Wednesday, January 27, 2010


today was a really really REALLY tiring day for me
i've got blisters on my hands
my legs hurt
my forearms hurt
and i stink - bad

but i guess it was a good day
i learned alot today
did some stuff i've never done before

you see, before today
we havent done any actual work
we just observed what other ppl do
take a few notes
and walked around the HUGE hangar
staring at the runway infront of us
airplane after airplane landing and taking-off
it gets boring after an hour, trust me

so today, i assisted an LAE (licensed aircraft engineer - what i aspire to be) in performing a routine check of the humongous B747 engines - the Borescope Inspection

 this is what the LAE did the whole day. the bloody pervert! haha

this thing costs around RM15,000!!!

i thought of suggesting this(periscope) to him.u know, a cheaper alternative to rm1.5k rite?

and then use it like this. but i didnt, cuz x pasal2 kang kene baling dgn sepana...haha

i dont wanna go into detail bout what i did
cuz u all aint gonna understand any of it even if i told u
sooooo, in short
i did ALOT of work
and was sweating bullets the whole time

anddddd the LAE kept on quizzing me
couldnt answer all of his questions
so tomorrow, i have to come prepared!!
therefore, tonight, i have to study!!!


and oh yeah,
did i mention that yesterday, i slept at 9.00PM and woke up at 6.20AM ?!?!?!?
and usually i'd be amazed at myself if i could sleep at midnight. haha XD

Saturday, January 23, 2010


yessss, i am officially a "WORKING MAN"

hahaha ok fine. not really "working" per se'...
i am doing work and i am coming to the office early in the morning
however, the fact that i aint getting paid a cent doesnt make it count as working, does it?

anddd about calling myself a "man",
although i am qualified physically and "cukup syarat" (haha)
i have a maturity of a 12-year old. go figure


i've started my OJT (on-job training) last monday (18 jan 2010)
went to MAS complex A. left the house at 6.50AM!!!
and reached subang around 7.30AM!!
(because we were told we had to arrive there before 8)
HATE driving to Subang - especially during peak times
went to subang using the ELITE highway - cost me rm5.20 ONE-FREAKING WAY!!

so, the 1st day of my OJT, didnt do anything other than sat on a chair in the MAS training theatrette listening to an extremely dull and boring briefing on "SAFETY AND HAZARDS AND THEIR RESPECTIVE LAWS AND CRAP"!!!

naturally, i slept. but couldnt get a proper position on the chairs
so i had a headache the whole day..gahhh

same thing on the 2nd day. BRIEFING. headache. gahhh

3rd day. at MAS subang. BRIEFING. new topic. gahhh

4th day. at MAS KLIA YAWWWWW!!!

unfortunately, still.
but i really like it here at klia
no freaking jam.
no expensive food.
no TOLL!
newer hangar.
not crowded.
bigger space.
better environment.

at first, i was quite reluctant to leave MAS Subang
cuz i didnt know any of the ppl goin to klia
most of the ones i DO know (very few ppl) are staying at subang... =/
(thats wat u get for being a stuck-up unfriendly ass..ahaha)

however, i did manage to make a friend! a couple of friends, in fact!
(yesss, this is a very proud moment for me. tqvm!) =D
most of us are from the same batch. so we had like 5 semesters before this to know each other
but we didnt. haha

when we were told to divide ourselves into groups of 5,
my new-found friends and i even decided to group up.
unfortunately, when the OJT coordinator came, he gave us our new groups
and i got stuck with a guy whom i dont like very much(i have this thing where i hate ppl for no apparent/obvious reason. sorry in advance!)
but i'm willing to look past that and move on. haha

5th day.
but it was a short briefing. n then we were sent to report to our supervisors at the hangar
we met the senior technician at line 6 in hangar 6 where they maintain BOEING 747s!!! =D
my 1st impression of him - he looks like a cowboy!
hahaha serious dowhh. die jenis yg relax and selamba gile. wearing jeans when ur not ever supposed to wear jeans at MAS.

he gave us a tour outside, inside and under the aircraft!! =D
we went from the cargo decks to the cockpit of the aircraft
the business class seats were awesome! haha
after the tour, he let us go for our break early!

