Monday, April 13, 2009

tiada kerja

out of the blue, i have a sudden urge to show off my new desktop wallpaper
even i'm pleasantly surprised at my wallpaper...
cuz u see, i didn't know i even had a thing for the heroine on my desktop

obviously, she's hot! it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure that out...yet she has this innocent look on her..which makes it even more hotter..and sooooooooooooo attractive and appealing


this is, Alexis Bledel. and believe it or not, she's 28 or 27 if i'm not mistaken!
muke mcm still 21 syiaaaallll...arghh the hotness!

i'll look past the fact that she talks 500 words per second in the show Gilmore Girls....

n oh yea..
i'm freaking addicted to this 1 song i heard when watching a video in youtube!

Jimmy Eat World - The Middle

i am so freaking in love with this song

simply beacause its a happy song
with a happy tune
and an infectious sound to it!


i'm so high about this song (for now) that every time i hear this song, it cheers me up

so if any of u are feeling down and blue

call me up! and i'll (try to) cheer u up by singing this song to u on the phone

i'll probably be off-key, tone-deaf and pitching ke laut

and u'll probably get even more depressed to the extent of suicidal

but hey, u cant blame a guy for trying!


Jaja said...

weyh sengal
tu lagu dkt blogaku selama ni la.
ko tak dengar ke?

Jaja said...
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aliah kama said...

kau bajet lepas SORANG kat dunia ni puji suara best kau boleh hiburkan hati org ke ha?

maliQ said...

jaja : aahahah
kantoi x pernah dgr

al : ahh ko diam. wa tau lu jeles xde sape puji suara lu!

Nina :) said...

hahaha.. wallpaper pon ko nk showoff..

aku nk doakn ko ade jodoh ngan die, tp cm impossible lak kn. sori r. cari artis msia la weh.

ermm..pastu, ak rase ko mmg byk addiction pon. maybe ko ade OCD.. have u heard abt it? gi jumpe dr sudu eh for full assesment.. MUAHAHAHA

:D :D :D tralalala~ she looks like a sugar in a plum~

maliQ said...

artis msia?
umm..yg aku kenal cume jaja je
(echehh bodek jaja)
ahahahaha XD

ocd? x kot..
obsesi aku bertempat

Nina :) said...


tmbhn: peewitt..kwn ngan artis la die.. Jaja lak tu.. tlg mintkkn otograf die.. i kipas susah mati die! hahaha