Thursday, December 31, 2009


happy new year!

when the clock strikes midnight,
say bye2 now to 2009
and hello 2010!

but really, are you that happy in welcoming a whole new year?

well, i'm not so happy about this coming new year
wanna know y?
first, allow me to be stupid and shallow(or more stupider and shallower - if its even possible)

i'm not looking forward to entering the year 2010
because this means that i'm going to be a year older
which means that i'm going to be 20
which means that i'm going to be leaving my teen years behind
which means i'm going to be an adult(ok, not so much)
which means i'm going to have to be responsible for a whole lot of things
which means that i have to keep track of my finances
which means that i have to take a car and house loan
which means that i have anak bini to look after
which means that i have my parents to look after
which means that i cant goof around and act dumb as much
which means that i'm gonna be pretty darn busy forever

dang. i think i've put a lil bit too much thought in this. lol wtf?!

and i know, my bday's in july
and thats 7 months from now
but still, when ppl ask u how old u are
u say how old u are based on that year! not that month or week or watever

so face, i'm TWENTY (20)!!!!!

another reason y i hate new year's is that u have to write 2010 when writing the date
no more 2009
it takes me a whole year to get used to writing "2009"...
but now i have to start remembering to write "2010"...
masalah besar, i know
dang it!



Wednesday, December 30, 2009

goodbyes - part 2

last week, i not only lost(bukan mati) 1 of my best friends, but 2

hazleza zulkafli left subang to further her studies at uitm arau
arau yakni kedah?ntah, aku malas nk google...haha XD

its been agessssssssss since we last hung out
i think the last time was when i 1st got my jet
and we've still have yet to celebrate ur bday... =/
ur one of the few ppl's bday i remember..mostly because u kept reminding me about it..hehe

i'm gonna miss lepaking wit u n azzy
gonna miss all ur DIRTY JOKES!!
manusia paling lucah pernah aku jumpe
lol XD

tp disebalik segala kegilaan dan ke-horny-an kau,
u have the biggest n kindest heart. :)

i owe u too much
and i dont know if i can ever return the favor
but i'm not going to stop trying

i'll miss you much hazleza zulkafli
aka jaja mantapz
ahahahaha sengal

nasib baik ko akan balik every weekend!! =DDDD

goodbyes - part 1

this post is long overdue
but as they say, "better late than never", right?

i'm not good at saying goodbye
and i'd usually would like to avoid saying such things
but there are things you just cant avoid

goodbye Batch!! i'm gonna miss you loads dowhh
already missing u laa
kalo x jumpe pon, ko akan kacau aku di alam maya
most of the time, ko sgt annoying
kadang2 aku logout dr fb or ym saje je nak lari drpd ko (haha ok tipu je. aku malas nk logout sbb nanti kene login kalo aku rajin, mmg aku sanggup bwat camtu.hahahah)

sry kalo slalu ter-emo dgn ko
aku xtau kenapa, tp ko sorg je yg slalu kena ke-emo-an aku
ahahahaha mungkin sbb ko sorg je yg rajin jd planner..haha
weii, xde org lg nak jd planner dowhh utk lepak2 kat subang!

subang will never have a replacement for u
someone who is so freaking lazy to walk and asik demand park dekat2
someone who can tolerate my emo-ness
someone who is always free for a lepak, regardless of where and when
someone who stalks other ppl and shares the information
someone who asik mintak jln jauh2 tp xnk bg duit minyak n tol
someone who i can talk to about anything and is always there to lend an ear
but most importantly, someone who is as a great fren to me as u. =/

ur a great friend dowh. n walaopon ko akan balik kuantan, tp still ketiadaan mu di subang adelah terasa.haha

make, cepat laa dapatkan internet
bodo gile jb xde internet
malu weii!
ahahahah =P

p/s, ko tau x aku amik nombor hotlink baru ni semate2 utk kau??!?!?
(ok again, tipu je. aku malas topup

rindu kau laa minah yg sentiasa free! ahahahahaah

Saturday, December 19, 2009


in the absence of my 5 fav tv shows - which are Greys anatomy, heroes, gossip girl, 90210, melrose place (damn, i watch alot of tv!!) - i got bored.

like really2 bored

every weekend, i'd leave my laptop on so that i can continue downloading new episodes from all 5 tv shows. but since all 5 shows are on a break (holiday break, i think) till mid-january, i couldnt just NOT download anything, that'd be a waste! wont it?

and i am opposed to such a waste! =P

i love watching tv series'...its one of the main reasons i'm ok at english. u watch, u learn, u copy. XD
plusssss, their lives are alot more interesting compared to ours. heck, i wish we're living in a tv show.
but PLEASE NOT ur typical stereotype of malay tv show. u know, the one with the datuk kaya, tan sri kaya, anak jahat yg kemudian jd baik selepas jumpe awek cantik yg miskin, datin yg bitchy amat..get what i mean?

another reason y i love watching tv shows is u get to see pretty ppl. and u wont stop seeing them after the credits roll. cuz there'll be the next episode to the rescue! XD

exhibit A: Jessica Stroup from 90210.. cairrrrrrrr

anyway, being a movie freak, i checked out the list of the nominees for the golden globe awards
stumbled across the show "Glee"
youtube-d it.
didnt really watch the vid

but downloaded the pilot episode anyway.

after watching it, i have to say it's pretty damn awesome!

the show's about a bunch of kids who join the GLEE club. a student's club for singing.

now ppl, i know what ur thinking.. "Great, another version of High School Musical. just what we need in this world"..but, its not really a musical, ppl dont just run around suddenly singing, serenading a love song to one another and being all very the gay and whatnot. its actually a show about a group of students who aren't ur usual crop of performers.

i've just downloaded about 8 episodes. but i've already watched 5 episodes in less than 24 hours. and i'm only stopping myself from watching the rest cuz i'm saving it till i get really bored and internet-less..hehe

i highly recommend watching this show!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

sheila mambo

this post is gonna be pretty pointless, u have been warned! XD

sometimes, when i'm on my bed
eyes shut and trying to sleep
my brain goes on overdrive
suddenly being active for no apparent reason
the imagination goes crazy, but NOT PG-13 or 18SX

so last night, it happened
the brain starts thinking of stupid ridiculous things...
and a name came to mind - SHEILA MAMBO

LOL. do not ask me y this happens, it just does. XD

anywhoo, last night, i still wasnt familiar wit who this mambo person is

i've heard the name before, but cant really put a face to the name..
so i googled "sheila mambo"
and i remembered who she is!

ni diaaa sheila mambo, pelakon drama2 melayu yg aku x tgk..haha

another pic of akak mambo..pfttt XD

sumpah name die cool

then a thought came to mind
why stop there at "mambo"?
why not add names of dances to our normal names?
soooooo,i brainstormed(yes, i actually did use some effort) for names of dances and my fav kampong names

so here's what i could think of at 3 in the morning...
siti salsa
jenab shuffle
and my fav, timah tecktonik

and if ur unsure about what types of dances "shuffle" and "tecktonik" are,
go search at youtube, you'd be amazed at what u see
orrrrr, u'd laugh ur ass of, cuz its freaking hilarious till the point where ur embarassed for them ,to some extent..hahahaha XD