Sunday, January 10, 2010

pick-me up

if ever ur feeling low or stressed out or down or sad or PMS-ISH or EMO!!!! , just go to youtube and find a couple of videos to cheer u up.

no, NOT porn. there are other videos on the internet that doesnt have anything to do with porn.
however, if u are horny, then u may go watch porn(at ur own risk. muahahahahha) XD
again, if ur stressed out or down or sad or PMS-ISH or EMO!!!!, watch a FUNNY video that'll put a smile on ur face.

i dont know bout u, but i'm a sucker for videos with cute little adorable tiny cats that make u wanna kick them around and tear them apart limb by limb!!!!

exhibit A: a vid of a cat riding a roomba(round vacuum cleaner that moves on its own).

i have no idea why i laughed so freaking hard everytime i see the cat jerk around on the roomba everytime the roomba turns. lol i am easily pleased..haha double meaning? XD

Exhibit B: another cat riding a roomba but this time, he's annoying the heck out of a dog.

hahaha. this cat is a total asshole! comel gilebabi everytime he jabs the dog..haha..again, the damn cat is so freaking tiny cute adorable that i wanna choke him to death and shave him bald.

haha psycho!


sudu said...

hoit hoit hoit.
tak kelakar pun!!! u are so easily impressed laa..
damn it aku kawan ngan org tak kelakar

maliQ said...

bg aku, ape2 yg ade kucing adelah comel dan kelakar. haha