Saturday, December 27, 2008

the lion and the lamb

"and so the lion fell in love with the lamb"

if you are currently living in the 21st century, you would know where this quote was picked from
to those who don't, the quote above was taken from the movie twilight

a story about a forbidden love between a human schoolgirl and an immortal vampire
the lion is of course referring to edward cullen, vampire extraordinaire
and the lamb is the klutzy magnet-for-all-things-bad human, isabella swan

the hunter

the prey

i know what the quote means, its another way of saying that the hunter fell in love with the hunted

but really, why "lambs"??

there can't be anything wrong with lions seeing how lions are supposedly the king of the jungle, hunter numero uno

so, it must be the lambs.

i don't have a problem with this, really, i'm sincerely being curious.

are there any lambs out there in Africa that we do not know of?
i mean, i haven't seen a sheepskin rug with a tag saying "made in Africa"
there must be a better reason to it other than "it sounds nice"

let's try amending this somewhat misleading quote by replacing lambs with other furry little mammals at the bottom of the food chain, preferably with its natural habitat somewhere in Africa, where lions are native

how about "and so the lion fell in love with the deer"?
pfft, boring

"and so the lion fell in love with the wildebeast"?
not too catchy, i'd say

"and so the lion fell in love with the zebra"?
reminds me of Madagascar

"and so the lion fell in love with the hippopatamus"?
now THAT would be interesting to see

well, i'm out of animals
but seriously, think about it, lambs?

till next time.

will you look at that
the lion DID fall for the zebra

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

shiny flashy

i have the attention span of a four-year old

really, i do. throw a flashy shiny object at me and i'll go chasing it like a - i'd rather not say dog or pig, so i'll say - cat
leaving my old toy behind
and completely forgetting about it like it never existed.
i mean this in the most figurative sense, of course.

when i find something new that i do like, whether it be a song, movie, book, video game, shoes, t-shirt, jeans or any other object on earth that i might like, i get immediately hyper-ly excited, dropping anything and everything that's on my mind or schedule and i give in to temptation. agagagaga

the obsession lasts a few weeks or maybe a month or two - tops.

and just as fast as obsession was developed, it fades away after a period of time, till i find my new shiny flashy object of admiration.

i don't think this is healthy
i need serious help. seriously.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

what now?

reading. books.

i've never been fond of the 2 items mentioned above. i'm much more of a "visual person", hence my great interest in all things concerning movies. i read only when necessary hence, my reading abilities were only used upon newspapers and text books.

then along came Harry Potter - or J.K. Rowling, i should say

and my perception of books took a 180 degree turn. then voldemort died and Harry Potter books were no more. i returned to my old book-loathing self.

that lasted for about 3 years or so, or in other words, till early this month

i found twilight!

i actually watched the movie first, but i liked it enough to read the book!
well, its an e-book actually and i've already had it-and the other 3 books in the series-for about 6 months now and all of them remained untouched, unopened.

so i read twilight and new moon and eclipse and breaking dawn and thanks to Hanis, i even read Midnight Sun(another version of twilight but from Edward's point of view).

little did i know, i have read all 5 books - which would sum up to more than a thousand pages - in less than 2 weeks, while still having to study for a final exam and allocating time to hang out with friends! =D

in those 2 weeks, i had a hard time putting the book down - i mean this figuratively of course, i read e-books, remember - to continue the daily routines of my life. my days at home were spent in my room with my laptop on my bed.

i was content and i was happy.

but now that i've finished reading all 5 books, i asked myself,
"what now?"

i really have no answer to that question.
i didn't want to return to my former self who spends all his free time online on social networking sites and play computer games till 3 in the morning.
nope, i've had enough.

so, i guess what i'm trying to say here is "got any good books for me to read?"

n please dont get cheeky and tell me to read the Al-Qur'an.
there's a time for everything...

who would've known that i'd get so caught up in a book.

i guess it is true, u really shouldn't "judge a book by its cover"

Monday, December 15, 2008

the celebration.

i am. officially. free. =D
no more classes, exams, quizzes, "dramas", miat and its peeps - well the peeps not so much kot - at least till the 9th of january 2009.

its been a friggingly hilarious, pocket-drying, tiring and exhausting day i've had today - the 15th of december 2008. a tale of 3 classmates - friends - a Putrajaya-n, a Terengganuan and a Sarawakian exploring the metropolis that was Kuala Lumpur or "Kek Ell" (in rempit slang.abah kau) for the 1st time by CAR(abaikan the putrajayan)!

multistatial sungguh kami. i have no idea if "multistatial" is even a word, nor do i care. thanx

to understand the degree of tiredness that i'm in right now, i'll have to start the story at the night before - well, not really night, the wee hours of morning would be more precise. i had just finished reading twilight! and i couldnt help but start reading the 2nd book of the series. and so i read and read and read. realising that i would have a final exam on the subject Technical Aviation English at 9am that same morning, i found the strength within to stop myself. pfftt. kejadah nye strength.... tgk2 dah kul 4.15am... belek2 english notes, not much to study, really. after 30mins, i got bored and dozed off

woke early (well not early enough - if u know what i mean....hahah. diam) thanx to epul, my housemate. after the exam, we all deduced that it was a reasonable exam, not too hard, bole laaa.

