Sunday, January 25, 2009

bloody bloodsuckers

yes. they bite
no. they dont leave fang marks
yes. they suck your blood.
no. you dont turn into one of them when you're bitten.
yes. they can fly.
no. they don't have superhuman strength or the ability to read minds.
yes. they're annoying like hell.
no. they're not vampires.

yeap. they're mosquitoes.

damn i hate them

every night at putrajaya, i will be attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes
while i'm watching a movie on my laptop,
while i'm playing computer games,
while i'm blogging,
while i'm sleeping,
they'll be flying all around me
biting me when the opportunity comes
leaving me with pink dots all over my body

as you may or may not know,
thanks to these leeches with wings, i've had the "pleasure" of getting plagued by dengue
and believe you me, it ain't a pretty sight

and now, they are attempting to help me re-live the whole unpleasant experience

so, every night, i go on a killing frenzy, literally.
i kill at least 5 mosquitoes a day
yesterday, i managed to kill 7 of them
their tiny little black and white bodies lay scattered in my room like a warzone.
wahhh XD

damn i hate mosquitoes

if i could choose any species in the world to make them extinct, i'd definitely kill off the whole mosquito species

i mean, they bug the hell out of us, they suck our blood while infecting us with dengue, malaria and other blood-related-diseases

Plus, remember Jurassic Park?
remember how the scientists got the blood of the long-lost dinosaurs from the frozen-in-time mosquito???
don't blame the cute carnivorous dinosaurs for killing all those people

blame the bloody mosquitoes.

Friday, January 23, 2009


today i am happy, tired, exhausted.
my whole body is aching
and tomorrow will only get worse
but i wouldnt trade this for the world
ok for 100 bucks, sure

because tonight, at loooooooooooong last!

i played some badminton with my friends!
me, mamat, akmal, wan and amri

after God-knows-how-long i haven't played badminton on a real court,
i held nothing back while playing for almost 2 hours non stop!
there were bucketloads of sweat and damn, did i smell horrible

a funny story happened actually when i got home after badminton
as i was about to put my sweat-drenched clothes in a laundry bag
i realized my boxer shorts was almost completely torn from the crotch area up
damn, i can stretch

i know. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy too much information

but the hell do i care
i just played badminton

ohh kepuasan.

Monday, January 19, 2009


aku sangap main badminton!!!

not even remotely kidding


Thursday, January 15, 2009

petty and pointless

the Israeli invasion on Palestine started more than 2 weeks ago but i have yet to express my thoughts and views and opinions about it

though i am writing now, I'm ashamed that I didnt write earlier as every day that passes, hundreds of my fellow muslim brothers and sisters are slaughtered mercilessly by the vile and disgusting and repulsive and evil and heartless israeli forces

you may wonder why the title of the post is "petty and pointless", is this blog post petty and pointless as it will not affect the situation in Palestine in any way whatsoever?

that, we may never know, only God knows what is certain.

but I'll be damned if I just sit around doing nothing and watch my fellow muslims being shot and bombed and killed and slaughtered.

what is it then, that is petty and pointless??

well if you ask me, our needs, our desires, achievements and failures, any feeling or emotion that we may encounter that supposedly could kill you there and then or put you in cloud nine or even myspace and facebook seem petty and pointless when you put them next to the torture and suffering, the sorrow and sadness of losing a loved one, the pain and anger of helplessness that our brothers and sisters in Palestine feel almost every second of every day ever since the israeli trash set their foot on Palestinian soil.

we who are lucky enough to have food on our table, a roof over our heads and well, pretty much anything and everything that our hearts have ever desired should COUNT OUR BLESSINGS and thank God for all that He has given us and we should help those who are in dire need and not leave our brothers and sisters to suffer and die.

we do what is in our capabilities and hope and pray for the best.

click here if you wanna educate yourself further about the chaos and turmoil that surrounds Palestine. and thanx nina for the link!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

o' great music

i am



the Killers!!

they're fcuking awesome!!
i know they ain't nothing new, i'm slow.yes
but who gives a damn, they still rock!

i listen to these songs over and over again!

1. bones
2. somebody told me
3. when you were young
4. read my mind

i guess i have to thank Annis for letting me play guitar hero on her ps3, where i re-found my love for the band who are simply murderously amazing!

ahh the beauty of great music that rocks your head fervently and sways your body at odd angles

its electric.

Friday, January 9, 2009

haha. 22

happy birthday to
Nadia Farina Mutalib

she just recently murdered a baby monkey with my car
and told me to wash the car afterwards

she's fat, she's short and she's my annoying big sis

so here's the pictures we took at dinner!

buruk sungguh perangai kami

when parents get excited. XD

ohh yea
my big brother is currently at miri, tgh cari minyak.


uniKL MIAT, anda bodoh.

your registering system is so crappy, it's hard to believe any of you in the administration department have any clue in what your doing.

  • lines are annoyingly long.
  • registering counters are a minimal.
  • information conveyed are confusing and misleading
  • living in the 21st century holds no effect since our previous semester's results cannot be retrieved online
  • result slips given are incomplete. 3 subjects i have yet to know what my results are.
  • GPA not stated in the result slips.
  • the go-to person(s) are constantly unavailable or "busy" digging their noses or/while scratching their asses.
  • even final exams are littered with simple grammar errors to the extent of confounding the exam candidates

semester after semester, the same shit happens.

when will you ever learn?
ironic, isn't it?