Friday, January 23, 2009


today i am happy, tired, exhausted.
my whole body is aching
and tomorrow will only get worse
but i wouldnt trade this for the world
ok for 100 bucks, sure

because tonight, at loooooooooooong last!

i played some badminton with my friends!
me, mamat, akmal, wan and amri

after God-knows-how-long i haven't played badminton on a real court,
i held nothing back while playing for almost 2 hours non stop!
there were bucketloads of sweat and damn, did i smell horrible

a funny story happened actually when i got home after badminton
as i was about to put my sweat-drenched clothes in a laundry bag
i realized my boxer shorts was almost completely torn from the crotch area up
damn, i can stretch

i know. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy too much information

but the hell do i care
i just played badminton

ohh kepuasan.


aliah kama said...

eiuwwwwww.ta paya la detail sgt diskripsi tuhhhh! and gue nmpkkkk mamat's name.aww.haha.

maliQ said...

aku tgh high sbb puas maen bdmntn!

ye ye mamat pon maen gak semlm..

Anonymous said...

pundecks!! hehe

batchiwa. said...

nampak ko puas. bole rase betapa puasnye ko. hahaha.

maliQ said...

betapa puas ye cik basirah?
cube anda elaborate sket