Tuesday, December 1, 2009

sheila mambo

this post is gonna be pretty pointless, u have been warned! XD

sometimes, when i'm on my bed
eyes shut and trying to sleep
my brain goes on overdrive
suddenly being active for no apparent reason
the imagination goes crazy, but NOT PG-13 or 18SX crazy..lol

so last night, it happened
the brain starts thinking of stupid ridiculous things...
and a name came to mind - SHEILA MAMBO

LOL. do not ask me y this happens, it just does. XD

anywhoo, last night, i still wasnt familiar wit who this mambo person is

i've heard the name before, but cant really put a face to the name..
so i googled "sheila mambo"
and i remembered who she is!

ni diaaa sheila mambo, pelakon drama2 melayu yg aku x tgk..haha

another pic of akak mambo..pfttt XD

sumpah name die cool

then a thought came to mind
why stop there at "mambo"?
why not add names of dances to our normal names?
soooooo,i brainstormed(yes, i actually did use some effort) for names of dances and my fav kampong names

so here's what i could think of at 3 in the morning...
siti salsa
jenab shuffle
and my fav, timah tecktonik

and if ur unsure about what types of dances "shuffle" and "tecktonik" are,
go search at youtube, you'd be amazed at what u see
orrrrr, u'd laugh ur ass of, cuz its freaking hilarious till the point where ur embarassed for them ,to some extent..hahahaha XD


Att Ashburn said...

siti salsa??
biar betul haha

maliQ said...

hahaha..cool ape! ape lg, nama anak pertama siti salsa! hoho

sudu said...

hahaha timah tecktonik!!!
zakiah zapin!!
junaidah joget!!
asiah asereje!!
hanif humping!!
karim krumping!!

maliQ said...

ahahaha...brape lame ko pikir utk come up with all that?? lol XD...chopp aku karim krumping!!! make ko amik cik yah(zakiah) zapin! hahaha

sudu said...

ada lagi...

milah makyong
Leonard liondance
spongebob squaredance


waltz disney:P

farrah foxtrot


maliQ said...

dah2 sudu..ape kate ko plagiarize this post and put it on ur blog..hahaha =P