Sunday, October 26, 2008

comments, anyone?

since the birth of myspace, everyone's a photographer / image editor / musician
ur "cool-ness" is rated on how good u are at editing pics or how many pic comments u have or how many friends you have..

yeas, there are some really good photographers out there in myspace/frenster/facebook and yes, art is subjective, and that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

but do you really have to post a freaking bulletin announcing that u hav jus uploaded a new photo and you want all 3000 of ur so-called-friends to SPAM SPAM SPAM!

Do you get an award if ur pic comments for a photo reaches 1000 or did u accomplish a goal in life by having 3500 friends on myspace???

Get a life, weirdo.

There’s even this 1 weird chick who added me n asked me to comment her pic and in return, she would comment mine. GREAT! Not…...

Anyway, I checked her profile out to find out who the heck she really is and I saw that she had a couple thousand of “friends”, a few hundred comments and about 500 pic comments for her one and only pic captioned “ natural beauty” (I swear I could barf right here right now). I read her normal comments and there weren’t any real conversations. Juz comments saying “thanx for the approve. Comment my pics!”

That clearly means her sole purpose in life is to have as many picture comments as possible. And so I deleted her from my friends list and never added a single person whom I didn’t know or didn’t want to know ever again.

The other day I met a friend of mine whom I haven’t met in a long time. We were classmates once, we weren’t that close but I find him to be a really COOL guy. And so I added him at myspace and I saw that he didn’t have 2000 friends or 50 pic comments per photo. His pics were simple, yet meaningful – as it was all about him being with his family/friends. And even though his myspace is simple and mediocre, that didn’t translate to what he is in real life. A friendly, selambe, funny dude that he is. The pics he uploaded wasn’t to get as many pic comments as possible, it was about showing who he is and also who his most valued friends are.

My point is, there is more to life than pic comments. And even though I do ask for pic comments or blog comments(ahahaha) OCCASIONALLY, from now on I’m gonna care less about them.

I’m still gonna care a little bit cuz your opinion do matter to me.

n oh yeaa, for people who i am really really really close with, i dont mind u guys asking me for any type of my comments. and i hope this feeling is mutual.



batchiwa. said...

omg maliq!!!
ak setuju gile wehhhhhhh.
like wtf. bwat bulletin hanya nk btau da add newpics. and and, ade yg post bulletin utk ckp yg dia tgh on9.
whethefuck! do ppl really care???
benci dooool!
thanks. post yg sedap :)

sudu said...

seriously, im not THAT cool like u stated up here, but hey,yea, i posted pics to show who i am...

and thanks... but really, u didnt have to mention me in ur post. thanks anyway. do comment on my pics.

(like sgt wtf versi egypt)

Azzy said...

i know who that COOL GUY ur talking about..hahahha.yes i really do..ko ckp kat aku kan hari tu?taik ko psal die ade plak..mane post psal akuuu!?
hahahahahhh =p
owh..n ur post is so0 true..

maliQ said...

batch - geli x ketiak ko bile minah yg add aku tu mintak aku comment gamba die psl "natural beauty"~~~

sudu - abah kau
post ni xde kene mengene dgn kau dowhh
u are neither funny nor selambe nor friendly
ahahahaha =P

maliQ said...

perlu ke aku bwat post psl kau??
nk ckp psl ape kalo aku bwat post about ko??
psl how dis person likes babis n how complicated her relationships are???
ahjahahaha =P

nina, melaporkan dari bandung said...

hoi.kutuk ak ke sbnrnye?
psl ak ckp ko xpndi edit gmbr n gmbr sket gle?
ahahahha.dem terse i nyahh!
mak mintk maaf.
xtau plak nyah rse tpakse.
jnji lps ni mak xsuro da.
jnji bkn ak yg natural beauty tuh.hahaha.
adlh sgt insecure,perlu ltk caption itu biar org tau ape sbnrnye yg ingin dismpikn melalui gmbr itew

maliQ said...

the hell??!?!
ko xde pape kene mengene dowhh dgn post ni
but i see that the next post adelaaa sgt kene mengene dgn ko
(not in a good way, of course)