the intial plan mamat and i drawed up was that both of us would go lepak at pavillion since i've only been there once(sad, i know) and mamat's never been there before(, i know.pfftt =P)..and we would go there by using the public transportation! go ktm go! then i met with wan who's a sad case really. haha no offense weiii!!! joking sahaja! =D

jap, nak menyimpang sat, nak cite psl wan ni siket. as everybody returned to their hometown for the Hari Raya Haji holidays, wan was the only one who stayed at his rented house here at sepang. Sarawak itu sgt jauhh.. so he spent his 9 days here at sepang with NO family and friends and with no means of transportation.. kesian dowhh tgk die.. so i invited him to tag along. he wanted to join us, but he only had rm10 in his wallet. jangan laa sedih wahai pembace, this is how our lives are here at MIAT. haha. he didnt have enough money to make the trip to KL and back! so the 3 of us got talking and we decided to drive to KL!! wheeeee =D

and off we were, we left our Desa Vista (name sgt cool, i know), our housing area and i thought of using the KL-Putrajaya highway. PUND*K! toll rm4 per trip. haha

as we reached KL, we still didnt know where to go. then mampus laaa, i decided to go to KLCC cuz its been a while since i've visited the twin towers! huhu

reached KLCC, cari parking, oooh. parked next to a friggishly HOT merc CLK...i melted.

me n wan brought our laptops cuz kononye nak lepak kat starbucks utk kelihatan cool. wan checked his pockets to see if everything was in check. kepala hotak die, he forgot to bring his wallet

so wan and i carried our laptops with us throughout the day - mine in a free Body Glove backpack and wan's in his Asus laptop bag. as we entered the mall, we saw a HUGE christmas tree and like vampires smelling blood, the camwhores within us awoke due to the sudden tempatation of "props". haha.

ramai org. konsentrasi cameraman terganggu. b*bi

we "tawaf-ed" the mall religiously. moving from the lowest floor to the highest. after reaching the top floor, we got hungry. really hungry! we scanned the benda-alah-berpeta-yang-ada-di-setiap-mall-yang-menunjukkan-lokasi-kedai-dan-sebagainya (b*bi, lupe dowh..f*cktup sungguh.haha) for any good places to eat. mamat wanted to eat at kenny rogers, where he hasnt eaten before. to his disappointment, we couldnt find kenny rogers on the list of restaurants, so he told me to pick. n i suggested nando's??

n there we were at nando's. siot gile, as we ordered, the waiter asked us what drinks would we like to order. i shamelessly said "a family platter (ke apejadahntah) and 1(ONE) glass of bottomless coke!" the waiter was like waiting for me to finish my sentence and state out the other 2 drinks and then i said "that'll be all, thanx".. n i swear the waiter was trying his best not to laugh out and let escape a chuckle or 2. he quickly ran to wherever he came from. haha. sialan sungguh perangai. this is how a struggling student should eat dowh! =D

as our act of vengeance, we drank our only glass of coke dry and asked for refills not less than 8 times, i'm sure. =P

the boring wait for food commenced, so i thought of something interesting to do. and knowing how alia agak menggilakan si mamat, i used my fren's fon to call aliah. bloody hell, she didnt recognize my voice. when i told her it was me, and i was hanging out with mamat and wan, she screamed, like she always did when i mentioned the name mamat(or penyu). hahaha...hilang akal punye manusia.

mamat blushed. aliah screamed. my ears hurt. i hung up. haha

as we ate, i opened my laptop and gave in to the temptation of camwhoring. hahaha

we got this table even though the waiter insisted that we sit at a smaller one.

they didnt quite like the food. yet hampir licin. notice the ONE glass of coke. =D

feeding the "baby"

kawan x kawan, ayam tetap ayam.

oh yea. gamba ini utk al. =P

after the feast, we jalan-jalan-ed amilessly, resting at a bench once or twice and did the expected.

then we decided to enjoy the fresh air! we went outside and dropped our jaws-yet held the camera still- as we gazed unblinkingly at the beauty of the twin towers as it lit magnificently

eh, aurat. al, tutup mata the pride and joy of the city

next, I suggested we walked our way to the KL Tower cuz both of them havent been there before. WALKED. haha.

as we walked, we didnt really know the way, but the towering tower became our one and only guide. we carried our laptops all the way. the funny thing was, mamat complained and complained about how far the bloody tower was when he was the only athlete among us, and wan was MUCH more positive than him. haha. mamat had no problem running around the track 10 times in a row (i stopped after 1 and a half, wan wont even start) but he moaned and groaned like a baby when we only had to walk i dont know how far but not that far while checking out scantily dressed girls and looking at people drinking and smoking and dancing in the bar and pubs that surrounded us throughout the walk.

