Thursday, November 26, 2009



enough. already

Sunday, November 22, 2009

get it over with

i cant wait to get this semester over with
sooooooooooooo freaking packed with assignments, quizzes, reports, mid terms, RE-mid terms

and not to mention FYP (final year project)
which is to be submitted latest this coming thurs
and my progress is about 20%

i'm doomed. literally

and then i'm having my study leave

my finals starts on the 7th of december
till the 16th

here's my finals' schedule
again, i did not write this
i asked my friend to write this and took a pic of it

which will mark the beginning of my semester break!!!

...but only till mid jan

andddddddd, early jan, i have to go back to miat to present on my FYP

ohh shiyt

and then its practical, means there'll be more shiytt

ohh happy happy joy joy

miss the subang peeps
all of 'em
the good, the bad, the obnoxious

needs OXYGEN badly! XD

Thursday, November 5, 2009

pee tee ass.

which stands for Penilaian Tahap Satu, i think
cant really remember
is an IQ test (now abolished) that u take in standard 3 that allows u to skip standard 4 and jump straight to standard 5 - should u pass

well i did (cue applause! =P)
and yes, ramai je org yg pass
boo kepada mereka yg tak pass


i guess there are many pros and cons for skipping standard 4

one of the advantages - as i often reminded my father everytime i wanted an increase in allowance
is that when i skipped standard 4, i saved my father a whole year's allowance!!!
fine, not a very noble thing to do.
but dammit, i have needs! (a 10-year old has needs?)
i dont know if it worked
or my father just manipulated me into thinking that it worked, when in actual fact
my allowance was the same as my brother's when he was my age
my dad the con-artist.

another advantage is i get to meet my awesome friends whom i am still very much close with till now
should i have stayed in standard 4 with the others born in 1990, i doubt i'd be as close as i am with them now
sure, i've lost my friends from standard 1 till 3
but not being friends with jaja, azzy, sudu, batch, aliah, shera, ANNIS!(=D) dll

but no, life isnt all sunshine and rainbows for us PTS students

when we jumped into standard 5, we were pretty much outcasts
divided into 2 classes
aliens among the 1989 peeps
disliked by teachers because we were still stupid and childish and didnt know a thing about science
(science was first introduced in standard 4)
i retreated to my classroom and confided in my classmates
never making contact with any outsiders

one of the many reasons i was such a nerdy nobody at primary school.

then, when i entered secondary school
the problem mentioned earlier evaporated
as we were all juniors
and we all started fresh

nobody knew each other
and if they did
so what, u make new friends

but then, hormones kicked in
which made life a heck lot more complicated

members of the opposite sex who once was labeled as icky and girllyyy and only played with boring dolls
were now causing weird unexplainable chemical reactions within the body

everyone sibuk nak bercouple!!!!

so i had a crush on this 1 gal. hehe
(aku tau korg sume tau cerite ni. diam! hahahaha)
but i was shit scared to confess my interest in her
duhhh. nerdgilebabi kot
and she was pretty
wayyyy out of my league
and so 1 day i confessed to her
thru sms, i think. cant really remember if i even had a phone at that time
anywho, pengecut gile babi x?
i spilled my heart out (echehh)
and asked her if she would be mine (LOL)
and she answered...NO

heartbroken, but still in "control" mode,
i asked her why
and i dont know if she was telling me the truth, or just being polite
"because i was younger than her"
babi kau pts!!! XD