Sunday, June 27, 2010


yes, this post is long overdue
and i have a million other things to say
but screw it!!
all i want to say, scream and shout at the top of my lungs is how happy i am that GERMANY WON OVER ENGLAND!!!

dont get me wrong, i'm a hugeee england fan
i love terry, lampard and everyone from chelsea

but when it comes to national team tournaments


a lot of new faces in the german side
heck, theyre the youngest team in the whole tournament!
what they lack in experience, they make up for in pure talent and heart!

minor hiccup when they lost to serbia

but they completely redeemed themselves by thrashing England!

kesian england fans..dah la panas.. kalah plak tu =P

hoping, wishing n praying that GERMANY can go all the way and win the world cup!

but first, a major hurdle awaits
in the likes of - ARGENTINA

other teams i'm supporting are spain, nederlands and also (argentina.damn)
but still, germany ftw! =D


izyani_azahari said...

haha. aku sokong team yang menang :D. tapi aku suke spain. haha. ade jiwa bola tak aku?

maliQ said...

ahh kau..ko sokong team mane yg ade player hensem je
kalo camtu, baik ko sokong aku!
ahahahahahahaha XD

izyani_azahari said...

tu ah. mula mula aku sokong portugal sebab ade CR. pastu aku malu pulak tengok dia senyum2. haha. ngek! sokong kau? nasib baik aku tak faham.

Cikgu AL said...

aku ske korea republik tp nmpk gayanya da bungkus blk umah~hehee

maliQ said...

izy: haha..bwat2 x paham plak..aku tau kau paham dan setuju..cume malu nk mengaku..hoho

aliah: diorg sebok sgt jage rambut..tu yg kalah tu