Thursday, January 15, 2009

petty and pointless

the Israeli invasion on Palestine started more than 2 weeks ago but i have yet to express my thoughts and views and opinions about it

though i am writing now, I'm ashamed that I didnt write earlier as every day that passes, hundreds of my fellow muslim brothers and sisters are slaughtered mercilessly by the vile and disgusting and repulsive and evil and heartless israeli forces

you may wonder why the title of the post is "petty and pointless", is this blog post petty and pointless as it will not affect the situation in Palestine in any way whatsoever?

that, we may never know, only God knows what is certain.

but I'll be damned if I just sit around doing nothing and watch my fellow muslims being shot and bombed and killed and slaughtered.

what is it then, that is petty and pointless??

well if you ask me, our needs, our desires, achievements and failures, any feeling or emotion that we may encounter that supposedly could kill you there and then or put you in cloud nine or even myspace and facebook seem petty and pointless when you put them next to the torture and suffering, the sorrow and sadness of losing a loved one, the pain and anger of helplessness that our brothers and sisters in Palestine feel almost every second of every day ever since the israeli trash set their foot on Palestinian soil.

we who are lucky enough to have food on our table, a roof over our heads and well, pretty much anything and everything that our hearts have ever desired should COUNT OUR BLESSINGS and thank God for all that He has given us and we should help those who are in dire need and not leave our brothers and sisters to suffer and die.

we do what is in our capabilities and hope and pray for the best.

click here if you wanna educate yourself further about the chaos and turmoil that surrounds Palestine. and thanx nina for the link!


nina / saleha said...

welcome :)
well, agk r. ak terse cm ignorant sbb x amek tau pape2. nseb gi ceramah aritu. trus nanges. aduh. malunya diri ak sbb selama ni bergembira xigt dunia pdhal org di sana... hurmm..

xpe. yg penting, kite tlg mereka dr segi sumbangan duit n doa..itu yg diorg nk..


batchiwa. said...

haah kan?
kt slalu mcm tak bersyukur.
keep complaining sume. haihhh.
diorg nye masalah lebih berat sbnrnye.

maliQ said...

nina : oooh ko gi ceramah dowhh! damn..aku dgr khutbah smayang jumat je

batch : yeap2. marilaa kite bermula bersyukur ke hadrat ilahi
wahh mcm karangan bm!

Annis Natalia said...

well i 'm tired of this friggin war. it has to stop. but i gotta blame the Arabs for doin a thing. they're powerful but they dont wanna to unite and kick the Israelis' asses. haihhh..

anyway u bitch.. u got 4 flat! thanks to al who announced on her blog. hahah. congrats. before u say anythin, no, u aint gettin a present. hahha

maliQ said...

yeap annis
aku stuju!
the arabs aren't doing a thing!
theyre not helping and theyre not making the process of helping any easier
its like their totally on israel's side
aaaa its a shame
but aku ade dgr khutbah jumaat ckp "org arab laa yg mule2 diperkenalkan dgn Islam n diorg jugak laa yg akan mule2 meninggalkan Islam"...

nasib baik kite banjar kan annis??

aliah kama said...

arabs a bitch.malaysian pon kesian.sume simpati dan sedih tp tatau cara nak tolong.doa dan derma dan boikot je lah in the mean time.

kalau ada nak hantar askar pejuang nnt,kt hantar maliq.lalalala.

and sama2 annis.maliq kununnye rendah diri,tanak gtau.

Annis Natalia said...

banjar and jawa bebeh!! oohh shit aku ada darah turki. tapi darah tu tak kuat coz from my great2 grandpa. so u can disregard dat. hahah...owhh well.. msia kecik sgt nk buat pape. tentera pon takde. arab laanye psl ni. they got no balls. i think they're scared of america. bitch. lol.

oohh sume arab countries pon buat demonstrasi. tapi kerajaan diorg satu hapak tak buat pape. mcm bangang je.