Sunday, June 27, 2010


yes, this post is long overdue
and i have a million other things to say
but screw it!!
all i want to say, scream and shout at the top of my lungs is how happy i am that GERMANY WON OVER ENGLAND!!!

dont get me wrong, i'm a hugeee england fan
i love terry, lampard and everyone from chelsea

but when it comes to national team tournaments


a lot of new faces in the german side
heck, theyre the youngest team in the whole tournament!
what they lack in experience, they make up for in pure talent and heart!

minor hiccup when they lost to serbia

but they completely redeemed themselves by thrashing England!

kesian england fans..dah la panas.. kalah plak tu =P

hoping, wishing n praying that GERMANY can go all the way and win the world cup!

but first, a major hurdle awaits
in the likes of - ARGENTINA

other teams i'm supporting are spain, nederlands and also (argentina.damn)
but still, germany ftw! =D

Sunday, June 6, 2010

YOUTH '10!

the dates 28 to 30th May will forever be embedded in my memory.

who knew that in those 3 days,
i would have so much fun
laughed so loud
met such wonderful people
made such great friends
and did sooooo many things for the very first time!

i dont know whats gotten into me lately
but i have a sudden need to do something different in my life
just a few weeks ago, i joined the Glee KL Flash Mob
and last week i was part of the 400+ youths volunteering at the annual YouthSay Youth Festival!
and in a couple of weeks, i might be volunteering for the KL Urbanscapes Event thing. haha XD

yea yeaa..people might say stuff like "gile takde keje kau ni" and bla bla blaa
and in response, I would say something like "screw you. thank you very much" or something politer. depends on the current mood n all. =D


about Youth '10, i'll just tell you the highlights from the 3 days and skip all the minor details.

remember how i mentioned earlier that i did ALOT of things for the 1st time?
well, you wont believe it, but i danced in front of a crowd.
yes, you heard(read) me right.
hahahahahahahah XD
i was part of this flash mob thing to promote Wrigleys.
the flash mob was called Silent Disco
so what we had to do was to dance without music and then pull people onto the dance floor. lol
then the wrigleys people(my group) had like a dance battle with the public
and so the crowd made a circle around the stage and whoever wanted to dance to taunt the other team would go to the middle of the circle.

 something like this la.haha

then one malay girl from our team was pushed to center of the circle and didnt know what to do
she just stood there moving from side to side for like 10 seconds
then suddenly somebody pushed ME to the center!
impulsively, i did what Beyonce' would do! XD

check out this vid(link). what i did on the dance floor looked something like this
from the 18th to 20th second! ahahahah

i did that for like 2 seconds next to the malay girl then ran back to join the crowd! hahaha
i know...2 seconds je. but still! BIGGGG moment for me!! haha
i heard the crowd cheer while i was so called "dancing". so that must've been a good sign! ahahahaha XD

the next day
i had to do some public speaking in front of the camera for 5 minutes!
my topic was "traffic offenders are killers - yes or no"
easy topic right? but when the camera was rolling and i was holding the mic in my hands, i could only speak properly for ONE (1) minute.
then the mind went blank and i mumbled something incoherent for another minute before i remembered to stop myself and say "thank you. thats all from me"
i'm not a really good public speaker. actually i suck at it.
but still, i try to talk in front of a crowd. and fail miserably of course.
clearly, Journalism is not for me.

during the 3 days, I was in the clients team. and our objective was to make sure the clients(exhibitors and sponsors) were happy by being the middle man between them and the organizers. we had to make sure that there were ppl visiting their booths and inform the visitors of their products/competitions and stuff. basically, we were promoters laa.

 promoting the Extra Chewing Gum Photography Competition

but on saturday, i had a task of handling Adibah Noor! =D
she and Yuna are Libresse(brand pad pempuan) are the brand ambassadors. so they came to sing and have a meet-the-fans session at the Libresse booth.
i was in charged of escorting Adibah Noor from the hotel to the stage. make sure the music equipment is ready. from the stage to the booth. control the crowd. from the booth to the hotel.
like a stage manager la. sounds easy ayy?
not with hundreds of people around you at any one time!!!
it was hectic, it was stressful. but because i did it with a team of great friends.
it was FUN! =D

 serious peramah gile makcik ni! 

we did such a good job, we were told to do it again the next day - with Yuna! huhu

 hodoh gile aku dlm gamba ni..haha

btw, Adibah Noor is a very good performer and an even better human being!
she may not have as many fans as Yuna, but DAMN! she can sing! huhu

Sunday night. the last event before the curtain closes was a rave party!!
DJ lapsap was in the house and he brought his infectious music along with him!
i found myself dancing with my friends in the middle of the crowd
but that lasted for like 5 minutes until i didnt know what i was doing and sat at the outskirts and hung out with the rest of the non-partiers. hahah

but of course, not everything was sunshine and daisies...
one major side-effect of working(volunteering) at this event was that my feet is so permanently damaged, it may never be the same again. balik rumah je, terus mintak my mom tolong urutkan! seriously, my feet were hurting like hell. ye ahh, worked for 14 grueling hours kot! (8.30am - 10.30pm)

and of course that minor incident on saturday night where i almost got mugged  and stabbed and whatnot. hahahaha. (read post below for full story)

I think our team - the CLIENTS team - was the best team among the various volunteer teams (security, registration, welcoming, discovery, music, sports).
during those 3 days, we actually bonded and gotten to know each other and laughed the whole time.
*today, there was actually a reunion for our team. but unfortunately, i couldnt come cuz i had to go to a friend's sis' wedding.

dammit, we even had our very own cheer! which sounded like this

"who give susu?
we give susu!
from up and down
and all the way around!"

we have an obsession with susu(milk). dont ask me why. we just do.
we gave 5000 cartons of milk for free in less than 2 hours!

till next year dear volunteers!
hope to meet you guys again next year! =D