Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Aidilfitri 08

hari raya aidilfitri will always be me fav holiday ever!
its my most awaited holiday season of the year, no matter how long or how short the holiday span is
u bet i'm gonna be excited/nervous/ecstatic/high throughout the ramadhan month preceding it as well as the whole Syawal =D

well, this year's Raya didnt start as well as it hoped. actually, it started in the worst possible way imaginable.
family feuds folks, u dont need me to elaborate

despite the horrible start to the holiday, i had a pretty damn good Raya! =)

Raya is the time for forgiveness, family, friends, food and foney(money la)

nuff said, this post is long overdue anyway. so lets get to the pictures! =D

Hajah Alimah's clan


the VVVVVVIPs of my life

cousins =D

the forgiveness part. XD

Alimah's Angels. (buy 1 free 1)

on the eve of Raya, we PAINTED till 12am...perintah nenek..haha


batchiwa. said...

nenek ko paksa ko mengecat ke?
pergh. berkuasa do. nenek ak baek.
kalau dtg umah ak, dia yg catkan. harhar :p

maliQ said...

ko x syg nenek ko
ko mengerah nenek ko
ish ish

batchiwa. said...

takk!! sbb nenek ak sayang ak dow.
nenek ko tak sayang ko. bleq :p