Tuesday, June 9, 2009

all i have to do is dream

a wonderful thing, isn't it? our dreams
its the one place where its truly ours
where nobody can interfere
where everything is pure and simple
peaceful and serene
easy yet meaningful
where small actions mean so much more than those loud and blatant acts of supposed-love

however, all good things must come to an end
hold on to it as hard as u can
but to no avail
and so u wake up
where reality comes crashing down
but still, u have a smile on your face
and the memory of that wonderful time in your head


azzy? said...

ko mimpi ape malam tadi weh?grrrr...

maliQ said...

that's for me to know
n for u to never find out
ahahahah =P

nina needs a reality check said...

eh eh..
what a coincidence!
i just felt like this over a silly dream.

and i wrote what i thot abt the dream as my fb status. n u know what, ur the only who gave me a really meaningful and deep answer. gile la. underneath all those bad characters u've shown to us, ko nih hati lembut gak. ah ah ah.

maliQ said...

gile lawak dowhh compliment ko
aahahah XD

ko jgn main2 dowh
underneath all my acts of stupidity and emotional bluntness is a very deep and meaningful person!!
WAHHHH!! agagagagagga

weii cite ahh psl mimpi ko?
wa x paham

Nina :) said...

not rite now i'm afraid
nnt2 k aku cite klu ak igt lgi

maliQ said...

will be waiting!