Wednesday, March 2, 2011

cutting back

i still remember my old diploma days...
when i didnt have financial support(allowance) from MARA
and the only source of income i had was pocket money from my parents
a meager RM200 per month for food, clothes, toll, jalan2 and stuff
another RM100 specifically for rent
a fixed RM30/month for topup and a full-tank of fuel/fortnight for my car - BAMbee were covered by the parents

ohh the good 'ol days of being piss-poor..
my budget for food was a maximum of RM10 per day..the goal was RM7.00 per day and more often than not, the goal was achieved! =D
i dont know how i managed to live then, but i do remember treating myself to a new t-shirt almost every month, weekend hangouts with the subang peeps would definitely burn a hole in my pocket
but somehow, i still managed to stay within the budget.
amazing, huh? =DDD

n now that i'm in my degree and luckily and thankfully having financial backing from MARA in a form of allowance every month, i think i'm overspending as hell...
just yesterday, i managed to spend RM20 in a single day on food alone!
RM5 - breakfast - nasi lemak ayam nasi lebih + nasi tambah..sumpah lapar gile at the still mahal jugak kot considering its only nasi lemak + ayam + nasi..zzzzzzzz
RM1.50 - cendol makan petang..
and the best part - RM15 - dinner - nasi + ikan pari masak assam + banana yoghurt

RM20..during my diploma days, RM20 could last me up to 3 days..haha

i think i've gone complacent in my spending, having too much financial freedom may not necessarily be a good thing..

dont get me wrong, MARA is not my only source of income, i also have gained some money from my business - therefore the financial freedom.

now, i think cutting back would be the best option. today, i didnt eat for breakfast and lunch, only gonna eat during dinner later. and i went for a jog just now. so i kinda feel like dying abit. hahahaha


 tuuu diaa my dinner! RM5.50 but worth every cent! kenyang gilaaaaa! Alhamdulillah =D


Nina :) said...

gile hang. instead of cutting back on food...get some food that can sustain you for few different meals. macam roti. and stock up on fruits n snacks. orrr masak sendiri nasi putih, and tapau lauk dari rumah wktu weekend n simpan dlm freezer. bile nak makan, just thaw. ko tu dah la kurus..nanti org cakap ko anorexic. haha

maliQ said...

ahahahaha..doubt i can ever get anymore
thanx for the tips but aku x gheti masak dan x rajin masak. make makan di luarrr~ ahahaha