Friday, January 9, 2009


uniKL MIAT, anda bodoh.

your registering system is so crappy, it's hard to believe any of you in the administration department have any clue in what your doing.

  • lines are annoyingly long.
  • registering counters are a minimal.
  • information conveyed are confusing and misleading
  • living in the 21st century holds no effect since our previous semester's results cannot be retrieved online
  • result slips given are incomplete. 3 subjects i have yet to know what my results are.
  • GPA not stated in the result slips.
  • the go-to person(s) are constantly unavailable or "busy" digging their noses or/while scratching their asses.
  • even final exams are littered with simple grammar errors to the extent of confounding the exam candidates

semester after semester, the same shit happens.

when will you ever learn?
ironic, isn't it?

1 comment:

batchiwa. said...

ergh!! same jek mcm Kolej "antarabangsa" Ikip. hahaha.
we have to que for almost 2 hrs weh hanye utk byr fees! nk byr jek. belopm other stuff. bodo.