Friday, October 24, 2008

music of the week part 3

since i hav absolutely no idea on what to write about

i'll just share some songs that i've been listening all week(or more)

do download! they're brilliant! =D

Yellowcard - Believe ===> i think this song is a tribute to the US firefighters who risked their lives saving the trapped people under the rubble after the sept 11 incident

Dashboard Confessional - Stolen ===> shit. tibe2 rase jiwang..ahahaha

Daughtry - What about Now

Marion Raven - End of Me ===> haha. old song, i know..but my sis yg download n tibe2 rase nak dgr the ex-M2M nyanyi!

Boneca - Cela ==> im not a big fan of our local indie bands (i have my reasons) but this song is absolutely awesome dowhh! the words, the melody, the voice. n i heard this band is a Subang-Jaya-an..huhu

1 comment:

miza said...

oh i am in love with cela too. :) the lead singer is my cousin. you should check out her blog but i think she privated it a couple of days back.