Monday, February 15, 2010

sleep disorder

since i've started my practical, my sleep pattern's been a bitch(cant find any other suitable word..haha)

as u know, i work in 2 shifts:

- the morning shift - 0830 - 1630
- evening shift - 2030 - 0430

and we change shifts every week
this week, morning
next week, evening
the week after that, morning again

last week, i had the evening shift
i had no problem getting used to working at night
mainly because i am very much a "kutu malam", staying up late either to hang out with friends or play computer games or chatting up on ym

 so after work, i'd reach home at about 5am
then i'll wait till masok subuh, and then i'll sleep like the log i am
during the wait, i'd probably play computer games or watch a movie on my laptop
and i'd wake up in the late afternoon - 2 to 3pm

now the big fuking problem is, i cant seem to change my sleep pattern back to normal
its been a couple of days now that i sleep after subuh and wake up because its too hot to sleep
and if i do sleep early - yesterday i slept at 10pm cuz i was too freaking tired - i'd wake up after midnight and then i wont be able to sleep till AFTER subuh..


its bad enough that ppl think i'm lazy as hell sleeping during the day all the time
now, its affecting my social life
i'm sorry i didnt wake up early today to hang out wit u
i just can seem to wake up before noon..