Saturday, April 18, 2009



i've always sucked at them

nooooo, not talking bout these wrinkly fruit(?) that we eat every time we break fast..

n neither am i talking bout those boy-meets-girl-boy-asks-her-out-and-belanja's-her dates

well, actually that skill has yet to be utilized and explored

but i doubt its any good really

cuz i'll probably make an un-funny joke, laugh alone, n get food stuck between my ugly teeth

well enough about me being pathetic....

anywho, i suck at remembering anything that concerns dates

and by dates, i mean tarikh

if u ask me to remember ur birthday..
i'd probably forget it as soon as we move on to another conversation..

and its not because i'm intentionally being mean and insensitive and all that other crap that applies to me,

this is me being my ultra-forgetful self...

thank God there's facebook now!
or else i'd probably lose a friend or two...fine, more..

at school, all the kids used to keep track of the big lengthy holidays, to prepare their vacation plans and stuff

me, i dont even know when raya is...
all i know is, lepas puasa, RAYA! =D

heck, i hardly keep track of what the day's date is
always asking out loud what the day's date is to anyone who would hear during exams, when i'm filling the answer sheet

but there is one date i'm sure of
my birthday.. duhhh

1 more thing is i don't keep track on my class schedules
if my housemate wakes me up in the morning, it means that we have class in about 30mins

n i also rely on my other classmates for the venue of the class

damn, i'm completely useless

what can i say, i live in the present! =P


batchiwa. said...

taklehblah bermasalah dgn dates.
yelah ak terima tuh sebagai alasan ko lupe birthday ak.
takpela masalah dgn dates ke hape.
4flat tetappp! haha. sengal ;)

sudu said...

maliq, 7 OGOS!!!!!!!!!!!! ingat tuh...
tarikh keramat

1) nobita nye besdey
2) seorang bayi yg sgt comel nama syam lahir

maliQ said...

batch : dpt 4flat lg senang drpd nk mengingati bday ko dowhh
ahahahahha XD

sudu : 7 august!
got it!!!tp ko ade ke x pon kat msia on that day?

Nina :) said...

ahaha maliq.
sbnrnye ak pon sme gle cm kau
ak cbe sggh2 utk igt sume, tp siyesly, i live my life as it happens.. i'm not really into planning and klu ade xm, respon ak: oh ok ade exam.
tp hrm nk amek tau ble tarikh n mse. slalu je tny org smpi ak rse org pn da bengang jwb prtnyaan ak. haha.. klu kelas plak, tiap hari tny pkul brp kelas esk n kelas ape. pdhal sorg satu dpt jadual class. i think its more to kurg rse keperluan utk igt, dr pelupa la, for me la kot..
nseb baik gle kan ade fb ngan hp reminder? hahaha..