Sunday, November 22, 2009

get it over with

i cant wait to get this semester over with
sooooooooooooo freaking packed with assignments, quizzes, reports, mid terms, RE-mid terms

and not to mention FYP (final year project)
which is to be submitted latest this coming thurs
and my progress is about 20%

i'm doomed. literally

and then i'm having my study leave

my finals starts on the 7th of december
till the 16th

here's my finals' schedule
again, i did not write this
i asked my friend to write this and took a pic of it

which will mark the beginning of my semester break!!!

...but only till mid jan

andddddddd, early jan, i have to go back to miat to present on my FYP

ohh shiyt

and then its practical, means there'll be more shiytt

ohh happy happy joy joy

miss the subang peeps
all of 'em
the good, the bad, the obnoxious

needs OXYGEN badly! XD


sudu said...

sebok. tiru post aku. nk jugak tulis jadual dlm paper...

maliQ said...

babi aku dari dulu lg dah bwat camni kot..
boooooo =P

Att Ashburn said...

rajin skit maliq haha

batchiwa. said...

miss me much? hahah :p
16th dec pon okaaaaay ak masih cuti. heeee. omg rindhu semuaorg!