Tuesday, November 18, 2008

anda GAGAL

yesterday was a funny day
by funny i mean weird
n by weird i mean peculiar
really peculiar

it was 7.30pm, we arrived at MIAT in my BAMbee
parked the car, then immediately remembered that we FORGOT to bring some A4 papers to photostat our assignment
Maliq - "nak patah balik amik kertas ke x?"
sumone in the car - "alaa xyah ah, hantar rabu ah"
Maliq - "ok ah"

masuk kelas, bukak laptop, bukak webcam
paham2 je la bwat ape

it was 8pm
n my rotorcraft control lecturer came in
n he was in an eff-ing mood, so to speak
n my classmates' presentations were far from helpful in calming the tidal waves that were his anger and frustration
(haha..nak ckp classmates, xnk ckp diri sendiri.biar =p)

the lecturer asked for the hardcopy for our assignment
Maliq - "sir, can we submit the hardcopy this wednesday? cuz we forgot to bring our A4 papers and the library stopped selling them"
Lecturer - "i already said earlier to bring the hardcopy for the 3rd assignment this week. u dont bring the papers, u get no marks"
Maliq - "SHIT" (dlm hati of course, kang x pasal2 kene baling laptop dgn lecturer)

failure to send an assignment may not mean much to everyone else, but it means the WORLD to those who have a passing mark of 75% and especially to us who's got this super-strict by-the-book lecturer as our instructor

make, DAMN

i tried to blame sumone from my group for not bringing the bloody A4 papers to class but i cant,
i couldnt or i wont

i guess what's done is done
n we have to accept the consequences and move on
and hope for the best

ape ni, am i being mature in this situation?

pelik pelik.

n there's 1 more weird thing that happened on that fateful night (wahh)

although the prospects of me failing that paper is sgt sgt cerah or very LIKELY, i'm neither upset nor angry

instead, me n mamat continued to camwhore on my webcam n made dumb jokes throughout the night while everyone threw curses left and right at my dear lecturer

usually, if something like this happens, i'd be in a pissing mood, eff-ing anyone n everyone i see

bloody helll, i AM maturing!
ahahahahahahah XD


batchiwa. said...

pergh. mature sgt. haha. tp mmg dlm ape2 situasi, kena calm down kan.
mcm ak cepat panick. hahaha.

ouh, nape tk dtg print kat ak jek?
da ar murah. paper disediakannnn :p

maliQ said...

ko patot bwat service door to door dowhh
baru laku gile2 babi!
aku call ko utk print
ko dtg laju2 kat miat


nina / saleha said...

haha.. if i were in the same class as urs.. kompem ak gagal tiap presentation!
tahniah maliq da besar da dewasa!
(mcm congratulate org baru baligh)