and after the friday prayers, we did something other than listen to boring briefings!!
mr zul, the senior tech told us to follow this technician into the aircraft
and the technician then told us to peel the masking tape off the cabin floor! hahahahah
yeap u read it right! my first ever assignment during my OJT is peeling tape off the floor
but it was ok, the other technicians were making jokes and i get to watch the movie RV(that JoJo was in) on the tv screens in the airplane. hoho
after that, we didnt do anything but walked around the hangar observing ppl doing their work and occasionally talking to the staff there. hoho

will update more when i'm free.
weekdays are hectic for me
u know, since aku dah start KEJE!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


my number flashed on the monitor
signaling me to go into the room

room 19 - dental

and so i went in the room,
all smiles and polite
siap bg salam before i went in

serious aku pakai mcm ni gi klinik

the nurse motioned me to get on the uber-scary yet comfortable dentist chair
modern, hygienic state-of-the-art torture chambers

the dentist then asked me what my problem was
i said i had a pain in the left side of my mouth
then she examined my mouth
after a while she said that the pain i had is caused by an ulcer
which is caused by my left wisdom tooth constantly rubbing my gums

she went away for awhile and when she returned

she got bitchy.

 yeap dentist tu siap pakai tiara. x tipu

she told me that all she can do today was examine my mouth
and she cant pull out the teeth cuz its already 11am
and she doesnt have any energy left

u have no idea how condescending her tone was
and as she talked to me while i was on the chair staring up at her
her eyes were "terkebil2", half open, half close, in the most annoying and condescending way
like i was a stupid infedil for hurting my gums

weiii minah! mane aku tau kalo x cabut wisdom tooth aku jd camni laa sialllll!!

but i just sat there quietly, didnt wanna retort and risk incurring her wrath
x pasal2 kang, i'd leave the room missing a few teeth and looking like this

well, at least he's happy!

then i asked her should i get all my other wisdom teeth removed seeing as how they're not used for anything

n then she replied in the most irritating manner "bwat ape nk buang benda yg x menyakitkan kita, tau x dlm surgery, ade kemungkinan terpotong saraf, urat dll bla di bla di bla bla blaaaaa"
and the lecture goes on......

i would have slept to, if only her voice wasnt so damn annoying!!!

n being the good patient that i am, i just said "owh, ok" through gritted-teeth yet still being polite as ever.

it'd still be okay if she just left it at that.

but noooooooooo, after that, she scolded me for coming in late
she said that i should come at 7.30am
"kalau makcik2 yg pakai wheelchair tu bole dtg kul 8.00, xkan awak x bole"

wei sial. aku dtg kul 9 kot. tu pon lambat sbb kene tunggu kakak aku hantarkan gi klinik. tunggu register je 1 jam setengah. tgk2 masok bilik kau dah pukul 11

yg x tahan tu, before aku balik, die bole bwat aku mcm budak tadika.
"nanti next time dtg pukul brape???"

 aku pon melompat2 nk jwb. aku yg pakai baju oren kat depan, btw

dgn muke seceria palsu mungkin, aku jwb "pukul 7.30!!!!!"
padehal dlm hati aku jwb "bile ko dah mati"

sikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit lagi aku nak amik the suction thing that dentists always use and suck her eyeballs right out of her sockets!

ok ingatkan nk letak gambar ganas2, tp x jd. horror sungguh

kalo laa takdir menentukan die naik kapal terbang aku
pastu die tye ape masalah kapal terbang aku,
mmg aku terajang die laju2

i regret brushing my teeth this morning
should have let her experience the full effect of my morning breath..
haihh, maybe next time

nasib baik when i went to the pharmacy to get my medicine, the makcik attending me was really nice. =D

sry nina, u lost this round.
i am currently in "HATE DENTISTS MODE"
pharmacists 1 - dentists ZIT/NIL/ZERO/BOOOO (0)
annis wins this round!!!

annis bila dah jd a successful and rich pharmacist yg suke belanja kwn2 =D

sudu, as the rep for physicians or doctor2 biasa ke apentah,
u'll be judged later, the next time aku jatuh sakit
so doakan laa aku jatuh sakit terok2(woi jangan laa, bodo)

haha XD

pick-me up

if ever ur feeling low or stressed out or down or sad or PMS-ISH or EMO!!!! , just go to youtube and find a couple of videos to cheer u up.

no, NOT porn. there are other videos on the internet that doesnt have anything to do with porn.
however, if u are horny, then u may go watch porn(at ur own risk. muahahahahha) XD
again, if ur stressed out or down or sad or PMS-ISH or EMO!!!!, watch a FUNNY video that'll put a smile on ur face.

i dont know bout u, but i'm a sucker for videos with cute little adorable tiny cats that make u wanna kick them around and tear them apart limb by limb!!!!

exhibit A: a vid of a cat riding a roomba(round vacuum cleaner that moves on its own).

i have no idea why i laughed so freaking hard everytime i see the cat jerk around on the roomba everytime the roomba turns. lol i am easily pleased..haha double meaning? XD

Exhibit B: another cat riding a roomba but this time, he's annoying the heck out of a dog.

hahaha. this cat is a total asshole! comel gilebabi everytime he jabs the dog..haha..again, the damn cat is so freaking tiny cute adorable that i wanna choke him to death and shave him bald.

haha psycho!