Saturday, November 22, 2008

the weird one

The 5 people I tag are to then to follow my footsteps and write their own 10 weird things/habits and little known facts.
- No tag backs (as in once I’ve done this, please don’t tag this exact tag again.)

i'm a really weird person
i'd rather say i'm extra-ordinary
but i think weird suits me much better

1. dr. love
u may not know this, but i give a helluva relationship advice. (n by helluva i mean great advice! haha. diam. =P). i dont look sensitive or understanding, nor do i sound it, but every time a couple of close friends of mine are stuck in a dilemma or have issues bout their "significant other", they all come running(di-sarcastic-kan) to me for advice. the superbly weird thing bout this is 'I have no REAL experience of being in a relationship whatsoever n my relationships are usually casual n tenang'. haha

2. instant hater
i can instantly hate a person with no apparent/valid/obvious reason. i dont know why, but i used to really hate this 1 guy at school - and if anyone would ask me why i hated him so much, i'd have no idea how to answer that question. haha. luckily, there is nobody on my hate-list. for now XD

3. catalyst of pigs
i have no idea why but i think i bring out the worst in people. by this, i mean the words that come out of my friends' mouth when i'm with them tends to be significantly foul n impolite - but SUPER FUNNY! hahaha. without me, they're not innocent sweet little angels but their curses increases exponentially everytime i'm with them. especially the "BABIs"

4. extra-sensitive waist
i have super duper sensitive waist. every time sumone does a "7-UP" on me, i'd jump off the chair like a spring. i try to tahan sekuat mungkin but to no avail, i'll jump off the chair while slapping u in the process.

5. shit scared of slash/torture flicks
don't even bother inviting me to watch saw or texas chainsaw massacre, i will never watch those types of movies. call me a pengecut or balls-less, cuz if i do watch a scene where sumone gouges another person's eyes with a spoon, i'd probably remember it for the rest of my life - which i would like to avoid, thank you very much.

6. weird eating habit 1
i'm a slow eater. like SERIOUSLY slow. a couple of friends of mine would always count how many times i'd chew a spoonful of rice. n he said i chewed more than 50 times per spoon. hahaha
ikut sunnah nabi dowhh! =P

7. weird eating habit 2
i eat in a funny way. especially if i eat using my hands, cuz my hands are cacat-ed n all. which will cause other people to constantly stare at me while i'm eating. hahaha

8. makan dan makan or puasa dan puasa
everyone knows i eat alot. like really really really ALOT. =D but u may not know this bout me, although i eat alot, i can also NOT eat for quite a period of time. i can skip breakfast n lunch n juz eat dinner. i dont mind.

9. the addict
its really easy for me to get addicted to something. n its just as easy for me to get bored of that same thing. for instance, songs, if i like this 1 song, i'll play it over and over and over again. then i'll get bored with it. n i'll move on to a next song. this kinda scares me, actually. huhu

10. i know i'm weird. n i LIKE it

no point i n me tagging anybody cuz everyone i know has already done it.
till the next tag =D


sudu said...

u forgot to include the fact that

1) u can be surprisingly caring
2) love the environment a LOT
3) gigi...
4) u love shima's teringin. admit it

maliQ said...

alalaa sudu..
trying to be "sweet" by remembering more weird facts bout me
lagi2 gigi aku

n btw, aku dah bosan dgn lagu shima tu