Saturday, May 28, 2011

The World is Cruel.

the other day, I went to Giant Puchong for business(echehh)

went to the food court upstairs to wait for someone(echehh)

there I was, sitting alone at an empty table, waiting...(echehh)

Sitting at a food court waiting for someone usually makes u buy some food just to pass the time..not for me though, cuz i wasnt hungry(echehh padehal kedekut/jimat =P )

To pass the time, i played around with my phone, surfed the web, walked around the mall a few times, but still. bored as hell. Naturally, i did some people-watching!

and what I saw opened my eyes.

I saw and old woman, probably in her late 50's or early 60's. She wore a green Giant Cleaner tshirt, moving from table to table, picking up all the dirty dishes, clearing all the unfinished food and wiping the tables clean.

What saddened me the most is when she would push the cleaning trolley from table to table, limping as she walked. Each step looked as painful and as uncomfortable as the last...

She did her work quietly but determinedly. U could feel her sincerity in doing her work, despite her age and her health condition..

I could only look at her with sympathy and smile when she looked at me and pray that she leads a better life tomorrow.

And then I had a stray thought.
What if my Mother was the one in her shoes.
Limping from table to table, picking up other people's dirty dishes...

Dont get me wrong, I am in no way looking down at people in that line of work

I just believe that no aged woman/mother should be doing it

I know my mother wont
Because she has her 2 sons and daughter that she can depend on

The World is Cruel....But Thank God I have My Mother Here With Me.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Despicable Me.

This post has nothing to do with an aspiring villain nor will i talk about small bald little yellow aliens.

far from it, in fact.

this will be my darkest post yet. u have been warned.

*the text is intentionally hidden. highlight the text below to read

have u ever had a thought?

a very dark thought

one that involves someone dropping dead on the spot just ceasing to exist.

out of your hair, forever.

never bothering you again.



well, i have. and i am not at all proud to say it.

though i may have my reasons for thinking about it, it is still inexcusable and unforgivable that i am having such thoughts.

i am disappointed in myself

and clearly, i am disappointed in you...

no murderous intent within me, neither first degree nor third. 

for murder is not in my nature.

but i can't help myself from thinking

what it would be like

the world, without you.

yours truly,
Despicable Me.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


A group of kids were playing at a field, and i overheard this

Budak A: wei, ko nak geng dgn aku x?
Budak B: naaaaaak!
Budak A: ok, jom!


oh the good ol' days

 gamba nak budak2 omputeh je. hahaha