Wednesday, June 24, 2009

have u seen it?

that's the question i'll be asking alot of ppl in the next few days (weeks if u live in the east coast or sabah/sarawak.wakakakka) XD

i cant help it
i'm jumping for joy ever since i watched it

mood - fucking ecstatic/high/blown away/extremely happy/hungry for more

to say that Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen is fukin-awesome-wicked-cool-blow-me-out-of-my-mind-super-duper-greatness-ever-achieved-by-man would be a definite understatement.

words cannot express its awesomeness. when the dictionary ppl creates a word to describe what i'm feeling right now, i'll tell u.
but for now, i'm speechless.

not. kidding.

the movie is so much moreeeeee than that
its like poetry for the eyes
the cool robots
the hot people
megan fox
the cinematography
megan fox
the awesome fight scenes
megan fox
the brilliant CGI
megan fox
and bumblebee!!

what more can u ask for in a movie?
well, other than more megan fox...

owhh bumblebee..ur like every guy's dream car..and so is megan fox, btw!
....i have a sudden hatred toward shia labeouf aka sam witwicky...hmm

anywho, this movie delivers on every freaking level!
i love how it's so action-packed and there's quality robot-vs-robot fighting in almost every scene

transformers 2 is like the mother of all movies! personally, its my favorite movie of ALL TIME! michael bay, ur a genius! ppl will talk about this movie in decades - if not centuries to come! and 50 years from now, they'll be making a remake of transformers! only to spoil it since nothing can beat the perfection that is ur artwork.

if only man could learn to NOT blink, then only can we fully appreciate the artistry of the movie. every millisecond we blink is considered a waste

i'm so thankful i got pretty good seats at the cinema!! =D
(and good ppl around me..hehe)
tuu suroh book awal2 xnak. degil. =P

watching transformers 2 once will not suffice. minimum - 3 times. lol

cant wait till transformers 3!! wohoooo

i want the bloody DVD right here, right now!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

all i have to do is dream

a wonderful thing, isn't it? our dreams
its the one place where its truly ours
where nobody can interfere
where everything is pure and simple
peaceful and serene
easy yet meaningful
where small actions mean so much more than those loud and blatant acts of supposed-love

however, all good things must come to an end
hold on to it as hard as u can
but to no avail
and so u wake up
where reality comes crashing down
but still, u have a smile on your face
and the memory of that wonderful time in your head