Wednesday, July 8, 2009

tribute to the King

"In our darkest hour
in my deepest despair

will you still care?

will you be there?

in my trials

and my tribulations

through our doubts

and frustrations

in my violence

in my turbulence
through my fear

and my confessions

in my anguish and my pains

through my joy and my sorrow

in the promise of another tomorrow

I'll never let you part

for you're always in my heart"

in loving memory of
Michael Joseph Jackson

King of Pop

you will be remembered

*i'm not a huge fan of the King of Pop
but it seemed necessary to give a tribute to such an iconic man and musician
he has left a great impact on many - if not all - of us
though he may be peculiar
and dress in ways we dare not
but you cant deny his compassion
and how much he has done to "make this world a better place"

we should learn a thing or two from him
probably not the dressing, though

watch the clip from MJ's memorial
Jennifer Hudson performed one of my fav MJ songs, "Will You Be There" (Hold Me)
i got goosebumps after watching this vid

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