Thursday, November 27, 2008

finally finals

its that time of year again
where we all cramp our heads n stuff them with knowledge, procedures, figures and processes related to the world of aircraft maintenance
oh and what a jolly time it is


after 5 days staying at home during my 9-day study leave, i have yet to read a book
yeap, you heard me, i haven't read a single thing about any of the 6 subjects that i'm taking this semester

sure, i've opened a book - A book, singular - and as quick as i opened it, i closed it back and continued with my computer games

i just cant study at home. waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy too many temptations going on!
internet, food, tv, internet, movies in my laptop, jalan-jalan, internet, friends
how can anyone expect me to study in an environment like this is beyond me!

so that is why i had to leave the house early and come to my rented house here at sepang
with an intention to study study study, in the end, here i am, in my friend's house, online, talking to you freaks - no offense

anywho, here's how my final exams schedule looks like
if you know me well enough, the handwriting in the picture below is NOT mine
mine's much uglier. this note was done by my classmate
since i'm such a lazy-ass, i just took a picture of it instead of copying it down

if the image aint too clear, i'll write it down for u

Monday, 1.12.08 - Electronic Fundamental 1
Tuesday, 2.12.08 - Rotorcraft Control & Power Train
Wednesday, 3.12.08 - Turbine Engine 1
Aircraft Structure
Thursday, 4.12.08 - Air Legislastion
Monday, 15.12.08 - Aviation English 2

n oh yea, i dont know the time for each exam. haha. screw it.

and to all my dear friends, do pray that i do well(scratch that, do GREAT) in my exams
n wish me luck, folks
thanx much =D


alia kama said...

dah dkt dah! gudluck yaw!

batchiwa. said...

best of luck!
study kuat2. dan doa tawakal byk2.
anda hebat. sureeee boley :)
heheheh. ak puji tak ikhlas ok.

maliQ said...

thank you thank you!

alaa batch, ikhlas x ikhlas aku tau aku hebat

doakan aku aite
aku nk 4 flat!
walaupon aku riak, aku tetap nak XD

shera said...

anda boleh. yakin dan percayalah. good luck dude.