Saturday, May 7, 2011

Despicable Me.

This post has nothing to do with an aspiring villain nor will i talk about small bald little yellow aliens.

far from it, in fact.

this will be my darkest post yet. u have been warned.

*the text is intentionally hidden. highlight the text below to read

have u ever had a thought?

a very dark thought

one that involves someone dropping dead on the spot just ceasing to exist.

out of your hair, forever.

never bothering you again.



well, i have. and i am not at all proud to say it.

though i may have my reasons for thinking about it, it is still inexcusable and unforgivable that i am having such thoughts.

i am disappointed in myself

and clearly, i am disappointed in you...

no murderous intent within me, neither first degree nor third. 

for murder is not in my nature.

but i can't help myself from thinking

what it would be like

the world, without you.

yours truly,
Despicable Me.


Syamsuddin Faruok said...

liking the dark ambiance. tapi mcm over sket. aku rasa mcm each day i wish at least 2 people dead. normal. hahaah

Nina :) said...

yep. just like sudu said, its normal. i wish one of my classmate drop dead the minute he starts annoying the hell out of me. the world would be a better place, filled with rainbows again. haha.

but yes, its wrong to doakan keburukan. instead, pray for some tolerance, and patience. let them be what they want to be. hey, ur post corresponds with my latest post. lol. btw, don't worry bout it, every one has his/her dark moments. nobody can be all hyper and having fun all the time. chin up!

maliQ said...

agak ahh, bile baca balik. bapak then again, x sgt kot. because the person(s) whom u guys wish to drop dead is just another annoying person/classmate/whatever, mine isnt...hoho

but thanks anyway, semlm jaa emo, harini dah ok. haha

Syamsuddin Faruok said...

oh btw, planning/wishing to do evil tak dosa =) tp plan to do good dpt pahala =) . hadith sahih

Annis Natalia Abdul Hamed Shah said...

serious.ini perkara normal. rilek ahh. whatsapp pls. i wanna know the juicy details.

syam and na, i miss u both!