Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Look Down On Me

Never have my ego been this badly bruised
Never have my confidence been this badly shattered

This blood boils in anger
This head fuming with hate

2 options lay in front of me
To walk the high road 
or the low road

All the nasty and terrible words that were never shy to me, not one left the tip of my tongue
Furious as I was, I was in control.


There is no need to step down to your level.
For I am a better person than you are.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, I will burn bright.
Mark my words, I will be successful

Sunday, March 20, 2011

why the hate?

these days, Facebook is filled - and i mean really FILLED - with pages full of HATE.
whether the hate is aimed towards a specific individual/group/race/religion, u can bet that there's a page on Facebook that can cater for ur every hateful desire

i mean, come on, lets act (or at least try to) like adults here.
if u're unhappy about something, by all means vent
vent ur heart/ass/lungs out
throw a tantrum, if u'd like.
but just do not involve other people.
do not go onto the net and post hateful stuff in forms of videos, comments, edited pictures, facebook pages, and so on.

do u really have to create a page on facebook specifically so that u can gather the troops
get as many supporters as u can
and collectively trash and publicly humiliate that person/group/race/religion
do u feel a sense of satisfaction if u do that???
if u answer "yes", then i guess u are kinda screwed up. but hope's not lost.
everybody can change, though impossible it may seem.

i'm ranting about this because i was reminded of this page
i'm not promoting this page, im just simply pointing out how wrong it is to have such a page
from what i gather, this page was founded with the purpose of ridiculing the kids/teens/people who "hang out" at the entrance of Pavillion but never actually do enter Pavillion to shop and whatnot.
Why, do u ask, do people hang out at the entrance? well i guess its because its the new cool hangout place..kot..entah
anywho, i am not a fan of these kids who hang out there, but do i post hateful stuff on my blog/facebook/myspace(Wahh!tipu je, mane ada lg.XD)?
cuz i dont feel the need to spread the hate
if u dont like something, suck it up, and shut up. orrr you could politely give a word of advice
there is no need to call up all your friends and throw stones at the people who hang out there!
chill sudah. buat bodoh sudah.

its their lives, and they have every right to live their lives as they see fit.
you may not like it, but frankly, you dont have much control of it.
so fret not, and dont give it much thought.

and if u're intention is to "berdakwah", pls. berdakwahlah secara berhikmah. =D

do not let hate consume you. and let revenge drive you.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

selamat pagi duniaaaaa

awal aku bangun harini...
(walaupon sebenarnye sbb sakit perot)

usually aku akan bangun pagi, solat cepat2 pastu sambung tido balik until 45mins before class...

tp, harini aku x tido balik
in fact, aku dah habis mandi and gosok gigi dah pon
status kat fb pon dah tukar
now what...

ape2 pon, aku still berasa bangga sbb bangun pagi. =D

oh and btw, aku mmg suke bangga dgn pencapaian2 aku yg x seberapa ni.
ngeeeeeeeee XD

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

cutting back

i still remember my old diploma days...
when i didnt have financial support(allowance) from MARA
and the only source of income i had was pocket money from my parents
a meager RM200 per month for food, clothes, toll, jalan2 and stuff
another RM100 specifically for rent
a fixed RM30/month for topup and a full-tank of fuel/fortnight for my car - BAMbee were covered by the parents

ohh the good 'ol days of being piss-poor..
my budget for food was a maximum of RM10 per day..the goal was RM7.00 per day and more often than not, the goal was achieved! =D
i dont know how i managed to live then, but i do remember treating myself to a new t-shirt almost every month, weekend hangouts with the subang peeps would definitely burn a hole in my pocket
but somehow, i still managed to stay within the budget.
amazing, huh? =DDD

n now that i'm in my degree and luckily and thankfully having financial backing from MARA in a form of allowance every month, i think i'm overspending as hell...
just yesterday, i managed to spend RM20 in a single day on food alone!
RM5 - breakfast - nasi lemak ayam nasi lebih + nasi tambah..sumpah lapar gile at the still mahal jugak kot considering its only nasi lemak + ayam + nasi..zzzzzzzz
RM1.50 - cendol makan petang..
and the best part - RM15 - dinner - nasi + ikan pari masak assam + banana yoghurt

RM20..during my diploma days, RM20 could last me up to 3 days..haha

i think i've gone complacent in my spending, having too much financial freedom may not necessarily be a good thing..

dont get me wrong, MARA is not my only source of income, i also have gained some money from my business - therefore the financial freedom.

now, i think cutting back would be the best option. today, i didnt eat for breakfast and lunch, only gonna eat during dinner later. and i went for a jog just now. so i kinda feel like dying abit. hahahaha


 tuuu diaa my dinner! RM5.50 but worth every cent! kenyang gilaaaaa! Alhamdulillah =D