Monday, August 15, 2011

Music of the Week

Certain songs have an effect over me.
and i think this pretty much applies to everyone else
I've just discovered and re-discovered a few songs that I believe are truly madly deeply awesome!
these songs' music and lyrics just creep to the core of me
like chicken soup for the soul

here are the songs that are currently stuck in my playlist. prepare to be shocked! =P

1. Down by Jason Walker

2. Illuminated by Hurts

3. Plug In Baby by Muse

4. Run by Leona Lewis (though Snow Patrol's version is undoubtedly better)

and the 2 shocker songs areeeeeee

5. Wanna be where you are by M2M

6. I Will Come To You by Hanson! XD


Nina :) said...

ko mmg music listener yg menggelikan. ahaks. tiap kali naik kete kau mesti aku cm berdebar tggu "what song is coming up next?" HAHA

maliQ said...

weii haritu aku pasang sume lagu aku on random, so ada valid excuse as to why sume lagu2 xbest (bagi kau) yg keluar..hahaha

Annis Natalia Abdul Hamed Shah said...

please listen to moves like jagger by maroon 5 and also skyscraper by demi lovato!

maliQ said...

heard both of them already..dah lame kot
and Not impressed. booo
hahahaha =P