Sunday, January 25, 2009

bloody bloodsuckers

yes. they bite
no. they dont leave fang marks
yes. they suck your blood.
no. you dont turn into one of them when you're bitten.
yes. they can fly.
no. they don't have superhuman strength or the ability to read minds.
yes. they're annoying like hell.
no. they're not vampires.

yeap. they're mosquitoes.

damn i hate them

every night at putrajaya, i will be attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes
while i'm watching a movie on my laptop,
while i'm playing computer games,
while i'm blogging,
while i'm sleeping,
they'll be flying all around me
biting me when the opportunity comes
leaving me with pink dots all over my body

as you may or may not know,
thanks to these leeches with wings, i've had the "pleasure" of getting plagued by dengue
and believe you me, it ain't a pretty sight

and now, they are attempting to help me re-live the whole unpleasant experience

so, every night, i go on a killing frenzy, literally.
i kill at least 5 mosquitoes a day
yesterday, i managed to kill 7 of them
their tiny little black and white bodies lay scattered in my room like a warzone.
wahhh XD

damn i hate mosquitoes

if i could choose any species in the world to make them extinct, i'd definitely kill off the whole mosquito species

i mean, they bug the hell out of us, they suck our blood while infecting us with dengue, malaria and other blood-related-diseases

Plus, remember Jurassic Park?
remember how the scientists got the blood of the long-lost dinosaurs from the frozen-in-time mosquito???
don't blame the cute carnivorous dinosaurs for killing all those people

blame the bloody mosquitoes.


sudu said...

and your point is?
rumah rm745,000 byk nyamuk?
sewa bilik umah aku rm80/month... takde nyamuk pun kat sinih...

maliQ said...

oooh harsh.

tu ahh, aku duduk sepang(xnak sebut dengkil lg dah) pon xde nyamuk

ahh diam. yg penting, shah alam pon byk nyamok gak...

nina / saleha said...

aduh.nyamuk tuh ade sbb nk mmbantu kau..
ko bole praktis skill badminton kau da kemaruk sgt..hr2 xkn nk kua hr2 r praktis kt rmh..sng cite

tah.rmh mahal byk nyamuk. hampeh.

maliQ said...


fine ahh
aku nak jual umah tu
cari umah murah!
sudu, kat egypt ade umah kosong?

batchiwa. said...

damn. subang byk nyamuk.
atau umah ak je. damn nyamuk imun weh tak mati dgn semburan. eergh!

maliQ said...

tau xpe
subang mmg byk gile nyamuk dowhh
tu sbb aku pindah


.paiz. said...

nyamux.. waa best3.. xnak bg ak.. ak tgh menternak nyamuk neh..

maliQ said...

aneh gile kauu