Wednesday, October 29, 2008

annoying myspace stereotypes part 2

allow me to be frank

theres a whole lot of things that i hate
im not a spiteful person - but hell,
u juz canT NOT hate certain things

we've gone thru how much i despise comment-seekers

n now lets evaluate the 2nd online stereotype that i detest - annoying typers (im not sure if this is even a word, but u get the idea ryte?)

there is an unspoken rule saying that informal chatting shud be done as SHORT as possible - yet understandable

but these annoying typers who dont grab the concept of it, type in a way they deem "cute" and "sweet"....... WRONG u are, my friend

No, im not condemning u to hell juz cuz u have an awful interpretation on what is cute and what is not
but i am avoiding talking to u online cuz u annoy the hell outta me
(being frank here~)

u see, when a NORMAL person talks/types, it would sound/look something like this
"mane ade dowh, ko ni biar betol. aku ok je"

On the other hand, the weirdos would write sumthing like this
"maneWWW adeWWW dowhh, kauwWHHH nihhhh biar betolLLLL. akuWWHHHH ok jeRRRR"

Get the picture???

juz try to say out loud what i juz typed and u will look like a ridiculous illiterate pouty nutter
NOT kidding

yes, this is a free country and u have every right to type horribly - but ur doing the world a great favour by typing normally

sooooo come back to the "light" owhh lost one
n type properly, will yah?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

comments, anyone?

since the birth of myspace, everyone's a photographer / image editor / musician
ur "cool-ness" is rated on how good u are at editing pics or how many pic comments u have or how many friends you have..

yeas, there are some really good photographers out there in myspace/frenster/facebook and yes, art is subjective, and that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

but do you really have to post a freaking bulletin announcing that u hav jus uploaded a new photo and you want all 3000 of ur so-called-friends to SPAM SPAM SPAM!

Do you get an award if ur pic comments for a photo reaches 1000 or did u accomplish a goal in life by having 3500 friends on myspace???

Get a life, weirdo.

There’s even this 1 weird chick who added me n asked me to comment her pic and in return, she would comment mine. GREAT! Not…...

Anyway, I checked her profile out to find out who the heck she really is and I saw that she had a couple thousand of “friends”, a few hundred comments and about 500 pic comments for her one and only pic captioned “ natural beauty” (I swear I could barf right here right now). I read her normal comments and there weren’t any real conversations. Juz comments saying “thanx for the approve. Comment my pics!”

That clearly means her sole purpose in life is to have as many picture comments as possible. And so I deleted her from my friends list and never added a single person whom I didn’t know or didn’t want to know ever again.

The other day I met a friend of mine whom I haven’t met in a long time. We were classmates once, we weren’t that close but I find him to be a really COOL guy. And so I added him at myspace and I saw that he didn’t have 2000 friends or 50 pic comments per photo. His pics were simple, yet meaningful – as it was all about him being with his family/friends. And even though his myspace is simple and mediocre, that didn’t translate to what he is in real life. A friendly, selambe, funny dude that he is. The pics he uploaded wasn’t to get as many pic comments as possible, it was about showing who he is and also who his most valued friends are.

My point is, there is more to life than pic comments. And even though I do ask for pic comments or blog comments(ahahaha) OCCASIONALLY, from now on I’m gonna care less about them.

I’m still gonna care a little bit cuz your opinion do matter to me.

n oh yeaa, for people who i am really really really close with, i dont mind u guys asking me for any type of my comments. and i hope this feeling is mutual.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Nokia ku, dont let me down!!

lately, my beloved phone cant/wont read the damn memory card!!

i need my phone!
i need my phone-mp3 player!
i need my phone-camera!

with a mere 25MB internal memory, i really cant store anything in it
n im stuck with the lame ringtone n msg tone

its sole function for now is to make/receive calls and send/receive SMSes

i miss listening to my music when im in the toilet!
i miss taking pictures with friends, lagi2 musim open house ni!

ohh nokia 7390 ku, get well soon!

music of the week part 3

since i hav absolutely no idea on what to write about

i'll just share some songs that i've been listening all week(or more)

do download! they're brilliant! =D

Yellowcard - Believe ===> i think this song is a tribute to the US firefighters who risked their lives saving the trapped people under the rubble after the sept 11 incident

Dashboard Confessional - Stolen ===> shit. tibe2 rase jiwang..ahahaha

Daughtry - What about Now

Marion Raven - End of Me ===> haha. old song, i know..but my sis yg download n tibe2 rase nak dgr the ex-M2M nyanyi!

Boneca - Cela ==> im not a big fan of our local indie bands (i have my reasons) but this song is absolutely awesome dowhh! the words, the melody, the voice. n i heard this band is a Subang-Jaya-an..huhu

Friday, October 17, 2008

ur birth month and u

_ Pick your birth month.
_ Strike out anything that doesn’t apply to you.
_ Bold (or italicize) the best apply to you.
_ Copy to your own blog, with all twelve months.
_ Tag 5 people.

ok i aint loving the rules much
so i'll make my own rules
i'll only post my birth month
and if u wanna do this thing, pls go to
n get the details bout the other 11 months
thanx much for complying
haha =P

i'm a July-ian =p . shit. i think this thing knows me better than i do..

JULY: Fun to be with(i know i am.haha). Secretive(mcm desperate housewives.haha). Difficult to fathom and to be understood(im complicated). Quiet unless excited or tensed. Takes pride in oneself. Has reputation(more like ego). Easily consoled. Honest(VERY). Concerned about people’s feelings(terpaksa.hahaha). Tactful. Friendly(depends). Approachable(again, depends). Emotional temperamental and unpredictable(again, complicated). Moody and easily hurt(moody, yes. easily hurt?not so much). Witty and sparkly(ok this sounds gay, so im not gonna highlight it). Not revengeful(i try...). Forgiving but never forgets(oooh how true). Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things(the exact opposite, actly). Guides others physically and mentally(more like spiritually!!!hahahah). Sensitive and forms impressions carefully(depends on the mood at that time). Caring and loving(agagaga). Treats others equally(pilih kasih, sorry.ahaha jk2). Strong sense of sympathy(sedeyh dowhh tgk bersamamu). Wary and sharp(bole laa kot). Judges people through observations(agak ahh.). Hardworking(lazy-ass). No difficulties in studying(studying last minute's the best). Loves to be alone(depends). Always broods about the past and the old friends(brood?hell no). Likes to be quiet(sometimes). Homely person(home sweet home). Waits for friends(patience is a virtue~). Never looks for friends(i have to admit, i DO look for friends...habis ego aku). Not aggressive unless provoked. Prone to having stomach and dieting problems(dieting probs?i wanna gain weight la weii). Loves to be loved(ahaha geli-mat). Easily hurt but takes long to recover(not so much).

i tag


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Aidilfitri 08

hari raya aidilfitri will always be me fav holiday ever!
its my most awaited holiday season of the year, no matter how long or how short the holiday span is
u bet i'm gonna be excited/nervous/ecstatic/high throughout the ramadhan month preceding it as well as the whole Syawal =D

well, this year's Raya didnt start as well as it hoped. actually, it started in the worst possible way imaginable.
family feuds folks, u dont need me to elaborate

despite the horrible start to the holiday, i had a pretty damn good Raya! =)

Raya is the time for forgiveness, family, friends, food and foney(money la)

nuff said, this post is long overdue anyway. so lets get to the pictures! =D

Hajah Alimah's clan


the VVVVVVIPs of my life

cousins =D

the forgiveness part. XD

Alimah's Angels. (buy 1 free 1)

on the eve of Raya, we PAINTED till 12am...perintah nenek..haha