u know, the usual "people-watching"! haha =D

at last! we reached our destination! =D not much to do there since it cost rm20 per person if u wanted to get on the "skyview-thing-ke-apentah". so we took a few pictures here and there, jalan-jalan-ed and made our way back to KLCC

on the sidewalk.

mamat always put his hands at inappropriate places


at KLCC, we were frigging sweaty and smelly, tired and exhausted, we hung out at McD for a while cuz of the MUCH cheaper bottomless soft drinks! hahaha.. but dang, the McD closed soon after we arrived. we only got to refill our drinks once. we thought of bringing our dried up McD mugs to a nearby 24-hour McD, but sadly, we didnt see any on the way back.
dang it

it was time to leave, the sarawakian had to leave for his "homeland" at 8am in the morning, and all of us were much too tired to explore any more of "Kek Ell" anyways. we went to the machine to pay for our parking.

FUCKING HELL. the screen blared RM20.50!!
mtfkr! i'm never going to KLCC again!

as we left the parking basement, i was pleasantly surprised that i knew my way. i knew where i was going. i knew how to return to Sepang! hahah
that lasted for about 5mins, though. as i missed an exit and had to return to Sepang by using a more expensive highway, toll-wise. crap.

the exit of the highway is right at the entrance of putrajaya, i was tempted to leave my beloved classmates of mine at any bus stop so i could return home to write this dumb post but i have yet to bluetooth the pictures from mamat's camera phone. damn

so i drove to desa vista, and sent mamat and wan to their respected rented houses. and the Putrajayan returned to Putrajaya

a celebration it was.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

when boredom strikes

since it's been a looooooooooooong time since i updated my blog
how about a random post with no significant meaning whatsoever!

i was bored, and so i did this quiz
and i found out that if i was a superhero, i would be....


*jeng jeng jeng

*mane result nye?

*i'm getting there

*patience is a virtue

*babi x sabar

the incredible HULK

Your results:
You are Hulk

Green Lantern
The Flash
Iron Man
Wonder Woman
You are a wanderer with
amazing strength.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Quiz

lol XD

and yes, that includes YOU, aliah! =P

Monday, December 1, 2008

engineers-to-be in action

tonight, i'm gonna post about a conversation i had with a friend of mine the night before we had the mid-term exam for our Rotorcraft Control & Power Train subject

we were freaking stressed out of our minds cuz we had a LOT of topics to cover, processes to understand, helicopter controls to comprehend and components to remember
and too little time to study (due to constant procrastination on our parts.umm, melayu dowh, xleh bwat ape2. haha XD )

mamat msged me, i replied and this is what our conversation looks like

*caution to readers, in the process of de-stressing ourselves, numerous technical terms and profanities were used in this conversation. n to make it easier for u to differentiate which is which, technical terms are blue-coloured while swears n curses are red

good luck understanding =P

Mamat : Wei ko dh stdy lum?
maliq : aku tgh smbat info dlm otak aku nie..addendum!!hahha...aku dah gile...
mamat : De essay x ek?
maliq : Not sure la..dedendum!XD
mamat : aku rase nak muntah dowh bce note nie...Sumpah!wtf!
maliq : circular pitch!aku dah siap muntah n berak2 lg sambil bace natang ni..haha
mamat : bodo! nie bpk ko nyer psl la nie...fu*k
maliq : Haha...abah ko.. nikmatnye tido! aaaa.....ko kat topic mane dah?
mamat : aku ngh bace lubrction systm...magnetic chip detector...
maliq : Pan*at, laju gile ko! Fu*k, pelan,pelan la mat...
mamat : Fu*k ko laju...aku dh ovrheat nie...aku nyer EGT dh exceed temp limit dh...
maliq : overheat? ko ingat ni need for speed ke ape?hahaha...otak aku dh tepu...kene bce 3,4 hydraulic lock dowh..
mamat : ala pki la pressure relief valve...ha3...ah B*bi, dh x bleh msk dowh..

maliq : x bole dowh..byk sgt contaminants dlm lubrication oil aku...die block valve! wei

mamat : ha3..agak r..aku nyer chip detector light dh byk kali mnyala...lps nie cnfirm trbakar!
maliq : heli aku dh crash! wheee....hahhahaha...weh torquemeter letak kat mane?
mamat : dlm otak aku...ha3...ko dah kat mane?
maliq : baru msk drive shaft n couplings...mate aku dah samar2 dah..aku risau bute aku kang sbb bace byk sgt..
mamat : Fu*k, tggu aku..meday2!
malik : hahaha...ur turn to crash n burn..
mamat : fuhh! nsb bek dpt bt autorotation...
maliq : nasib baik aku x sabotage freewheeling unit ko..hahaha.

si mangkuk dan si penyu

* to friends who are pursuing other field of studies such as medicine, law, engineering, i know u have ur own bloody technical terms, xyah riak.