Tuesday, November 4, 2008

notes to self

Note to self, don’t be a hypocrite
U know how I always say “ish aku x suke dowh org yg pakai 2 fon..ntah mcm pape ntah”
N now, im doing juz dat..pftt..
Celcom U pax murah dowhh
Xleh bwat ape2

Note to self, sleep more
With the end of the semester around the corner and finals, quizzes and assignment submissions are galore, I’m becoming more sleep deprived and a hell lot crankier.
Which leads me to my 3rd note,

Note to self, be less angry/cranky
Lost my thumbdrive, my phone can’t read my memory card (now I can’t listen to music/take pics)
Things aren’t going my way lately, but what the hell – I’ll get over it

Note to self, smile more
Nothing super funny or exciting happened to me the whole of this week so I aint the perkiest lil’ bug in the whole of Sepang
Still, you gotta take it all with a smile
N plus, “senyum itu sedekah”

Note to self, eat more veggies!
Keep getting sick, then get better, then sick again, then better!
Like my msn status says “my immune system’s a bitch”
Make up your mind will yah!

Note to self, watch James Bond
Its been A.G.E.S since I last watched a movie at a cinema
I think the last movie I watched was Batman 2. Pathetic, yes
Hope I can book tickets to watch it on the 1st day it premieres!!

Note to self, save more money
Drive slowly, below 100km/hr. “jimat~”

Note to self, shop!
I know this totally contradicts the note above but I need to buy something for myself!
Things currently on the wishlist are – t-shirts, headphone for laptop, thumbdrive, wallet!


nina, melaporkan dari bandung said...

all i can say is, btul tu maliq!
ahhaa.ak tlis pjg, ko xske kn..

maliQ said...

gile general dowhh comment ko

alia kama said...

btul tu maliq juge.
(kt tatau ape yg kt sdg buat ni.ngntuk)

maliQ said...

ikhlas gile comment

batchiwa. said...

wehh! kt hampir2 akan menonton james bond bersam2 setelah daku yg LUCKY neh menang tiket tuh! juge makan kenny free!
ergh! bodo arh. mesti ke time final br nk bagi!!

batchiwa. said...