Friday, July 24, 2009

back to school

hello semester 5~

juz got back from my rented house at sepang(yes, i will call that area sepang, instead of dengkil.sounds less

1st week of semester 5 is over!

same classmates
same car
same shoes
new subjects
new lecturers
new schedule
new routine
new books
new notes
new classes
new jeans =P

new mission
same goal

seriously, i cant believe i'm already in semester 5.. yeah yeahh i'm still juz taking a ruddy ol' diploma..but heck, i'm kinda proud of taking an out-of-the-ordinary course with an even weirder specialty..2 more semesters then i'm outta here..but i dont know what i'll do or where i'll go..i guess i'll just go with the i always do..huhu =D

got my results for semester 4
trust me, nobody is as surprised and shocked and as dumbstrucked over it as i am
cuz i know how much i studied -or didnt study - for last sem's final exams..
i guess luck was definitely on my side. ALHAMDULILLAH!!! =D

taking 6 subjects for this final sem at miat (next sem will be having my On Job Training outside miat)..not loving the subjects..too much focus on electrical and electronic crap...grrr
there's this 1 subject which takes about 6 hours per week! and theyre cramming it all in 1 day! x pecah kepala kau nyumbat segala haram psl turbine engine???? grr..

and i have a variety of great, good and god-awful lecturers this sem..
one's an experienced licensed aircraft engineer who's funny witty yet disciplined and strict
one's an inspired energetic and enthusiastic entreprenuer
one's a by-the-book confident english teacher
one's an intelligent engineer but not the most communicative person
one's less entertaining than watching a tree grow
one's weird enough to give us the whole final exam questions pertaining his subject on the very 1st day of class


at least i have a day off every week! MONDAYS! wheeee XD

andddd i get to play badminton again every day!! this almost takes the pain away out of not having internet anymore at my rented house! hahaha

and i guess i've been meeting more new ppl and making more new friends
weird, huh?

gonna be busy as hell this semester with all the practical shit, FYP, LWTR classes, OJT plans, extensive assignments and reports

will definitely need an attitude adjustment

more of this

and less of this

Friday, July 17, 2009

almost perfect.


yeap, that'd be how i'd describe my 19th birthday experience!
if it wasnt for a couple of ppl missing (u know who u r), it'd be absolutely perfect
but since u cant control everything and everyone, i'd take almost perfect and run with it!

this is gonna be a pretty long post with lotsa pictures
i have no intention in summarizing it or cutting short my invaluable bday experience, so bear with me
mampus ah, bday aku, bukan bday kau.haha =P

it all started on the 15th of July, when i was told(and totally believed it) that today's picnic was for the occasion of pia's farewell mcm ikut je laa..

kul 3 lebih, gathered at annis' house. damn, tergoda nak suruh annis on-kan guitar hero. tp since azzy dah sampai, pendam perasaan yg membuak2 tu..hahaha
ingatkan nak naik kete azzy je, tp jaja n azzy bg alasan x muat ke apentah, ckp aku gemok laa, byk brg dlm kete laa...agak bengang di situ sbb x pernah naik satria merah..zzzz

so, gerak 2 kete. i drove my car to tasik shah alam (tempat yg ade kayak) n azzy gi beli air ke apentah..agak lame ahh kitorg tunggu azzy n jaja "beli air"..byk gak kutuk diorg(annis n pia kutuk, aku tgh main Snake kat hp buruk aku).. n kwangajak gile, annis kutuk fon 3310 aku..hahahaha XD

lepas diorg dah sampai, kitorg gi cari the picnic location terbaik! jumpe 1 pulau ni yg accessible by jambatan and ade gazebo! tp gazebo tu ade bbrp org tgh membuta. so kitorg gi ke "bukit" di atas pulau tu dan bentangkan tikar.

ni pulau kitorg

makan makan makan. borak borak borak. gelak gelak gelak. gambar gambar gambar. dan selitkan aksi2 horny di antara aktiviti2 yg disebutkan....hahah XD

pastu tibe2 diorg nyanyi "Happy Birthday" and keluarkan sebijik cake!
bukan sebijik, i mean se-slice.....

