Wednesday, October 29, 2008

annoying myspace stereotypes part 2

allow me to be frank

theres a whole lot of things that i hate
im not a spiteful person - but hell,
u juz canT NOT hate certain things

we've gone thru how much i despise comment-seekers

n now lets evaluate the 2nd online stereotype that i detest - annoying typers (im not sure if this is even a word, but u get the idea ryte?)

there is an unspoken rule saying that informal chatting shud be done as SHORT as possible - yet understandable

but these annoying typers who dont grab the concept of it, type in a way they deem "cute" and "sweet"....... WRONG u are, my friend

No, im not condemning u to hell juz cuz u have an awful interpretation on what is cute and what is not
but i am avoiding talking to u online cuz u annoy the hell outta me
(being frank here~)

u see, when a NORMAL person talks/types, it would sound/look something like this
"mane ade dowh, ko ni biar betol. aku ok je"

On the other hand, the weirdos would write sumthing like this
"maneWWW adeWWW dowhh, kauwWHHH nihhhh biar betolLLLL. akuWWHHHH ok jeRRRR"

Get the picture???

juz try to say out loud what i juz typed and u will look like a ridiculous illiterate pouty nutter
NOT kidding

yes, this is a free country and u have every right to type horribly - but ur doing the world a great favour by typing normally

sooooo come back to the "light" owhh lost one
n type properly, will yah?


nina, melaporkan dari bandung said...

:( nk fire ak stret 4ward je beb.
don't hv to post it publicly

maliQ said...

*note to visitors

this post has nothing to do with my circle of friends

its about people who type in an annoying manner at ALL times

if kadang2, bole terime lg

n to nina, xde kene mengene dgn kau dowhh

sudu said...

y the heat maliq...
jgn jadikkan blog tempat marah... hahahha
baca selawat 11 kali, istighfar 11 kali... insyaAllah apa2 perasaan yg ditiup syaitan akan hilang, and u'll be less affected by these silly things...


ps: memang bangarng ukeh, merekewh yg berbuat itew... akuwh pun mencik nyugak (jugak). lorh napewh ninawh terasewh? pelix akuwhz...

batchiwa. said...


batchiwa. said...


maliQ said...

ehh apehal kau batch?

Azzy said...

apew niew maliqueww?akuww terasew taww..wwwwww

cramp mulut aku doh

liyana said...

gotta totally agree with you maliq, these freaks are really annoying. effing annoying