Thursday, November 27, 2008

finally finals

its that time of year again
where we all cramp our heads n stuff them with knowledge, procedures, figures and processes related to the world of aircraft maintenance
oh and what a jolly time it is


after 5 days staying at home during my 9-day study leave, i have yet to read a book
yeap, you heard me, i haven't read a single thing about any of the 6 subjects that i'm taking this semester

sure, i've opened a book - A book, singular - and as quick as i opened it, i closed it back and continued with my computer games

i just cant study at home. waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy too many temptations going on!
internet, food, tv, internet, movies in my laptop, jalan-jalan, internet, friends
how can anyone expect me to study in an environment like this is beyond me!

so that is why i had to leave the house early and come to my rented house here at sepang
with an intention to study study study, in the end, here i am, in my friend's house, online, talking to you freaks - no offense

anywho, here's how my final exams schedule looks like
if you know me well enough, the handwriting in the picture below is NOT mine
mine's much uglier. this note was done by my classmate
since i'm such a lazy-ass, i just took a picture of it instead of copying it down

if the image aint too clear, i'll write it down for u

Monday, 1.12.08 - Electronic Fundamental 1
Tuesday, 2.12.08 - Rotorcraft Control & Power Train
Wednesday, 3.12.08 - Turbine Engine 1
Aircraft Structure
Thursday, 4.12.08 - Air Legislastion
Monday, 15.12.08 - Aviation English 2

n oh yea, i dont know the time for each exam. haha. screw it.

and to all my dear friends, do pray that i do well(scratch that, do GREAT) in my exams
n wish me luck, folks
thanx much =D

Saturday, November 22, 2008

the weird one

The 5 people I tag are to then to follow my footsteps and write their own 10 weird things/habits and little known facts.
- No tag backs (as in once I’ve done this, please don’t tag this exact tag again.)

i'm a really weird person
i'd rather say i'm extra-ordinary
but i think weird suits me much better

1. dr. love
u may not know this, but i give a helluva relationship advice. (n by helluva i mean great advice! haha. diam. =P). i dont look sensitive or understanding, nor do i sound it, but every time a couple of close friends of mine are stuck in a dilemma or have issues bout their "significant other", they all come running(di-sarcastic-kan) to me for advice. the superbly weird thing bout this is 'I have no REAL experience of being in a relationship whatsoever n my relationships are usually casual n tenang'. haha

2. instant hater
i can instantly hate a person with no apparent/valid/obvious reason. i dont know why, but i used to really hate this 1 guy at school - and if anyone would ask me why i hated him so much, i'd have no idea how to answer that question. haha. luckily, there is nobody on my hate-list. for now XD

3. catalyst of pigs
i have no idea why but i think i bring out the worst in people. by this, i mean the words that come out of my friends' mouth when i'm with them tends to be significantly foul n impolite - but SUPER FUNNY! hahaha. without me, they're not innocent sweet little angels but their curses increases exponentially everytime i'm with them. especially the "BABIs"

4. extra-sensitive waist
i have super duper sensitive waist. every time sumone does a "7-UP" on me, i'd jump off the chair like a spring. i try to tahan sekuat mungkin but to no avail, i'll jump off the chair while slapping u in the process.

5. shit scared of slash/torture flicks
don't even bother inviting me to watch saw or texas chainsaw massacre, i will never watch those types of movies. call me a pengecut or balls-less, cuz if i do watch a scene where sumone gouges another person's eyes with a spoon, i'd probably remember it for the rest of my life - which i would like to avoid, thank you very much.

6. weird eating habit 1
i'm a slow eater. like SERIOUSLY slow. a couple of friends of mine would always count how many times i'd chew a spoonful of rice. n he said i chewed more than 50 times per spoon. hahaha
ikut sunnah nabi dowhh! =P

7. weird eating habit 2
i eat in a funny way. especially if i eat using my hands, cuz my hands are cacat-ed n all. which will cause other people to constantly stare at me while i'm eating. hahaha

8. makan dan makan or puasa dan puasa
everyone knows i eat alot. like really really really ALOT. =D but u may not know this bout me, although i eat alot, i can also NOT eat for quite a period of time. i can skip breakfast n lunch n juz eat dinner. i dont mind.

