Sunday, April 26, 2009

i want to be rich
and i want lots of money
i dont care about clever
i dont care about funny

whoever said money can't buy you happiness should have his ass kicked so hard...

Saturday, April 18, 2009



i've always sucked at them

nooooo, not talking bout these wrinkly fruit(?) that we eat every time we break fast..

n neither am i talking bout those boy-meets-girl-boy-asks-her-out-and-belanja's-her dates

well, actually that skill has yet to be utilized and explored

but i doubt its any good really

cuz i'll probably make an un-funny joke, laugh alone, n get food stuck between my ugly teeth

well enough about me being pathetic....

anywho, i suck at remembering anything that concerns dates

and by dates, i mean tarikh

if u ask me to remember ur birthday..
i'd probably forget it as soon as we move on to another conversation..

and its not because i'm intentionally being mean and insensitive and all that other crap that applies to me,

this is me being my ultra-forgetful self...

thank God there's facebook now!
or else i'd probably lose a friend or two...fine, more..

at school, all the kids used to keep track of the big lengthy holidays, to prepare their vacation plans and stuff

me, i dont even know when raya is...
all i know is, lepas puasa, RAYA! =D

heck, i hardly keep track of what the day's date is
always asking out loud what the day's date is to anyone who would hear during exams, when i'm filling the answer sheet

but there is one date i'm sure of
my birthday.. duhhh

1 more thing is i don't keep track on my class schedules
if my housemate wakes me up in the morning, it means that we have class in about 30mins

n i also rely on my other classmates for the venue of the class

damn, i'm completely useless

what can i say, i live in the present! =P

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

i love you

ohh Chelsea FC!

i love yoou
i do i do i do, ooooooooh~~~

yesterday's match was phenomenal
walaupon chelsea main cam syial sket
dan terry ku x main

tp Chelsea tetap terbaik!!!
and Guus Hiddink, please stay at Chelsea!
we need u!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

tiada kerja

out of the blue, i have a sudden urge to show off my new desktop wallpaper
even i'm pleasantly surprised at my wallpaper...
cuz u see, i didn't know i even had a thing for the heroine on my desktop

obviously, she's hot! it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure that out...yet she has this innocent look on her..which makes it even more hotter..and sooooooooooooo attractive and appealing


this is, Alexis Bledel. and believe it or not, she's 28 or 27 if i'm not mistaken!
muke mcm still 21 syiaaaallll...arghh the hotness!

i'll look past the fact that she talks 500 words per second in the show Gilmore Girls....

n oh yea..
i'm freaking addicted to this 1 song i heard when watching a video in youtube!

Jimmy Eat World - The Middle

i am so freaking in love with this song

simply beacause its a happy song
with a happy tune
and an infectious sound to it!


i'm so high about this song (for now) that every time i hear this song, it cheers me up

so if any of u are feeling down and blue

call me up! and i'll (try to) cheer u up by singing this song to u on the phone

i'll probably be off-key, tone-deaf and pitching ke laut

and u'll probably get even more depressed to the extent of suicidal

but hey, u cant blame a guy for trying!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


as u can see, i have modified my layout, blog title and description yet again.

hope u like it. or not. i just wanted to tayang the picture

last sunday, i went to Genting!
had a gilebabibestnakmaticamsyial time there with my classmates
penat pon gilegampangpenatmcmnaktercabutkaki
miskin plak kepalehotakakufulustakluluslangsung

will post the whole Genting story anytime soon

but this week is exam week


"happy happy joy joy"


dammit i've been such a lazy ass ever since semester 3 ended
and i've been scoring poorly at quizzes and exams

gotta get my groove back!

study mode - ON.