Friday, November 7, 2008

die another day

if u asked me how my week was,
my answer would be a short n simple 4-letter word.


every move i make, every step i take
is a torturous act towards myself
inflicting unbearable pain
and leaving no scars or marks behind

throughout the whole week,
i was weak
i was too dependent
i couldn't sleep
i couldn't eat
i felt like my head was going to explode into a million tiny pieces
passing out anytime anywhere was a luxury i hoped dearly
to briefly escape
even for a second or two
i would love nothing more than that

my aching body says yes
my fragile mind says no

an inner struggle occured
but in the end, the mind orders
and the body obliges
hiding all signs of tiredness, fatigue, pain and suffering
and cracks a forced smile
and a laugh

i was in pain, constantly
yet no one noticed
maybe it was a compliment to me
of how well i hid my true emotions and how i really felt

or maybe they just didn't care
oh well.

with my faith as a guiding light,
and my family as a shoulder to lean on,
and my true friends whom i seek for companionship,

i will prevail
i will never back down
i will stand tall
i will wake up in the morning
to die another day


sudu said...

maliq, wats happening to u...
ko ok tak?
risau plak aku tgk...
cuba arh try wat blood test ke aper...

nina / saleha said...

yea maliq..
do a thorough checkup
dont wait too long..

shera said...

maliqq. whyy. am pretty sure ur not okay. kami sentiasa bersama anda. b strong aite. take care.

alia kama said...

tu la.ade ape2 roger2 la wa ouh.
msg ta reply.kami sentiasa disini.

maliQ said...

haha thanx guys for caring!
anda amat dihargai sgt sgt! =D
feeling much better now - thanx to ibu n nenek ku..hehe
tp not yet 100% recovered ahh
tp serious minggu lepas cam sial dowhh..

thx again for worrying bout me wherever u are
hoho XD

batchiwa. said...

ak pown nk risau jgk. bleh?
hahah. ak sakit gak. sbb final. haha.
jgn risau maliq. ko kuat! zahir dan batin. ngeh :P

maliQ said...

sile2 menyebokkan diri anda

aku kuat zahir dan batin!

AzzyBaik said...

saye tumpang simpati... =(
maliq, jgn lupe name aku dlm surat wasiat..aku nak laptop,hp,duit,n abg ko...hahhahahhhah
btw,ko sakit pe?hehe