Saturday, December 27, 2008

the lion and the lamb

"and so the lion fell in love with the lamb"

if you are currently living in the 21st century, you would know where this quote was picked from
to those who don't, the quote above was taken from the movie twilight

a story about a forbidden love between a human schoolgirl and an immortal vampire
the lion is of course referring to edward cullen, vampire extraordinaire
and the lamb is the klutzy magnet-for-all-things-bad human, isabella swan

the hunter

the prey

i know what the quote means, its another way of saying that the hunter fell in love with the hunted

but really, why "lambs"??

there can't be anything wrong with lions seeing how lions are supposedly the king of the jungle, hunter numero uno

so, it must be the lambs.

i don't have a problem with this, really, i'm sincerely being curious.

are there any lambs out there in Africa that we do not know of?
i mean, i haven't seen a sheepskin rug with a tag saying "made in Africa"
there must be a better reason to it other than "it sounds nice"

let's try amending this somewhat misleading quote by replacing lambs with other furry little mammals at the bottom of the food chain, preferably with its natural habitat somewhere in Africa, where lions are native

how about "and so the lion fell in love with the deer"?
pfft, boring

"and so the lion fell in love with the wildebeast"?
not too catchy, i'd say

"and so the lion fell in love with the zebra"?
reminds me of Madagascar

"and so the lion fell in love with the hippopatamus"?
now THAT would be interesting to see

well, i'm out of animals
but seriously, think about it, lambs?

till next time.

will you look at that
the lion DID fall for the zebra


batchiwa. said...

hahaha. ape masalah ko dgn lamb?
cerita yg disangka bosan pada mulenye kan kan kan?
dan kini memberi impak yg besar. haha :)

sudu said...

lamb chop sedap ok.
berbanding dgn chop2 lain.
mungkin sbb vampire suka daging,
jadik die guna daging fave dia.

pandangan aku je la...


maliQ said...

ada asas gak hipotesis ko

kambing mmg sedap!

Edward's =B said...

why must evrything be an issue to u?
biar la lamb!
u wanna know y kambeng?
bcoz edward said so..
so shut it.


i m not a robertpattinsonfreak.
i m edwards.


nina / saleha said...

sbb lamb tu kite anggap sgt lemah.. klu hippo ngan wildebeest tu sgt la mnakutkn weh..
ak pn tkut nk jatuh cinte kt due2 tu..

weh..ak rse ak lion, awang lamb. wawawawwaaa

p.s: jgn makan kambing! stop the violence! stop eating my family! mmbekk~

maliQ said...

kpd edward's/azzy
diam kau

nina : aku musykil, nape awang bukan lion?
i see who wears the pants in that relationship.

nina / saleha said...

vodowww(da terikut kau nih)
x...x..he stills wears the pants!
ak pki skirt je..ak kne lg ayu..ahah
ok2.. awang lion ak lamb.. weee~
cpt aminkn jodoh ak ni

maliQ said...

ohh AAMIN!!!
(meng-amin-kan dlm keadaan takut)

awang the lion and nina the lamb..
u guys are gonna make 1 freaky hybrid baby
ahahahahaha XD

nina / saleha said...

eyh.. kuang ajaq..
baby ak ngan die pasti comel weh
sbb due2 comel gilers!

eh..bkn comel, tp ayu.. wuhuu

jeles r tu xde spe nk jdk lamb die


maliQ said...

anak lelaki yg ayu..
every parents' dream..
ahahah XD

ko jgn, sok gak aku cari lamb aku!

nina / saleha said...

asl x jd mat patah suda.
tgk cm awang. ayu yg kne gaye. lol

haha.ko igt cm cr lamb kt pasar ke?

cr jgn x cr!

nina / saleha said...

eh br ak pasan lion tu rmbut die sebijik cm edward. smart! ahah

maliQ said...

aku sgt jeles dgn rambut lion tu
tp aku x ske pon rambut camtu
tp nak rambut yg straight!
aku nye rambut hodoh dowhh
macam helmet!
ahhaha XD