Thursday, November 5, 2009

pee tee ass.

which stands for Penilaian Tahap Satu, i think
cant really remember
is an IQ test (now abolished) that u take in standard 3 that allows u to skip standard 4 and jump straight to standard 5 - should u pass

well i did (cue applause! =P)
and yes, ramai je org yg pass
boo kepada mereka yg tak pass


i guess there are many pros and cons for skipping standard 4

one of the advantages - as i often reminded my father everytime i wanted an increase in allowance
is that when i skipped standard 4, i saved my father a whole year's allowance!!!
fine, not a very noble thing to do.
but dammit, i have needs! (a 10-year old has needs?)
i dont know if it worked
or my father just manipulated me into thinking that it worked, when in actual fact
my allowance was the same as my brother's when he was my age
my dad the con-artist.

another advantage is i get to meet my awesome friends whom i am still very much close with till now
should i have stayed in standard 4 with the others born in 1990, i doubt i'd be as close as i am with them now
sure, i've lost my friends from standard 1 till 3
but not being friends with jaja, azzy, sudu, batch, aliah, shera, ANNIS!(=D) dll

but no, life isnt all sunshine and rainbows for us PTS students

when we jumped into standard 5, we were pretty much outcasts
divided into 2 classes
aliens among the 1989 peeps
disliked by teachers because we were still stupid and childish and didnt know a thing about science
(science was first introduced in standard 4)
i retreated to my classroom and confided in my classmates
never making contact with any outsiders

one of the many reasons i was such a nerdy nobody at primary school.

then, when i entered secondary school
the problem mentioned earlier evaporated
as we were all juniors
and we all started fresh

nobody knew each other
and if they did
so what, u make new friends

but then, hormones kicked in
which made life a heck lot more complicated

members of the opposite sex who once was labeled as icky and girllyyy and only played with boring dolls
were now causing weird unexplainable chemical reactions within the body

everyone sibuk nak bercouple!!!!

so i had a crush on this 1 gal. hehe
(aku tau korg sume tau cerite ni. diam! hahahaha)
but i was shit scared to confess my interest in her
duhhh. nerdgilebabi kot
and she was pretty
wayyyy out of my league
and so 1 day i confessed to her
thru sms, i think. cant really remember if i even had a phone at that time
anywho, pengecut gile babi x?
i spilled my heart out (echehh)
and asked her if she would be mine (LOL)
and she answered...NO

heartbroken, but still in "control" mode,
i asked her why
and i dont know if she was telling me the truth, or just being polite
"because i was younger than her"
babi kau pts!!! XD


shera said...

which crush ni? tu lah, byk sgt crush. hoho.

maliQ said...

haha manede byk dowhh
shera tipuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Annis Natalia Abdul Hamed Shah said...
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Annis Natalia Abdul Hamed Shah said...

omg u forgot to mention me! me! of all the people! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

maliQ said...

eh a'ahhh
sry annis!
sape suroh dok jauh2
dont worry annis, i've written ur name on my heart...

pfttt wtf>?!?!?!?
hahahahah XD

Jaja said...

alolo maliq. sweet! =) kakak sayangggg adek. :p kakak sayang adek macam azzy sayang adek(zairul) =D

maliQ said...


Annis Natalia Abdul Hamed Shah said...

no excuse maliq!!! bbf-bgf laa sgt skrg.and who is this girl? why do i not know anythin bout u confessing to her???????????

maliQ said...

hahaha cuz u were very the bz with being sincere(ikhas)
so u didnt spend much time wit me.. =(

wakakakakakak =P

Annis Natalia Abdul Hamed Shah said...

hahahhahaha owhhhh so this was during form 3. hahhaha. i think i know who. but like shera said, u had too many crushes. so i'm not soo sure which one. lol.

maliQ said...

hahahha yeap2..i had alot of mini crushes
but this one was MAJOR kot! ahaha XD

batchiwa. said...



maliQ said...

hahaha..babi xnak setuju..ade aku bantah ko couple dgn rempit???? ehh ade...ahahahahahahahaha =P

tlg laa hentikan ke-caps-an ko
saket mate kot

sudu said...

jap jap... nak aku teka ke?

eff or hesh (F atau H)?

ahh.. seb baek aku bukan pts. tp not so lucky in the love life oso. ahahha. bitch it doesnt affect anything okeh. the girl got sumthing wrong in her head lah. or maybe masa tu beliau kurang matang. atau kau mmg keji smpai die terpaksa ckp no. (i think the latter kan)

oh aku ske lagu shy2 yg mamat hazard tuh bagi. catchy plak. im just a lil bit shy. LMFAO. horny aku.

jap. nk request ko tunjuk hp JET kau kat blog kau bleh? aku malas google. tp aku ske lagi AMOLED. kalau ada kaitan antara AMOLED dgn hanfone JET, sila bagitau.

-abang prihatin

maliQ said...

bukan name die ade both eff AND hesh ke? hahahahah ngok sudu

there's nothing wrong wit her laa..aku je yg cacat sket (literally, lol!) XD

haha sumpah baru skang aku dgr lagu tu..mcm geli je lagu tu..hahaha
n mamat hazard tu aku x kenal dowhh
i have my own personal stalker..sumpah xcited! hahahahaha

Nina :) said...

haha maliq2..
suke tul tulis post matang2 kan. xseswai dow. xnmpk ciri2 kau bdk lompat.
n siot booo. ak xdpt lompat, so wat? :P

maliQ said...

lol matang ke?
aku rase mcm dah cukup terserlah dah ke-tidak-matang-an aku dlm post ni

admit it nina, u wanted to lompat...
kan kan kan???? haha =P

aliah kama said...

peh berani DIA tak baca ke kawan2 dia byk je ni. haha. padan muka muda tak dapat awek senior. boo. boo. (lagi boo dari tak dpt lompat)

p/s - pts time ktorg lagi susah kot.

p/s- alasan.

amiraiman said...

hahahaha klaka dow maliq, sape seyh pompuan tu ko x nah cite pon kat aq hahahaha

amiraiman said...

hahahaha klaka dow maliq, sape seyh pompuan tu ko x nah cite pon kat aq hahahaha

maliQ said...

al: melaka mmg xdpt menerima kenyataan dowh.sodih den mendongar ek. =P

amir: aahahahaha..ko sebok gile kot..kate timbalan KP sesi aku xnk bebankan ko dgn masalah aku..hahahah