*global recession dowh, xleh bwat ape
ahahahahah XD jk2

really appreciate the effort in planning out the whole thing
and i was really surprised (x sempat practice pon muke terkejut)
the cake was chocolicious
sharing is caring
annis sgt horny pade hari itu
pia pandai penipu
jaja maknyah economy class
azzy pakai necklace haritu (kot..ntah)

in that short 3 hours time, in doing an ordinary thing like having a picnic, in spending a small amount of money for food, we had a pretty-freaking-awesome-helluva time!
all that matters is who you're with.

and here u go the pics on that day 15/7/2009

moving on to 17/7/2009

thanx for all the wishes thru fb, verbal communication, sms, myspace or any other medium of communication! appreciate it LOADS! =D

lepas solat jumaat, terus gerak ke subang. bukak baju melayu, campak kat backseat..haha
picked hanis up at her hse around 2.30 then headed to pyramid! met up with an old friend, amir aiman at TGV! serious dah lame x jumpe amir, 2 tahun kot x jumpe..huhu. bought the tix to watch Harry Potter.
pastu terserempak dgn hanif at the concession stand..huhu
masing2 tgh lapar, so the 3 of us jalan2 cari makan.
pastu terserempak dgn jay mee and dilian plak..haha

we (i mean, i) decided to have lunch at Pizza Hut sbb ingatkan dpt 30% off if i paid with my maybankard....

order order. makan makan. bukak cite kisah2 zaman persekolahan..hahaha..damn those were the good ol days..byk keluar cite psl time2 we were in form 1 and 2..haha.. best2..

seronok punye borak and kenyang punye makan, we lost track of time. it was 4.30pm gi kat cashier, handed the guy my maybankard, and i asked "dpt 30% off kan?"..he replied "umm tak, sbb x order the mediterranean crap apentah"... i was like, "fook!"..pastu tarik balik the debit card and ckp "nk byr CASH!", pastu immediately pandang amir and hanis..hahahhaahahahahaha sgt kesian diorg dowhh...rm70 kot bill! lol XD paling kesian tgk amir ahh, dah ah lame gile x jumpe, pastu die cover mkn rm40..hahaha kesian gile dowhh..malang btol kwn2 aku.. XD

anywhooo, we then headed to the cinema, where the movie had already started. dont think we missed much though...*not going to talk bout the movie

after the movie, went to the surau. after maghrib, sent amir to his hse at wangsa baiduri(it was the least i could do for him belanja-ing me..haha) and picked up batch at her hse and then returned back to pyramid to watch jaja perform at Gloria Jeans Coffee

parked at the rooftop. keluar lift je terus jumpe nina n mimi. nina bg hadiah!! a cool funny t-shirt and a cooler-than-me hat!..haha. thanx nina! =D then went to Starbucks cuz batch ade voucher buy 1 free 1. dah cukup excited dah ni sbb nk dpt free ice blended. siap gadoh dgn nina n mimi psl nak order ape. lepastu org starbucks tu ckp the voucher cant be used at that branch. amik kau. agak kecewe di situ. hahaha

then we went to Carls Jr sbb batch lapar sgt2. lepas lepak kejap kat carls jr, headed back to Gloria Jeans' sbb Polstra Ungu dah start perform. met azzy, hairi, zairul, naadira, jaja and the rest of the bandmates! =D

Polstra Ungu (from left - Shafique, Jaja, Aiman, Amir, Izhar)


after the band performed, we headed inside the coffee shop and lepak-ed. i noticed a cake at the counter and immediately practiced my "shocked" face..wakakakakakakkaka

i pretended that i didnt notice the cake until tibe2 they started singing "Happy Birthday"! Izhar Azmil on guitar and jaja lead vocalist.hahaha

muke terkejut aku...

lepas tu plak, azzy n hairi gave me a cupcake! yg ni btol2 terkejut..ahaha thanx jijah and bulu!! =D
then lepak-ed at the coffee shop while eating cake, nasi lemak canggih, took photos, drank other ppl's ice blended drinks! hehehe =D
it was fun! but it was already 11 sumthing and i had to send hanis home
so we left pyramid and sent hanis
batch plak jenis yg x reti duduk rumah ajak aku lepak dgn die
aku pon iyakan je laa (sbb die sanggup sponsor minyak)
ekekekekek =P
we called a lot of ppl who we thought can hang out this late at night.
pastu pija agreed to lepak with us!
gi amik pija kat uitm
bwat cite dongeng utk hiburan pak guard
kutip pija
lepak di pak li. (ok xtau mane lg nak lepak kat shalam...) haha
borak2 sampai kul 2 lebihhh

hantar mereka pulang. and i headed home.
sampai umah kul 3am!!! but it was all fun and definitely worth it! =D
its already 5.30 am as i'm writing this, and its still not finished
and i'm not tired cuz im too freaking jumping for joy to go to sleep..

