Wednesday, January 27, 2010


today was a really really REALLY tiring day for me
i've got blisters on my hands
my legs hurt
my forearms hurt
and i stink - bad

but i guess it was a good day
i learned alot today
did some stuff i've never done before

you see, before today
we havent done any actual work
we just observed what other ppl do
take a few notes
and walked around the HUGE hangar
staring at the runway infront of us
airplane after airplane landing and taking-off
it gets boring after an hour, trust me

so today, i assisted an LAE (licensed aircraft engineer - what i aspire to be) in performing a routine check of the humongous B747 engines - the Borescope Inspection

 this is what the LAE did the whole day. the bloody pervert! haha

this thing costs around RM15,000!!!

i thought of suggesting this(periscope) to him.u know, a cheaper alternative to rm1.5k rite?

and then use it like this. but i didnt, cuz x pasal2 kang kene baling dgn sepana...haha

i dont wanna go into detail bout what i did
cuz u all aint gonna understand any of it even if i told u
sooooo, in short
i did ALOT of work
and was sweating bullets the whole time

anddddd the LAE kept on quizzing me
couldnt answer all of his questions
so tomorrow, i have to come prepared!!
therefore, tonight, i have to study!!!


and oh yeah,
did i mention that yesterday, i slept at 9.00PM and woke up at 6.20AM ?!?!?!?
and usually i'd be amazed at myself if i could sleep at midnight. haha XD


sudu said...

waa.. tidur teratur.. lg sorg kwn aku bleh kawen dah... bila lagi mal?

maliQ said...

babi apsl panggil aku "mal"?

its not even 10pm yet
and aku dah rase ngantok..hahahah

batchiwa. said...

omg asal sume org dah dewasa sgt nehhhh? Tahniah!
Nak rasa keje jugak..
Heee :)

ps: Since ko da bgn kul 6 hari2, ko pulak jdk alarm clock aku skrg ek? hee. sila kalahkan rekod 33kali!

Nina :) said...

gile la maliq..

tu je aku nk tulis. haha

Annis Natalia Abdul Hamed Shah said...

sudu!! bab kawen sounds depressing. ktorg sume takde calon lagi ok!! haahhaha.

maliq!! hahaha. gle ko dpt 9 hours of sleep. benciiiii

maliQ said...

siot..aku penat2 tulis experience beKEJE aku..
and all u ppl care about is the fact that i slept at 9pm..
hahahaha BABI!!!! XD

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