first degree nor third. 

for murder is not in my nature.

but i can't help myself from thinking

what it would be like

the world, without you.

yours truly,
Despicable Me.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


A group of kids were playing at a field, and i overheard this

Budak A: wei, ko nak geng dgn aku x?
Budak B: naaaaaak!
Budak A: ok, jom!


oh the good ol' days

 gamba nak budak2 omputeh je. hahaha

Sunday, April 17, 2011

a letter from a driver

To the passenger woman sitting at the back of the black Myvi which almost hit my car at Cyberjaya whom i showed my middle finger to yesterday afternoon, I am deeply sorry!

The middle finger was a direct response/impulse reaction that I have towards bad/awful/accident-waiting-to-happen driving.

And my short-term anger was not directed to you, but to the driver of your vehicle, but i should not have shown the finger anyway. That, unfortunately, was my bad.

I wish i could apologize to u in person. Well, actually, I'd rather not. I'd rather text u or email u or something - for fear of getting the repercussions - but anywho, I sincerely and deeply apologize.

Yours truly,
A much better driver.

P/s: this is not sarcasm. i actually did show my middle finger to a makcik(kot) when she looked at my car after her car(driven by someone else, not her) almost hit my car because of clearly dumb and reckless driving(from her driver's part. not mine), and i deeply regretted it and hope to learn to control my anger/temper. especially when driving.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Look Down On Me

Never have my ego been this badly bruised
Never have my confidence been this badly shattered

This blood boils in anger
This head fuming with hate

2 options lay in front of me
To walk the high road 
or the low road

All the nasty and terrible words that were never shy to me, not one left the tip of my tongue
Furious as I was, I was in control.


There is no need to step down to your level.
For I am a better person than you are.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, I will burn bright.
Mark my words, I will be successful

Sunday, March 20, 2011

why the hate?

these days, Facebook is filled - and i mean really FILLED - with pages full of HATE.
whether the hate is aimed towards a specific individual/group/race/religion, u can bet that there's a page on Facebook that can cater for ur every hateful desire

i mean, come on, lets act (or at least try to) like adults here.
if u're unhappy about something, by all means vent
vent ur heart/ass/lungs out
throw a tantrum, if u'd like.
but just do not involve other people.
do not go onto the net and post hateful stuff in forms of videos, comments, edited pictures, facebook pages, and so on.

do u really have to create a page on facebook specifically so that u can gather the troops
get as many supporters as u can
and collectively trash and publicly humiliate that person/group/race/religion
do u feel a sense of satisfaction if u do that???
if u answer "yes", then i guess u are kinda screwed up. but hope's not lost.
everybody can change, though impossible it may seem.

i'm ranting about this because i was reminded of this page
i'm not promoting this page, im just simply pointing out how wrong it is to have such a page
from what i gather, this page was founded with the purpose of ridiculing the kids/teens/people who "hang out" at the entrance of Pavillion but never actually do enter Pavillion to shop and whatnot.
Why, do u ask, do people hang out at the entrance? well i guess its because its the new cool hangout place..kot..entah
anywho, i am not a fan of these kids who hang out there, but do i post hateful stuff on my blog/facebook/myspace(Wahh!tipu je, mane ada lg.XD)?
cuz i dont feel the need to spread the hate
if u dont like something, suck it up, and shut up. orrr you could politely give a word of advice
there is no need to call up all your friends and throw stones at the people who hang out there!
chill sudah. buat bodoh sudah.

its their lives, and they have every right to live their lives as they see fit.
you may not like it, but frankly, you dont have much control of it.
so fret not, and dont give it much thought.

and if u're intention is to "berdakwah", pls. berdakwahlah secara berhikmah. =D

do not let hate consume you. and let revenge drive you.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

selamat pagi duniaaaaa

awal aku bangun harini...
(walaupon sebenarnye sbb sakit perot)

usually aku akan bangun pagi, solat cepat2 pastu sambung tido balik until 45mins before class...

tp, harini aku x tido balik
in fact, aku dah habis mandi and gosok gigi dah pon
status kat fb pon dah tukar
now what...

ape2 pon, aku still berasa bangga sbb bangun pagi. =D

oh and btw, aku mmg suke bangga dgn pencapaian2 aku yg x seberapa ni.
ngeeeeeeeee XD

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

cutting back

i still remember my old diploma days...
when i didnt have financial support(allowance) from MARA
and the only source of income i had was pocket money from my parents
a meager RM200 per month for food, clothes, toll, jalan2 and stuff
another RM100 specifically for rent
a fixed RM30/month for topup and a full-tank of fuel/fortnight for my car - BAMbee were covered by the parents

ohh the good 'ol days of being piss-poor..
my budget for food was a maximum of RM10 per day..the goal was RM7.00 per day and more often than not, the goal was achieved! =D
i dont know how i managed to live then, but i do remember treating myself to a new t-shirt almost every month, weekend hangouts with the subang peeps would definitely burn a hole in my pocket
but somehow, i still managed to stay within the budget.
amazing, huh? =DDD

n now that i'm in my degree and luckily and thankfully having financial backing from MARA in a form of allowance every month, i think i'm overspending as hell...
just yesterday, i managed to spend RM20 in a single day on food alone!
RM5 - breakfast - nasi lemak ayam nasi lebih + nasi tambah..sumpah lapar gile at the still mahal jugak kot considering its only nasi lemak + ayam + nasi..zzzzzzzz
RM1.50 - cendol makan petang..
and the best part - RM15 - dinner - nasi + ikan pari masak assam + banana yoghurt

RM20..during my diploma days, RM20 could last me up to 3 days..haha

i think i've gone complacent in my spending, having too much financial freedom may not necessarily be a good thing..

