Monday, February 28, 2011


wow, its been a long time since i've updated this blog..
sorry peeps, i've been kinda preoccupied with my other blog -
=DDDD (sempat promote!) ahaha

anywho, since my class ended an hour early today, and i have assignments to be submitted later today, But I dont feel like doing it....why dont i humor u with a funny story that happened last week..~~~

pada suatu hari~

T'was a cloudy day and the sun was about to set.
I was in my room in my rented house here at Sepang, on my laptop, wasting my youth - as per usual.
My roommate, Din, 3 feet next to me, on his laptop, also wasting his youth - as per usual.
It was about 6.45pm, when i heard someone giving salam "Assalamualaikum" outside.
My roommate and i didnt bother to look outside at the gate, because wasting our youth was a much more important thing to do at the time.
But the calls giving salam still hadn't stop.
"Dah2 laa tu", i thought. "aku tgh main game ni kot!", and i looked outside my window
and to my astonishment, i saw 3 figures dressed in white.

Noooo, bukan Malaikat Maut..ishh
Org tabligh rupanya.. hahahah, berjubah dan berserban putih. XD

the 3 of them were outside the gate of my next-door neighbour, still giving salam, and still no reply from within the house...
and then they moved on to the next house - MY HOUSE.

and i was like "SHIT!". i immediately ducked my head under the window and hid myself from view.
i told whispered Din that there were tabligh ppl at the gate, and he too, hid himself from view whilst peeking outside through the curtain...
the 3 tabligh ppl were now outside my house, giving Salam numerous times. and everytime he gave salam, i replied/whispered "Waalaikumsalam" so as to not let them hear..hahahaha
Din and I were still at the edges of the window, waiting for them to leave when suddenly Aimi(a friend who's temporarily staying at our house) opened the door downstairs, greeted them and met them outside.

Naturally, Din and I cursed under our breaths..haha and i then tip-toed to the lights and fan switch in my room.
then i whispered to Din, "nak tutup lampu x?"
Din replied "kejap.."
-momentary pause-
and then he said "ok skarang!"
and immediately, i switched off the lights and the fan
*sumpah semangat gile time ni, aku tergelak everytime teringat balik..hahahahha
after realizing that we we're so very spy-ish in the switching off of the lights, we laughed - a suppressed laugh though as we didnt want it to be heard by the tabligh ppl..hahaha

while we were preoccupied laughing, little did we know that Aimi was now already in the house, making his way upstairs - to OUR ROOM! while he called "Din"(he knew Din better than he knew me, thats y he called Din instead of me..huhu)

Din and I were still shocked that Aimi was now climbing up the stairs!
we were both frozen for a split-second, and then we snapped out of it!
both of us ran to the toilet(our room was the master bedroom of the house) and hid behind the toilet door.
but we didnt close the door though, cuz that would be gay. hahahah
we could sense that Aimi was in the room looking for Din
fortunately, he didnt check the toilet.
and we were both laughing like hell - again, the suppressed laughter kind..haha

once we knew that Aimi has left the room and is back outside with the tabligh people, Din and I continued stalking at the window. until at long last, the tabligh ppl went to the next house, and we could at last breathe a sigh of relief. ahahahaha

and oh yeah, back to our respective laptops we went - mindlessly wasting our youth. =D

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Phone For You.

hello to the 15 people that read my blog!

today, i'd like to announce the opening ceremony of my brand new BLOG STORE that gives advice or consultation on which phones that suit you as well as sell brand new and used hand phones!

its not much considering that its A DAY old but i think its going somewhere..(i hope) XD

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

not a bad day at all.

today, 02.02.2011 was a pretty darn good day.

at first, i thought that it'd kinda suck a bit cuz i had 2 classes today.
while everyone was already on their CNY break, i had classes to go to

had to wake up early in the morning to go a class called Aviation Legislation.
its a well known fact that any subject that has the word "Legislation/Law" or any other word of similar meaning, would suck.
duhh, who likes lectures about the law, rules and regulations and all that crap? NOBODY (well, other than lawyers, of course)...

but then again, today's class didnt suck that much. and my 3-hour class quickly cut down to 2 hours which was definitely a blessing!

and then, our class rep announced that this afternoon's class was canceled!

OH YEAHH! things were definitely taking a turn for the better!

with nothing to do in the afternoon, the housemates decided to waste our time playing snooker!

played 2 games! was second last in the 1st game. and then was FIRST in the next game.
and i've NEVER WON before!! hahaha
its not that i was exceptionally great at that particular game, but my friends sucked more than they usually do..

after that, went back home (putrajaya). did a couple of chores and after maghrib, went out with the putrajaya peeps - izy and wawa. as usual, had to pick them both up..zzz and as usual, went to alamanda..sumpah xde tempat lain nak pergi kalau dok kat putrajaya dowh..hahahah

for the first time ever! wawa belanja makan! Thanx wawa! ate at Old Town. then met up with dayah, she gave me my belated(gilebabi) bday present! Thanx dayah! then izy paid for the parking (RM1 je, tp still...Thanx izy!) hahahaha

sent the ladies back home, and immediately rushed back out. cuz had to go to bangi to sell off my friend's handphone. i've got RM535 in my pocket right now! ngahahahahahaha

all in all. not a bad day. not a bad day at all. =D