9. the addict
its really easy for me to get addicted to something. n its just as easy for me to get bored of that same thing. for instance, songs, if i like this 1 song, i'll play it over and over and over again. then i'll get bored with it. n i'll move on to a next song. this kinda scares me, actually. huhu

10. i know i'm weird. n i LIKE it

no point i n me tagging anybody cuz everyone i know has already done it.
till the next tag =D

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

anda GAGAL

yesterday was a funny day
by funny i mean weird
n by weird i mean peculiar
really peculiar

it was 7.30pm, we arrived at MIAT in my BAMbee
parked the car, then immediately remembered that we FORGOT to bring some A4 papers to photostat our assignment
Maliq - "nak patah balik amik kertas ke x?"
sumone in the car - "alaa xyah ah, hantar rabu ah"
Maliq - "ok ah"

masuk kelas, bukak laptop, bukak webcam
paham2 je la bwat ape

it was 8pm
n my rotorcraft control lecturer came in
n he was in an eff-ing mood, so to speak
n my classmates' presentations were far from helpful in calming the tidal waves that were his anger and frustration
(haha..nak ckp classmates, xnk ckp diri sendiri.biar =p)

the lecturer asked for the hardcopy for our assignment
Maliq - "sir, can we submit the hardcopy this wednesday? cuz we forgot to bring our A4 papers and the library stopped selling them"
Lecturer - "i already said earlier to bring the hardcopy for the 3rd assignment this week. u dont bring the papers, u get no marks"
Maliq - "SHIT" (dlm hati of course, kang x pasal2 kene baling laptop dgn lecturer)

failure to send an assignment may not mean much to everyone else, but it means the WORLD to those who have a passing mark of 75% and especially to us who's got this super-strict by-the-book lecturer as our instructor

make, DAMN

i tried to blame sumone from my group for not bringing the bloody A4 papers to class but i cant,
i couldnt or i wont

i guess what's done is done
n we have to accept the consequences and move on
and hope for the best

ape ni, am i being mature in this situation?

pelik pelik.

n there's 1 more weird thing that happened on that fateful night (wahh)

although the prospects of me failing that paper is sgt sgt cerah or very LIKELY, i'm neither upset nor angry

instead, me n mamat continued to camwhore on my webcam n made dumb jokes throughout the night while everyone threw curses left and right at my dear lecturer

usually, if something like this happens, i'd be in a pissing mood, eff-ing anyone n everyone i see

bloody helll, i AM maturing!
ahahahahahahah XD

Friday, November 7, 2008

die another day

if u asked me how my week was,
my answer would be a short n simple 4-letter word.


every move i make, every step i take
is a torturous act towards myself
inflicting unbearable pain
and leaving no scars or marks behind

throughout the whole week,
i was weak
i was too dependent
i couldn't sleep
i couldn't eat
i felt like my head was going to explode into a million tiny pieces
passing out anytime anywhere was a luxury i hoped dearly
to briefly escape
even for a second or two
i would love nothing more than that

my aching body says yes
my fragile mind says no

an inner struggle occured
but in the end, the mind orders
and the body obliges
hiding all signs of tiredness, fatigue, pain and suffering
and cracks a forced smile
and a laugh

i was in pain, constantly
yet no one noticed
maybe it was a compliment to me
of how well i hid my true emotions and how i really felt

or maybe they just didn't care
oh well.

with my faith as a guiding light,
and my family as a shoulder to lean on,
and my true friends whom i seek for companionship,

i will prevail
i will never back down
i will stand tall
i will wake up in the morning
to die another day

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

you got served.i mean tagged.

What you should do:
1) Take a recent picture of yourself or take a picture of yourself right now.
2) Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.
3) Post that picture with NO editing.

4) Post these instruction with your picture.

5) Tag 10 people to do this

1) done

2) lucky thing i wore sumthing not ugly.haha
3) no edits

4) posted

5) i tag
- sudu
- aliah
- batch
- shera
- pia

notes to self

Note to self, don’t be a hypocrite
U know how I always say “ish aku x suke dowh org yg pakai 2 fon..ntah mcm pape ntah”
N now, im doing juz dat..pftt..
Celcom U pax murah dowhh
Xleh bwat ape2

Note to self, sleep more
With the end of the semester around the corner and finals, quizzes and assignment submissions are galore, I’m becoming more sleep deprived and a hell lot crankier.
Which leads me to my 3rd note,

Note to self, be less angry/cranky
Lost my thumbdrive, my phone can’t read my memory card (now I can’t listen to music/take pics)
Things aren’t going my way lately, but what the hell – I’ll get over it

Note to self, smile more
Nothing super funny or exciting happened to me the whole of this week so I aint the perkiest lil’ bug in the whole of Sepang
Still, you gotta take it all with a smile
N plus, “senyum itu sedekah”

Note to self, eat more veggies!
Keep getting sick, then get better, then sick again, then better!
Like my msn status says “my immune system’s a bitch”
Make up your mind will yah!

Note to self, watch James Bond
Its been A.G.E.S since I last watched a movie at a cinema
I think the last movie I watched was Batman 2. Pathetic, yes
Hope I can book tickets to watch it on the 1st day it premieres!!

Note to self, save more money
Drive slowly, below 100km/hr. “jimat~”

Note to self, shop!
I know this totally contradicts the note above but I need to buy something for myself!
Things currently on the wishlist are – t-shirts, headphone for laptop, thumbdrive, wallet!