dont get me wrong, MARA is not my only source of income, i also have gained some money from my business - therefore the financial freedom.

now, i think cutting back would be the best option. today, i didnt eat for breakfast and lunch, only gonna eat during dinner later. and i went for a jog just now. so i kinda feel like dying abit. hahahaha


 tuuu diaa my dinner! RM5.50 but worth every cent! kenyang gilaaaaa! Alhamdulillah =D

Monday, February 28, 2011


wow, its been a long time since i've updated this blog..
sorry peeps, i've been kinda preoccupied with my other blog -
=DDDD (sempat promote!) ahaha

anywho, since my class ended an hour early today, and i have assignments to be submitted later today, But I dont feel like doing it....why dont i humor u with a funny story that happened last week..~~~

pada suatu hari~

T'was a cloudy day and the sun was about to set.
I was in my room in my rented house here at Sepang, on my laptop, wasting my youth - as per usual.
My roommate, Din, 3 feet next to me, on his laptop, also wasting his youth - as per usual.
It was about 6.45pm, when i heard someone giving salam "Assalamualaikum" outside.
My roommate and i didnt bother to look outside at the gate, because wasting our youth was a much more important thing to do at the time.
But the calls giving salam still hadn't stop.
"Dah2 laa tu", i thought. "aku tgh main game ni kot!", and i looked outside my window
and to my astonishment, i saw 3 figures dressed in white.

Noooo, bukan Malaikat Maut..ishh
Org tabligh rupanya.. hahahah, berjubah dan berserban putih. XD

the 3 of them were outside the gate of my next-door neighbour, still giving salam, and still no reply from within the house...
and then they moved on to the next house - MY HOUSE.

and i was like "SHIT!". i immediately ducked my head under the window and hid myself from view.
i told whispered Din that there were tabligh ppl at the gate, and he too, hid himself from view whilst peeking outside through the curtain...
the 3 tabligh ppl were now outside my house, giving Salam numerous times. and everytime he gave salam, i replied/whispered "Waalaikumsalam" so as to not let them hear..hahahaha
Din and I were still at the edges of the window, waiting for them to leave when suddenly Aimi(a friend who's temporarily staying at our house) opened the door downstairs, greeted them and met them outside.

Naturally, Din and I cursed under our breaths..haha and i then tip-toed to the lights and fan switch in my room.
then i whispered to Din, "nak tutup lampu x?"
Din replied "kejap.."
-momentary pause-
and then he said "ok skarang!"
and immediately, i switched off the lights and the fan
*sumpah semangat gile time ni, aku tergelak everytime teringat balik..hahahahha
after realizing that we we're so very spy-ish in the switching off of the lights, we laughed - a suppressed laugh though as we didnt want it to be heard by the tabligh ppl..hahaha

while we were preoccupied laughing, little did we know that Aimi was now already in the house, making his way upstairs - to OUR ROOM! while he called "Din"(he knew Din better than he knew me, thats y he called Din instead of me..huhu)

Din and I were still shocked that Aimi was now climbing up the stairs!
we were both frozen for a split-second, and then we snapped out of it!
both of us ran to the toilet(our room was the master bedroom of the house) and hid behind the toilet door.
but we didnt close the door though, cuz that would be gay. hahahah
we could sense that Aimi was in the room looking for Din
fortunately, he didnt check the toilet.
and we were both laughing like hell - again, the suppressed laughter kind..haha

once we knew that Aimi has left the room and is back outside with the tabligh people, Din and I continued stalking at the window. until at long last, the tabligh ppl went to the next house, and we could at last breathe a sigh of relief. ahahahaha

and oh yeah, back to our respective laptops we went - mindlessly wasting our youth. =D

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Phone For You.

hello to the 15 people that read my blog!

today, i'd like to announce the opening ceremony of my brand new BLOG STORE that gives advice or consultation on which phones that suit you as well as sell brand new and used hand phones!

its not much considering that its A DAY old but i think its going somewhere..(i hope) XD

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

not a bad day at all.

today, 02.02.2011 was a pretty darn good day.

at first, i thought that it'd kinda suck a bit cuz i had 2 classes today.
while everyone was already on their CNY break, i had classes to go to

had to wake up early in the morning to go a class called Aviation Legislation.
its a well known fact that any subject that has the word "Legislation/Law" or any other word of similar meaning, would suck.
duhh, who likes lectures about the law, rules and regulations and all that crap? NOBODY (well, other than lawyers, of course)...

but then again, today's class didnt suck that much. and my 3-hour class quickly cut down to 2 hours which was definitely a blessing!

and then, our class rep announced that this afternoon's class was canceled!

OH YEAHH! things were definitely taking a turn for the better!

with nothing to do in the afternoon, the housemates decided to waste our time playing snooker!

played 2 games! was second last in the 1st game. and then was FIRST in the next game.
and i've NEVER WON before!! hahaha
its not that i was exceptionally great at that particular game, but my friends sucked more than they usually do..

after that, went back home (putrajaya). did a couple of chores and after maghrib, went out with the putrajaya peeps - izy and wawa. as usual, had to pick them both up..zzz and as usual, went to alamanda..sumpah xde tempat lain nak pergi kalau dok kat putrajaya dowh..hahahah

for the first time ever! wawa belanja makan! Thanx wawa! ate at Old Town. then met up with dayah, she gave me my belated(gilebabi) bday present! Thanx dayah! then izy paid for the parking (RM1 je, tp still...Thanx izy!) hahahaha

sent the ladies back home, and immediately rushed back out. cuz had to go to bangi to sell off my friend's handphone. i've got RM535 in my pocket right now! ngahahahahahaha

all in all. not a bad day. not a bad day at all. =D

Saturday, January 29, 2011