thanx everyone! especially to the surprise-party planners and goers!
i know i may not express my appreciation out loud and end up being an ass most of the time, but please believe that i GREATLY appreciate all that u've done for me!
seriously, i dont deserve u guys
but u still stick with me
thank you. =D

right now, i'm thinking how u guys are gonna top this off next year.
hahaha =D

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

tweet tweet

i just created a twitter account

dont ask me why

i just did


and i suggest u do the same!

again, dont ask me why


if u do have twitter,follow me @

thanx much =D

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

tribute to the King

"In our darkest hour
in my deepest despair

will you still care?

will you be there?

in my trials

and my tribulations

through our doubts

and frustrations

in my violence

in my turbulence
through my fear

and my confessions

in my anguish and my pains

through my joy and my sorrow

in the promise of another tomorrow

I'll never let you part

for you're always in my heart"

in loving memory of
Michael Joseph Jackson

King of Pop

you will be remembered

*i'm not a huge fan of the King of Pop
but it seemed necessary to give a tribute to such an iconic man and musician
he has left a great impact on many - if not all - of us
though he may be peculiar
and dress in ways we dare not
but you cant deny his compassion
and how much he has done to "make this world a better place"

we should learn a thing or two from him
probably not the dressing, though

watch the clip from MJ's memorial
Jennifer Hudson performed one of my fav MJ songs, "Will You Be There" (Hold Me)
i got goosebumps after watching this vid

Monday, July 6, 2009

big spender

if u're an adult, mature and u act ur age, when u read the title of my post, u'd think about a person spending a large amount of money on something

but if u're a kid, immature and a little bit perverted, like me, the term "big spender" would immediately pop images of unusually large undergarments, most commonly... the briefs..

siap bole jd selimut skali..haha geli

hahahah...but yeah, kinda sick huh


it's only been exactly 25 days since my holidays started
but dammit ive spent a WHOLE-LOT-OF-M.O.N.E.Y!!!!
hahaha not.kidding.

so far (haha), i've bought....

3 round neck t-shirts
1 collared t-shirt
1 collared shirt
1 pair of jeans
1 pair of shoes
and 1 external portable hard disk

and it all costs around ...

jeng jeng JEENNNNGGGGG !!!

RM 413.00

except for the shoes, everything else was bought using my own money. which i'm kinda proud of, to be honest. =D

not to mention all the putrajaya-subang traveling costs
the minyak, the tol, the time(cuz time IS money.duhh), the parking fees(amik ko, terus aku berkire), the eating out(ok nasib baik byk makan2 free cuti ni =P .thanx rakan2), the car maintenance(agagagaga)

so all in all, ur looking at around 500bigbucks or more!
and how much is my "income" again??

seriously, my mom must NEVER know about this!!!!!!
lol XD

before u start questioning me and/or judging me about how freaking rich i am and how easy life is for me

shut the fook up and think again.
my monthly allowance is a mere rm150 and that covers the food expenses, notes, clothes and stuff. and sometimes for minyak and toll

u do the math.

anywho, now i'm really really realllllyyyy broke as hell

nasib baik dah nak dekat puasa. hoho

Saturday, July 4, 2009

fuck u very much

*The following post contains profanities and swearing. Parental discretion is advised

pls dont misinterpret the post title.
i have no intention in doing anything sexual towards/with the 2 persons i will be talking about in this post.
yes, two (2)
in fact, those sexual ideas are the furthest things from my mind right now

anyway, about the post.
u know how u say "thank u very much" when ur expressing great gratitude towards someone
well this is me expressing great anger towards 2 specific dumbfucks

i have tolerated enough verbal abuse by both dumbfucks A and B
and that tolerance ceases now.

the only reason i tolerated the both of u was because i know u guys
and so i stayed patient
and ignored whatever u threw at me
well, patience has its limits

and u can only hold ur anger for so long
and u were too stupid to know what limit is
well, stupidity is no excuse...

kau ingat kau tu Tuhan and ko nak aku cium kaki kurap kau?
kau ingat aku nak sgt lepak dgn ko sbb ko "best"?
kau ingat aku nk sgt jd kawan ko?

tolong laaa,
ur stupid as hell
ur ugly as fuck
ur annoying as shit
ur as fat as a whale

"aku x kenal kau. ko x kenal aku"

damn. u shud have said that earlier
susah2 je aku nk bwat2 jd kwn ko

and this is my fucking reply to u

"my pleasure~"

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

for a reason

i have worked for it
and i will still work for it
i have struggled
and i have sweat

but i can only do so much
but still, i have to earn it

if it's going to happen, GREAT!

but if it doesnt,
then deal with it
move on

things happen for a reason

and just the same
things don't happen for a reason

we all play a tiny yet pivotal role in His plan

"everything's gonna be all right
be strong, believe"